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Incorporate Now, Not in January…

If you’re operating your business as a sole proprietorship this is a logical time of the year to think about forming an entity going into January of 2018. Doing this will make your business official, cut your TAX bill and lower your risk of an IRS AUDIT.

That’s a SMART MOVE except for one part – waiting until January.

Yes, as you may have heard, incorporating in January gives you a clean cutoff for the year, eliminates the complication of a “short year” tax return and helps you make a smooth transition from a sole proprietorship into a separate legal entity.

Kevin and Melissa Knecht share their experience working with
Scott Letourneau and his team at NCP.

Even with all those very real advantages, here’s why waiting until January is NOT the best approach.

January is the busiest time of the year for filings and therefore the slowest. If you form your new entity at the beginning of January, it could take weeks for you to complete the paperwork, get your EIN number and open a bank account. What this means to you is that you’ll be stuck filing another Schedule C for income you receive early in the month, which will likely go to you personally or to the DBA (doing business as) name you’ve been using for your sole proprietorship.

Schedule C is the most highly audited IRS form, which puts you back in the IRS audit trap for a whole new tax year.

How can you escape the sole proprietorship, liability and audit trap without having to file a SHORT YEAR TAX RETURN?

The answer is to have us form the entity for you NOW and set the IRS start date for January, 2018. The January start date allows time for your filing and EIN number to be processed in December. This puts you in a position to AVOID A SCHEDULE C for your business in 2018! This strategy is a double win for you because it also eliminates an additional short year tax return for your new entity in 2018 (now through December 31st)!

On top of all these practical reasons, it’s important to know that operating as a sole proprietorship is NOT the fast track to success – in fact, it’s the shortest path to join the 95% of businesses that fail in the first 5 years.

To be fair, you probably chose a sole proprietorship for one of three logical reasons; (1) you were looking for the easiest and cheapest way to get started, (2) you wanted to test the waters to see if your idea would make money, or (3) your tax advisor told you to keep it simple and go the sole proprietorship route until you earn more than $40K to $50K in profits.

Unfortunately, even though I don’t believe this is what you’re really thinking, here’s the implied message the rest of the business world ASSUMES you have in mind when they see you operating as a sole proprietorship:

 “I don’t believe in myself, my product or my service or I don't expect
to make $40K in profits.”

For going on two decades now, I’ve helped over 6,500 entrepreneurs reverse that message, escape the sole proprietorship trap and make a fast start to profits. Here are just a few of the strategic insights that woke my clients up to the money they were leaving on the table:

1.    Sole proprietors file a schedule C with the 1040 form in April. Schedule C filers are 300% more likely to be audited (the IRS is leaning on small business owners to close a $300 BILLION tax gap!). If your business lost money in 2018, you’re especially at risk if you plan to write those losses off against other income.

2.    Sole proprietors pay the most in taxes. As the fiscal cliff continues to loom, you already know that your tax bill is going up in 2018. Now is the time to be proactive and help your business save on taxes by forming a separate legal entity.

3.    Operating as a sole proprietorship and self-financing your business damages your personal credit score. Sole proprietors frequently turn to self-funding through personal credit cards or cash reserves because their business credit options are limited. The resulting damage to your personal credit score will severely limit your ability to build business credit when you finally get around to forming a separate legal entity.

4.    A sole proprietorship sends a negative marketing message. The biggest potential customers, suppliers and marketing partners all look at the structure of your company before deciding to work with you. Operating this way broadcasts the message that you don’t expect enough profits to incorporate. Why expose yourself to that kind of opportunity cost, especially at a time when you can least afford it?

5.    You have unlimited personal liability. A sole proprietorship does not provide you or your family with even a minimal layer of protection in the all-too-frequent event of a lawsuit or other challenges to the assets that you’re working so hard to build.


There’s a way out of ALL of these real-world risks (and others that we don’t even have time to talk about here). NCP has hassle-free solutions in place to quickly and affordably get them all handled – so you can start 2018 with complete confidence!

To make it irresistible for you to explore your options and take action, I’m offering some great training and information bonuses this month* to help you pay less in taxes, get a handle on estate planning and  learn the BEST strategies to boost your profits in the new year.

Contact NCP at support@launchwithconfidence.com or call 1 (888) 627-7007. We’ll quickly talk you through all the steps and how we can form the entity before the end of the year. Get in position to stay OFF the sole proprietorship tax track going into 2018! You can see our complete formation packages and new (lower) pricing at http://budurl.com/CompleteFormation. Find out why this important transition can be one of the easiest and most valuable business decisions you’ve ever made. 

Included in our complete formation packages is a 45-minute video overview to help you determine what state and entity is best for you (plus a the video training including details on the entity options, tax consequences, and what state is best includes updated FBA seller strategies on Wyoming vs Nevada).

The key is that you MUST form a COMPLETE FORMATION for your FBA business so you have real protection. If you just file articles or get one of those $99 trip wire offers to get you in the door, there is ZERO protection with that approach. If you are outside the U.S. looking to do business in the U.S. see the details below for your best options.

Our investment is $495 plus state fees in all 50 states for a complete formation.

Click on this link to Get Started Now to order a complete formation (state fees are separate). After you order you will receive the next steps and immediate access to our video overview on the thank you page. You will be guided to the steps to complete your entity information online and to submit to our team for review. Once we know which state and entity you are selecting we will send you a link for the state fees. If you are outside the U.S. and looking to form a complete U.S. formation this PDF overview will give you all the details. 


The Estate Planning Blueprint – by estate planning expert Joseph Dadich . If you happen to pass on while valuable assets are held in your name (or in the name of your operating company), will your loved ones be protected? Will everything you’ve worked for be distributed according to YOUR wishes or get tied up and lost in the probate courts? Sadly, this happens far too often and can be easily prevented with proper estate planning.

- What are the 3 Myths of Estate Planning and the shocking truth every responsible family needs to know?

- What are the five most important documents everyone must possess?

- What are typical mistakes people make when they do name a guardian?

- What happens if you die without a will or a declaration of guardianship for your kids?

- What will happen to your business with no estate planning in place?

If you don’t have answers for these tough questions, you and your loved ones are at risk!

“The average American and their family
is set to LOSE 93.5 % of their inheritance..."

~ Joseph Dadich

Good news! Your incorporation bonus includes the complete Estate Planning Blueprint by Attorney/CPA and acclaimed estate planning expert Joseph Dadich . Discover the most powerful Estate Planning strategies to protect your home, your investments and your legacy to your loved ones from preventable losses. Here’s what you’ll get:

-15 point review to ensure your assets are protected from creditors and your kids will never have the State (or unwanted family members) raise them if you are gone!

·½ Hour consultation with attorney/CPA Joseph Dadich ($499 Value);

·Autographed copy of the revealing book Celebrity Estate Plans Gone Bad - Secrets Every Woman Needs

·FREE Life-Saving Medical Release document ($477 Value); make sure the right people are authorized to get access to your medical records when it matters most!

·FREE VIP WILL ($677 Value) (will help to distribute to property, nominate a representative…at least put your intentions in writing (don’t let the state dictate how your assets will be distributed…still need a living trust to avoid probate). 
                                                            VALUE: $1653.00

Get Started Now.  

Our investment is $495 plus state fees in all 50 states for a complete formation.

Click on this link to Get Started Now to order a complete formation (state fees are separate). After you order our team will send you an email to set up the next step in the process to help you determine which state and entity is best for your business. At that point you will pay the state fees and we will obtain the rest of your information (including the name of your entity and all the details to move forward for formation). 

Call today at 1-888-627-7007 or 1-702-367-7373 to take advantage of the incorporating special to get off the sole proprietorship track going into 2018!


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