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Foreign Registration Services
(If You Qualify)

It is a must for a company that needs to register as a foreign entity in the state(s) in which the entity is conducting business. This is usually at least the state where you reside, because typically you are either an employee of the corporation or the manager of an LLC. Both of those events require the corporation or LLC to register in your home state. NCP will complete process and provide you with the forms necessary to register the entity in the states where the entity is required to register. They are four parts to this process for a Nevada Corporation or LLC. Other states will not require step 3 and some do not require step 1:

  1. Obtain a certificate of good standing from Nevada. This is a must for all entities that are registering as foreign entities in the states in which they are doing business. It is required by other states to know that this entity is in "good standing" with Nevada before they will allow registration in their state. Typically, the entity will register in the state where you live. The entity may be required to register in other states also. This certificate is valid for 30-90 days. This depends upon the state's requirements in which registration will take place.
  2. Check the name for availability in the state of foreign registration. It is important to know the name is available. If not there are options.
  3. Obtain a Nevada State Business License. This license is required for every entity formed in Nevada, which is not doing business in Nevada and does not have employees in Nevada . This service is required for every entity that is registering as a foreign entity in a different state. If you are not registering, you do not need this service. Your entity would then need a complete business license in Nevada, in which the state license is one part of this complete process. This is an annual license.
  4. Complete the forms to register as a foreign corporation/LLC in your state of operations. After completing this process then you would obtain a bank account in your home state (rarely is one needed in Nevada). *

*The foreign registration fee is separate from our fees for this process. The state may have other requirements regarding the business license and registration with the department of taxation. These items are not covered by this service.

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