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Bearer Shares Fact or Fiction?

News Update:
The Nevada Secretary Of State Has Prohibited
The Use Of Bearer Shares As Of June 2007!

(Key Point: Our Research Shows That
This was NEVER a Major Benefit of Incorporating in Nevada)

Many registered agents in Nevada will promote Bearer Shares as an advantage for incorporating in Nevada. They will tell you that Corporations in Nevada have privacy and with Bearer Shares no one can find out that you own this Nevada Corporation! They claim this is one of the great ways to protect your assets… or is it?

How Bearer Shares are Suppose to Work

Normally, when you fill out the back of a stock certificate, you must print the name or the company name of who owns that stock. Then you must record in the stock ledger the shareholder, address, date, number of shares, and if it was an original issue or a transfer. Obviously whomever the stock is issued to is the owner of the corporation. If it is to the Bearer, then whoever holds that certificate, at a particular moment, will thereby be considered the owner of the corporation. Some companies claim you can simply hand off the certificate to a friend before you go into court and "legally" say you are not the owner.

The 7 Key Questions You Need to Ask:

1. What are the consequences if you are brought into court and the judge asks, "Who owns this corporation?" and you state you have no idea?

2. What would happen if you controlled several C corporations and were audited? Would you be able to pay 15% tax Federally on all the C corporations with Bearer Shares?

3. What about gift taxes and Bearer Shares?

4. What was the most recent case in Nevada concerning Bearer Shares?

5. How many Las Vegas Law Firms utilize this strategy?

6. What does the Secretary of State say about Bearer Shares?

7. What could possibly happen in court if you professed to have Bearer Shares?

Do you need TRUTHFUL, WELL-DOCUMENTED answers to these and other key questions about entity structuring to know how to best protect your assets, business and family?

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