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The time is now for a shift in the banking industry! The small business owner is a major component of the U.S. economy and it’s time for the banking industry to step up and get a conscious! And the time is now for the small business owner to get instruction!

A new educational program, soon to be launched, will inform every small business owner of why and how banks lend money. It will demonstrate how to get into a better position to access capital to grow that business! Imagine, instead of 80% to 95% of business failing in 5 years, that percentage drops to 60% to 85%? Envision the economic impact………Can you say, U.S. economy on steroids!!!

Scott Letourneau, is a national expert when it comes to helping business owners get off to a fast start to profitability. He has helped over 5,500 business owners incorporate and develop the resources to obtain capital over the last 13 Years.

“80-95% of business owners fail within the first five years,” states Letourneau. “Most run out of cash flow and have never been taught how to access capital for their new business. Unfortunately, up until now no one has been there to help. The banks or SBA do not help the new business owner. Imagine telling your customers you do not have a solution for them and can’t make a recommendation on where they may go for help. That has been what banks have done all along, and it’s time for that to come to an end! Now, the banks will be able to provide an educational program with the correct information for business owners to get off to a fast start. It will allow the business owner to take advantage of what the banks are able to provide!

It is imperative for the business owner to realize the damage caused when they use their personal credit cards to finance a sole proprietorship. When they do incorporate and want to develop business credit many factors will come into play, including personal credit score, revolving debt, derogatories, business revenues and risk category! This and more will determine your credit worthiness with the banks. No one is educating the start up business owners on what they must do from day one to put their business in the best position in order to benefit from what the banks may offer…until now, continues Letourneau.”

This will change banking and the future of small business and our economy!

To learn more about how I will help the banking industry turn the economy around or to schedule an interview, Scott Letourneau can be reached at (702) 367-7373.

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