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The 90-Day Fast Start Business Credit
Builder System

1 UNLIMITED Access to our Online Training Center for 90 Days

This training center is designed to walk you through each step of the process to build business credit. Here is the best part.it keeps you on track! There is no way for you to jump ahead and ruin your opportunity to gain huge trade lines of credit and more cash.

This includes a LIVE DATA FEED directly to D&B® and Corporate Experian®, which will show how many trade lines are reporting to D&B® and Corporate Experian®. Now you will know immediately which vendors are reportng to these important business credit bureaus to help build your score.

$747.00 Value

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Credit Builder System Login page

2 Certified Business Credit Coaches Access for 90 Days

You will have UNLIMITED access through phone AND email to answer ALL your business credit questions for the first 90 days.

If you have any questions about the online process, you can simply double check with our certified business credit coaches.

$347.00 Value

3 A Comprehensive Compliance Review

The Most Important Step to Ensure Your Business is Set Up Correctly Before Your D&B® Profile is Built.

  • Review Your Corporate or LLC Set Up
  • Business License Set up
  • 411 Phone Listing
  • Plus other key items to be in place

$497.00 Value

4 The Vendors Applications Auto Filled for You Online

  • All Tier Levels: Vendors applications will be auto filled for you online to save you time.
  • Helps expedite you through the process.
  • You are in a position to utilize the lines of credit, pay the bills, and fast start the reporting process to D&B®.

$297.00 Value

5 Cash for Your Business

  • Access to as many as 15 different lending options as your company is pre-qualified. Your company may only qualify for 2 of the 15 different options after the compliance review if you have a low personal credit score. As you improve personally and at a business level, you will qualify for more options. The options available to you are based upon the 4 C's of credit; Credit (personal), Credit (business), Collateral and Cash Flow. The stronger your personal credit score, the stronger the business credit profile, the more collateral the business has and the stronger your cash flow, all equate to more lending options available to your business.
  • Access to our Funding Advisors. Once you are pre-approved on our platform, your application will be auto filled with most of your information. Next, you will submit it through our online platform and you will then speak to one of our Funding Advisors. Their goal is to speak to you and conduct a Business Analysis Meeting to go into more detail to determine (before final submission of your application) if your company is likely to get accepted or if there is a better option for your business. This is like having your own personal funding coach to guide you to success!

$497.00 Value

6 Fast Start to ProfitsT Incorporating & Protecting Your Business Webinar

  • Which entity may be best for your business?
  • Already incorporated? Did you make these COSTLY mistakes?
  • How to transition from a sole proprietorship to an LLC/Corporation.
  • Tips on how and when to pay yourself.
  • Live Q & A on your most important incorporating and structuring questions.
  • Recorded for future viewing.

$497.00 Value

7Insider Secrets to Credit Repair - CD 1 & 2, Plus Transcripts

Insider Secrets to Credit Repair - CD 1 & 2, Plus Transcripts

You'll receive the latest updates in what affects your credit score, from late payments, to being over the limit on credit cards, too many cards, and medical bills being late. Discover the fastest way to raise your score - and the fastest way to ruin your score. Learn how to grant your great credit to your kids. Discover what you must know about applying for credit, and how your credit is affected in the future. Learn the insights from one of the top credit repair specialists in the United States.

In order to maximize your business credit amounts you must increase, in most cases, your personal credit score, lower your revolving debt and understand how a comprehensive personal budget will help you win the game.

$147.00 Value

The 90-Day Fast Start Business Credit
Builder System

  1. Unlimited Access to our Online Training Center for 90 Days
  2. Unlimited Access to Your Own Business Credit Coach for 90 Days
  3. A Comprehensive Compliance Review
  4. NEW!  The Vendor Applications Auto Filled Online for You
  5.  "Top Secret" Cash for Your Business Options
  6. NEW!  Fast Start to Pro?tsT Incorporating Your Business Webinar
  7.  Insider Secrets to Credit Repair-2 CDs & Transcripts

$3,029.00 Total Value

Your Investment: Call for Current Pricing

Otherwise, please complete the form below and a Business Credit Consultant will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment for your free business credit consultation. All answers are backed by research and what is currently working in the funding marketing place.

Ready to Launch Your LLC or Corporation with Confidence?
Call NCP at 1-800-351-5111
(outside the U.S. 1-702-367-7373)

Avoid Costly Incorporating Mistakes!

PRIVACY POLICY: Your email address will be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT be shared with any other party or mailing list. * The fees to D&B® will be separate for the D&B® Monitoring Program. It is $39 per month which will generate a full file on your company and obtain a rating for your company.

  * Prices are subject to change any time. THis program includes 90 days of coaching and email coaching.

What Do Others Say?

"I have worked with thousands of business owners as a CPA and now as an Attorney, helping them pay less in taxes and to properly protect their estate. Unfortunately 80% of business owners fail in the first 3 years, due to a lack of cash flow.

If those 80% would have listened to Scott's CD's about how banks lend money and how to gain access to more cash, they would have been in a much better position to service. Unfortunately, no one teaches the business owner the process on how banks lend money, except for Scott. "

"His system is a must."

Joseph J. Dadich,
CPA, Esq., L.L.M.

"I recently interviewed Scott Letourneau on the Shared Vision Masters Teleseries and he was outstanding.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to know the secrets of business financing, then by all means connect with Scott. I have recommended him to my close associates and I recommend him to you."

Kenneth D. Foster
CEO - Shared Vision Network

These problems and more will be eliminated AFTER you purchase the Ultimate Business Credit Builder System:

  1. Struggling with no vendor credit or cash lines to help your business during tough times.
  2. Not knowing the approach to repair your personal credit and what action steps to avoid.
  3. Not knowing why for most credit repair will be a waste of time until you do one important item first.
  4. Not knowing how to get cash for your business if the banks will not lend you money.
  5. Not knowing how to apply for a bank line of credit for your business when your revolving debt is high.
  6. Not knowing the fastest way to build your business credit profile with both D&B® and Experian® Business Credit.

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