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Establish a Complete Foundation to
Incorporating and LLC Packages
All 50 States

The 5 Components of a Complete Business Foundation

Military or Veteran? Ask for our special packages.

BRAND NEW: Included in ALL our packages is Support & Tools for Compliance from a Funding and Business Credit Perspective.

Complete Formation 50 State Package Pricing:
Newly Updated: Complete Formation Packages

Non-Resident Package Pricing:
Complete U.S. Package



Just getting the legal form you need to file the articles is NOT the same thing as a complete formation of an entity for your business. This quick paperwork provides NO protection from the IRS or potential legal issues.
What Does Attorney Lee R. Phillips Warn Against with Those $99 Online Incorporating Packages?
“We slice through those in 15 minutes in court and go after the individual every time. That piece of paper provides NO protection!”
                               - Lee R. Phillips, Attorney and U.S. Supreme                                  Court Counselor

View our complete formation packages and pricing and see why we offer the most protection and value.

Imagine purchasing a car this way… you don’t want wait until you’re zooming towards a crowded intersection to find out that brakes were optional! Our COMPLETE “launch your business” package includes a complete “no surprises” list of everything you need to incorporate with confidence. By the time you add the “extras” to that tempting $99 offer, you’ll find that it gets you more peace of mind and costs you less to do it right the first time with NCP.

Complete LLC and Corporate Formation Packages (all 50 States)

Looking to Incorporate or form an LLC in your home state? Our turnkey process and services takes care of everything, letting you focus on running your business!

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Establish a U.S. Office that is Official -
Introducing the Las Vegas Office Package

Looking to establish a U.S. company with a complete U.S. officeIncorporate or form an LLC in your home state? Our turnkey process and services takes care of everything, letting you focus on running your business!

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Secure Funding to Grow

The Ultimate Business Credit Builder System

Discover the best, fastest way to properly separate your personal and business credit (while avoiding the costly mistakes advised by copycat services.)

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The 90-Day Fast Start Business Credit Builder System

Discover the best, fastest way to properly separate your personal and business credit (while avoiding the costly mistakes advised by copycat services.)

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Professional Tax Support

As you know, 80-95% of business owners fail within five years, only 50% make it past year one. The number one reason for business failure is lack of cash flow. There are many reasons for that...marketing, sales, capitalization. One big reason is the lack of the proper financial system to keep track of your business.

The Worst Approach is Using Your Online Banking Account Balance as Your Primary Measuring and Decision Making Tool for Your Business. Most small business owners are operating a hobby according to the IRS and don't even know it. If you want to be successful with launching your business you MUST have great books and tax records from the first month in business. You will need access to financials to help you make important business decisions, including a profit and loss, budget, cash flow, cost of good sold, gross and net profit.

As a client with NCP you will receive a free tax consultation with a large tax firm that we are partnered with to help you understand your tax responsibilities for your startup (they do a lot of work also with our international clients doing business in the U.S.). They will help you evaluate your tax and bookkeeping needs and give you several options that will work within your budget. You will also have access to a tax training webinar and teleseminar to help you have the information to make better business decisions.

Put More Profits in Your Pocket, NOT the IRS

Sandy Botkin Tax Reductions System

Learn how to maximize your business deductions and bullet-proof your business records from an IRS audit!! (You may increase your deductions by as much as 50%!)

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Get Off to a Fast Start to Profits & Beat the Odds

The Top 5% Club

Our most powerful membership ever, helps your business stay in the crucial 5 percentile --- the 5% of businesses that remain in business beyond five years! How to get decades of lessons learned in one instant resource

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Questions about Forming an LLC or Corporation?
Call NCP at 1-800-351-5111
(outside the U.S. 1-702-367-7373)

Avoid Costly Incorporating Mistakes!

“Watch what The Trillionaire Author Nik Halik says about working with NCP.”

Nik Halik testimonial for Nevada Corporate Planners

Additional Business Services:

    Registered Agent Services– Every new corporation or LLC requires someone to be the contact point for the company. If you’re ever sued, you don’t want this to be you!

    Foreign Registration – Incorporating or forming an LLC in Nevada, Delaware or Wyoming, and need to register in your state of operations? Perhaps you’re doing business in multiple states. Either way, this service is critical!

    Amendments – We can help you amend the name of your company, adjust the amount of stock issued to others… even help you decide whether those moves make sense for your situation.

    Dissolution – Should you shut down your current Nevada LLC or corporation? What are the ramifications?

    DBAs – Does your LLC or corporation require a DBA (“Doing Business As”) or fictitious firm name? Should you use this for a second business or form a second entity?

    EIN Numbers – Caution: the IRS has updated their online process, which could make life especially difficult for LLCs.

    Nevada State Business License – All Nevada entities must have a Nevada State Business License*. NCP will take care of this for you as part of our LLC and corporate packages.

    Trademark Search and Registration

    Protect your intellectual property by making it easy for people to find you. Registering your trademark publicly declares that your trademark is recorded with the USPTO.

    Payroll Services – Experts advise that the number one legal exposure to your business begins on the day you hire your first employee. This turnkey solution is a must!

    Merchant Account Services – Every viable business today must accept credit cards, but most end up unknowingly overpaying for this service.

    Nevada Office Package – This turnkey Las Vegas Office Executive Office Program will fit your company’s budget and provide the professional services you require!**

    Nevada Bank Account Set Up – Every Nevada-based LLC or Corporation that does NOT foreign register (or qualify) requires a Nevada bank account.***

    Professional Referrals, CPA, Legal and Financial Planning– Any business requires some amount of support from professionals. NCP has networked with only the best of the best to support your business!

    5 Essentials for a Complete Foundation

    *Nevada State business license does have a few exceptions.

    ** Keep in mind that most companies will not choose the Nevada Office Package. Most will need to foreign register or qualify to do business in their home state.

    ***Keep in mind that you must have an operating business in Nevada to qualify for this service.


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