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If you are a Stock Trader
in the Internet Business or an MLMer?


Don’t be misled. It will be dangerous to your financial health. There are companies that actually tell you, when you live and control your business from your home state and run your money through Nevada, somehow magically you do not have to pay state income taxes! Hopefully you are reading this BEFORE you form a Nevada entity. If so, please give us a call so you can avoid these common pitfalls. Maximizing your taxes savings comes into play by doing two things; choosing the best entity and knowing how to maximize your meals, travel and entertainment expenses. NCP can show you how to do both. Please avoid these common shortcuts that are commonly promoted by others.

Here are the facts:

  1. Many states have severe penalties for the corporation (California is the worst), Directors and Officers, if you do not register as a foreign corporation or LLC ($10,000 fine in Alaska and Indiana).
  2. If you have Nexus in your home state (regardless of the amount of substance you have in Nevada) you will have to apportion a certain amount of the entity income to your home state…in most cases all of it. Many things, i.e., employees in a state, or where you lease or own property in a state, creates nexus. This means the entity will have to register as a foreign entity in that state!
  3. The entity may even have nexus in other states other than where you live. This means more registration in other states.
  4. If you are a stock trader and using a C corporation and you do not qualify as a trader you will be viewed as a personal holding corporation This means any undistributed profits will be taxed at 39.6% in additional to the regular corporate tax rate. If you do qualify as a trader, you will be viewed as a person service corporation, which means the corporation will be taxed at 35% on the first dollar in profits, instead of the 15% bracket at $50,000 in net profits! This information comes from feed back from a tax audit defense firm that generates infomation from IRS audits and stock traders are a hot topic!

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