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Key Strategies for Non-U.S. Residents Forming
a U.S. Business (and Costly Mistakes to Avoid).

  1. Immigration Rules and Business VISA Training
  2. What is the Best Legal Structure?
  3. What are the Important Factors to Consider When You Form the Best U.S. Entity for Your Situation?
  4. U.S. Banking Options
  5. U.S. Business Address
  6. U.S. EIN
  7. U.S. Taxes
  8. U.S. Customer Service Support
  9. Three Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Establishing Your U.S. Company

Protect Your U.S. Real Estate
Investments with a U.S. Entity!

Already Formed a U.S. Company?
Did You Make These Costly Mistakes when Establishing a U.S. Company?

Establish a U.S. Company and Leverage Opportunities to Grow and Protect Your International Business!

Let NCP Help You Form Your U.S. Company With our Complete Turnkey System - So You Can Properly Take Advantage of the Opportunities in the United States and Protect Your Assets.

The Steps and Process to Establish Your Own U.S. Cash Machine (Company) and Take Advantage of the Enormous $183.9 BILLION to be Spent by U.S. Consumers Online in 2018!*

The Massive Advantages of Forming a U.S. Company

Here is our COMPLETE U.S. FORMATION PACKAGE and All the Support You will Receive.
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Plus Position Your New U.S. Company to Leverage Joint Venture Opportunities, U.S. Real Estate, U.S. Tax Lien Certificates or Other Investments!

Since 1997 Nevada Corporate Planners (NCP) has helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs get their business off to a fast start to profitsT! As you may know, 95% of businesses fail within the first five years.

If you are based outside the United States, whether in Canada, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America.there are many compelling reasons to establish a U.S. corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company).

The Secret Ingredient to U.S. Success for an Internationally- Based Company is to Develop Trust!

Here are some of the many benefits of forming a Corporation or LLC in the United States:

Develop trust in the eyes of the U.S. online consumer to take advantage of the enormous $183.9 billion to be spent by U.S. consumers online by 2016.

Establish instant credibility with your business and a worldwide presence with a U.S. office location (office in your home country and now an office in the United States) which helps facilitate more U.S. business opportunities. This can be clearly seen on your website.

Gain more United States business and clients because of the comfort level of consumers doing business directly with companies in the U.S.

Potential for more internet revenue from U.S. customers because of the U.S. presence. Check your internet traffic in the U.S. compared to your home country and compare sales percentages to see if you have an opportunity to gain more market shares in the U.S.

U.S. consumers will typically not buy as many products and services online from a foreign country without a U.S. presence because they are concerned about customer service, refunds, and liability and many times would rather, click the back arrow and go back to their search for another company with similar products and services, with a U.S. company, and purchase from them. That is your opportunity!

Protect your assets from a devastating lawsuit in your home country!

There are over 35 million U.S. residents looking for work (unemployment statistics) and most will search online looking for tools, training or a business opportunity to help them start a business and generate profits, due to the bleak job market.

Leverage more joint ventures with U.S. companies looking for your products and services to promote to their clients! Invest in U.S. real estate and U.S. tax lien certificates and take advantage of current opportunities.

Establish a company outside the jurisdiction of your own country to help protect your net worth from lawsuits in your home country!

Invest in other U.S. assets that may prefer a U.S. company to hold title for ownership! Establish the gateway for Business VISAs, like the L-1 VISA, and other opportunities.

How to Properly Establish a U.S. Company for Non-Residents

Immigration Rules and Business VISA Training

When you become a client of NCP’s you will receive full access to our Immigration resource to help you with the requirements for work VISAs when required and your best options. If you have specific questions on your situation, you will be provided with the contact information of a recommended immigration attorney.

What is the Best Legal Structure?

Your options are either an LLC taxed as a partnership, an LLC disregarded for tax purposes, an LLC taxed as a C corporation or a C corporation. An S corporation is not an option for a foreign owner because you would not meet the S corporation shareholder rules.

What are the Important Factors to Consider When You Form the Best U.S. Entity for Your Situation?*

  • Annual gross revenue
  • Annual net profits
  • Goal of net profits to reinvest or distribute
  • Number of partners
  • Product or service
  • Safe vs. risk assets (should be in separate entities)
  • If real estate, what states will the entity own the real estate
  • Partner’s ownership (individual, foreign trust, foreign corporation other).
  • Type of income
  • U.S. 30% withholding rates
  • U.S. tax treaty with your country
  • Your individual situation

* When you incorporate with NCP these questions will be addressed as part of our international package. Plus we have legal, tax and immigration resources if needed.

U.S. Banking Options

Rules have changed a lot over the last couple of years with your ability to establish a U.S. bank account without having to travel to the U.S. If you are planning to travel to the U.S. there are many options for you and you will want to make sure the bank account is established in the proper jurisdiction.

If you are not planning to travel to the U.S. your options are limited but there are payment gateways to help get your money back to your country (many times saving you money over wiring via a U.S. bank). NCP does have an option for your U.S. business to establish a U.S. bank account when you travel to the U.S. (even if a foreign entity- which has additional steps) Keep in mind banks are subject to change their policies at any time.

Discover the best options to open a U.S. bank account or similar solutions! Read full details and investment details.

Many times an ITIN is required (individual taxpayer identification number) form W-7 through the IRS. There are several steps involved in obtaining an ITIN from the IRS and the process can take 8-12 weeks If you complete the paperwork correctly with the proper ID…If not, it can take much, much longer. The ITIN is for you to pay U.S. taxes on the 1040NR, but also may be required for certain U.S. banks to open the entity account. When you become a client of NCP you will have access to these resources and tools. NCP provides a tax resource with a service to obtain an ITIN for you. The goal is to work with a bank that will NOT require an ITIN number which speeds up the process to open the U.S. bank account.

U.S. Business Address

A real U.S. office address is required to meet all U.S. requirements from banking, vendor credit, merchant account and others. There are some parts that may only require a PO Box, BUT overall will NOT work in most cases. NCP offers you a choice of a one, two or three year office lease complete with the support services for your U.S. business just like an executive office space, at a fraction of the cost. Our service includes providing you a U.S. phone number, phone support, conference room, mail forwarding and emailing your merchant account statements (to help you handle chargebacks in a timely manner). Our office is zoned for sales taxes if your business requires a sales tax number. Read more


An EIN (employer identification number) is required for each new entity (corporation or LLC) in the U.S. NCP will send you the form SS-4 completed via email for your signature to scan and email back to our offices. We will obtain the EIN through the IRS within 3-10 business days of receipt. This requires us to fax the application to the IRS with our address and as the third party designee. It is a different process as a foreign individual or foreign enitty which involves calling the IRS.

U.S. Taxes

Forming a U.S. entity will trigger U.S. tax returns required for your business. This may include both a federal return, such as a 1065 for an LLC taxed as a partnership, and a 1040NR on the partners (if individuals) or 1120F or 1065 if a foreign corporation or partnership is the owner of the U.S. entity. There are several other reporting and U.S. tax filings requirements*. As a client of NCPs you will receive timely emails throughout the year to remind you of the U.S. tax requirements and a referral to the U.S. CPA firm we work with to make sure you are compliant with U.S. taxes and your countries tax treaty.

*U.S. Federal Taxes Due when a U.S. Entity is Owned by a Foreign Entity or Individual
There are two categories the U.S. entity and situation may fall into:

1. ECI (Effectively Connected Income) is defined as income from sources within the U.S. connected with a foreign person’s conduct of a trade or business in the U.S. ECI is taxed on a net basis after deductions for allocable expenses at regular U.S. income tax rates, OR

2. FDAP: fixed or determinable annual or periodical income is subject to withholding at a 30% flat rate. This is a FLAT TAX on GROSS INCOME (with NO deductions that come into play). This is designed for a U.S. entity that is involved in a “holding” or “passive” type activity in the U.S.

A regular C corporation would have its own federal tax rates. A single member LLC disregarded for tax purposes or a sole proprietorship would be required to file estimated quarterly taxes but there is no withholding. Working with tax professionals in the U.S. is highly recommended who have experience with non-U.S. clients.

U.S. Customer Service Support

As a client of NCP's, you will have full access to our support staff via phone, e-mail and Skype®. Plus you will have access to our ncpmembers.com filled with recorded training to help you with your common questions, including U.S. taxes, payroll, immigration and others. You will receive a fast start checklist to keep you on track and our team will walk you through the entire record book to complete the necessary forms and documents.

You will also have access to online training videos to guide you through the entire record book online. NCP offers other coaching programs, tax and bookkeeping and business credit services to help you get your U.S. business off to a fast start to profits ™!

Nevada Corporat Planners Testimonial by Chris Eldridge

Three Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Establishing Your U.S. Company

1. Blowing Your One Chance at Setting up a U.S. Merchant Account! Most banks or merchant account providers will NOT open up a U.S. Merchant Account for a U.S. company that is 100% foreign owned. Why? No recourse. Some banks may set it up but they require a large hold-back of your sales to keep as a safety net. If you attempt to set up your merchant account and fail, it will show up as a bad mark in the merchant account data base. When you go to get it done right, you may have blown your only chance because the next merchant account company will know you already failed to set up a merchant account.

2. Inconsistency in Your U.S. Company Set-Up! This happens when someone will set up a corporation in one state, a bank account in another state and a mail forwarding program only with a virtual U.S. phone number. You may get your bank account set up, but this will back fire when it comes to developing trust in the U.S. market. Only having a U.S. P.O. Box as your U.S. address sends a strong message to the U.S. consumer that you are a flake or you are attempting to hide something. Trust is the name of the game...don't get cheap to save a few dollars and lose out on sales and joint ventures because of it!

3. Costly Tax Mistakes with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). There are many pitfalls and hidden land mines that can cause you a lot of damage with your U.S. company if you do not have all the facts up front. You must know which entity is best and the U.S. tax ramifications if the entity is taxed as a C corporation vs. an LLC. Both have very different U.S. tax structures. You must have an ITIN number and an EIN number. You must file the proper tax returns the following year. Setting up your company in the wrong state may cause you to pay an extra 5-8% of unnecessary state taxes. An LLC can be taxed in different methods; one will result in a flat 30% withholding tax on all profits before they flow back to you in your home country. If you are planning to expense out profits to your home country, you must be familiar with IRS form 5472 with the IRS (missing this form may create a $10K penalty for you)! Having the IRS auditing your U.S. company can be a fast way to go out of business with penalties and interest!

CAUTION: Online companies may make this appear to be simple. Meaning, very few steps for a low price. You do not want surprises, especially when you are not based in the United States. NCP's goal is to remove surprises and provide the support you need!

Make it easy on yourself - team up with the most efficient entity formation/business support partners in the world. If you are outside the U.S. call us at 001-702-367-7373 or e-mail us with your complete contact information at: support@IncorporateWithConfidence.com.

Once we receive your contact information we are able to speak to you through Skype® . You'll be very glad you did. Fill our the information for more information.


Discover The 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Establishing
a U.S. Company
(And Keep the IRS Off Your Back)!

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*Nevada State business license does have a few exceptions.

** Keep in mind that most companies will not choose the Nevada Office Package. Most will need to foreign register or qualify to do business in their home state.

***Keep in mind that you must have an operating business in Nevada to qualify for this service.


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