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CEO Scott Letourneau provides Crucial Keys to Turning the Economy Around!

Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.
Contacts: 1-800-351-5111

Absolutely All You Need To Know on How to Keep Your Personal Credit and Assets Safe, Especially During these Turbulent Economic Times and with Identity Theft Running Wild!

Letourneau offers:

PLENTY OF PRACTICAL Tips For Starting a Business to Lower Taxes

Step by Step Instructions on Incorporating a Business including how to Choose the Correct Entity

Facts about Incorporating in Nevada vs Delaware, Wyoming and other states

Learn How and Why:

To Establish Business Credit without Personal Guarantees within 3-6 months, rather than 3-4 years

Separation of Business and Personal Credit is as Important as Separation of Church and State

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of 95% of Businesses that go Out of Business due to Lack of Cash Flow and 3 out of 4 Businesses Fail Due to undercapitalization

"Not Me. Nothing is going to happen to me or my business. Bankruptcy, failures, lawsuits, piercing the corporate veil, those things only happens to other entrepreneurs." Sadly, statistics donít support this. The fact remains that most small businesses fail within the first 2-5 years, primarily due to undercapitalization. according to Stanford University.

Join Scott Letourneau, highly respected CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc., author of WHAT IS THE CORRECT ENTITY TO PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR ASSETS and contributing author to Lower Taxes ñ Big Time (with Sandy Botkin) who shares his expertise with the small business owner and Americans thinking about starting a business and teaches you how to use your business credit to enhance your bottom line. Scott Letourneau shares commonsense advice on dozens of topics, ranging from Lowering Taxes and Interest Rates to the Liability Protection Benefits of Nevada Incorporation.

AT HOME: How to separate your personal accounts from your business accounts and audit proof your records.

AT WORK: What to say when the bank or creditor asks for a personal guarantee for a loan or credit line.

CROSSING STATE LINES: How to register a business in more than one state and why it makes dollars and sense to operate in your home state and incorporate in Nevada.

PLUS Scott Letourneau will share with your audience how they can receive ALL of the benefits they can from starting a business, owning a corporation and valuable knowledge to help your audience make better financial decisions

* Scott Letourneauís Tips Include:

* How to Develop Lines of Credit Without Personal Guarantees and Conserve Cash Flow

* The Importance of Having Creditors Report Your Business to Dun & Bradstreet

* Everything Business Owners Need to Know about Obtaining a D&B number

* Proven Ways to Separate Your Personal and Business Credit

* Avoiding the Pitfalls of Starting a Business In Order to Obtain Credit

* Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

* Techniques Especially For Retirees and Baby Boomers

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