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Avoid the #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make in Running Their Business! The Best Program to Help Keep the IRS Off Your Back and Give You the Financial Feedback to Operate Your Business...

5. Running out of cash flow is most often due to the absence of a solid financial system to give feedback on your results! Yet that’s how most people run their small business. Are you running a company, or indulging a hobby? If it’s a real company, make sure you set up properly from the get-go. Show the IRS that you’re serious, not just “trying it to see what happens.” (Imagine hearing your aircraft pilot announce, “None of our instrument panels work, but let’s just get up there and see what happens.”) If your checking account balance is your main financial measuring stick, you’re headed for a crash!

Included in theAnnual Tax and Bookkeeping System™

• Our CPA firm will contact you to make an appointment for a personal consultation to set up your Chart of Accounts on QuickBooks®.
• TWO POWERFUL Fast Start Teleseminars.
• A Budget and Cash Flow Statement in the form of an Excel spreadsheet
• Four Hours of Tax Consulting will be available to you!

Even with Our Powerful Tax and Bookkeeping System, it is Your Responsibility to Document the Business Expenses Properly and Bullet Proof Your Records from an IRS Audit!

Now the Solution…

Sandy Botkin's Tax System! This powerful tax program is designed to help you maximize your meals, travel and entertainment expenses (even if you have a CPA) and Help Keep the IRS Off Your Back!

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