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The Process and Steps Involved to Form
a U.S. LLC to Hold Real Estate

  1. Consultation with NCP Senior Business Analysts
    a. Determine single member LLC or multi-member LLC
    b. Answer questions
    c. Explain the process
  2. Check name for availability in Nevada and State where Real Estate is located
  3. File the Articles of Organization for the LLC with the Nevada Secretary of State on an expedited basis (the state filing fee is separate)
  4. Complete the LLC record book, with operating agreement, minutes and resolutions, membership certificates and LLC seal (shipping the record book is separate)
    a. Includes a 30-minute record book review with our customer service staff
  5. Registered Agent Service in Nevada AND the State of Qualification (where the real estate is located). The Registered Agent will accept service of process on behalf of the LLC.
  6. File the SS4 form with the IRS to obtain the EIN number for the LLC. The EIN number will be obtained after the articles are filed in Nevada.
  7. Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from Nevada which will be required for the State of Qualification.
  8. Complete the forms to Foreign Qualify (Register) in the State where the Real Estate is Located (foreign qualification fee is separate)
  9. Obtain a Federal ITIN Number if you are the owner of the U.S. LLC. This is required to file a U.S. tax return. If the owner is a foreign company, we will obtain a second EIN number for the foreign company to pay U.S. tax in distributions. When you obtain the Federal ITIN Number, it speeds up the process with the IRS to open a separate business savings account with the bank/brokerage account. It may take 6-8 weeks to obtain the ITIN number.
  10. The Nevada Holding Company One-Year Lease Agreement. You will have a U.S. physical address for all your U.S. correspondence. Your mail will be forwarded to you twice a month.
  11. Bank Account Deposit: This is a separate fee and amount varies upon bank account requirements.
  12. Support: You have unlimited phone and email support on any forms produced by our office. Tax questions will be directed to our CPA firm. Any strategy questions for NCP may be answered during the Top 5% Club call-in days. These are twice a month where you receive free coaching for 10-15 minute segments as part of the Top 5% Club membership.

    a. Fast Start Real Estate Webinar - Recorded online to help answer most of your important questions and understand the process.

    b. Fast Start Teleseminar - Recorded with our CPA firm to explain the U.S. tax process.

    c. U.S. Company Flow Chart - How to take your money out of the U.S. and back to your home country.

    d. U.S. Ownership Flow Chart - Explains the various options to hold title to the U.S. LLC and what tax returns are required.

    e. NCPmembers.com only membership filled with strategies and tips for your LLC.

    f. Emails with important tax and other reminders throughout the year.

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Annual U.S. Tax Return Responsibilities : The best option is to take advantage of our Annual Tax and Bookkeeping System that includes the filing of entity and your U.S. personal return. Below are examples of common U.S. tax returns.

• LLC taxed as a partnership if you have two members =1065

- A state tax return may or may not be due, depending upon the state in which you hold the real estate.

• LLC taxed as a disregarded entity if you have one member. That means no federal return.

• A Federal and State Personal Tax will be due. The personal federal return is a 1040NR and the state personal return varies from state to state.

• Tax Due Date Example: Form the LLC in January 2012 taxed as a partnership.

- Federal 1065 tax return is due April 15, 2016.

- The personal 1040NR is due on April 15, 2016 (assuming you are the owner of the U.S. LLC)

You Will Also Receive Additional Support and Training

• Access to our Powerful NCPMembers.com Online Training. You'll enjoy unlimited access to our Member’s Only Section, filled with the most explosive, step-by-step strategies available today. You will have access to online videos that will walk you through the entire record book and FAQ’s in audio. There is a special link for international taxes with a video by our CPA and outline on how to take money out of your U.S. company, plus outlines and flow charts.

• A 30-minute record book review via Skype® to complete your record book forms and paperwork.

• You will receive a Fast Start to Profits Checklist™ to help you check off the steps to start a new company in the United States.

• You will receive access to a fast start immigration webinar loaded with training and solutions for operating a U.S. business with your Business VISA options. Plus our resource for immigration support.

• Access to our powerful Fast Start to Profits™ webinar which is held monthly, and the most updated webinar is found online for you to review to help get your company started in the United States.

• Customer service support to answer your questions on any of the forms, paperwork or process with the company set-up including, banking, merchant accounts, payroll, accounting, business credit.

• Fast start teleseminar invitations throughout the year to help you protect your U.S. business, real estate investments and assets, and develop a profitable business to be part of the Top 5% that make it after 5 years in business! As you know, 95% fail within 5 years and our goal is to help you beat the odds.

• Fast start email reminders throughout the year for the important reminders about your U.S. company so you can sleep at night! These reminders will include everything from annual renewal steps and forms, to tax responsibilities for both you and the entity in the U.S. Important items to help keep your U.S. company in compliance.

• Fast start resources and bonuses. You will receive access to other key resources throughout the year to help protect and grow your U.S. business, plus access to several online bonuses including outlines to transfer assets to the U.S. entity and resources to grow your business online.

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Take the Next Step to Get Started Now

Three ways to contact NCP:

  1. Telephone: 1-702-367-7373
  2. SkypeŽ:tonynvinc
  3. Email: support@IncorporateWithConfidence.com in the subject type: Interest in Forming a U.S. Entity)

When you call our offices at 1-702-367-7373 you will speak with one of our highly-trained senior business analysts. They will support you with your situation and your questions to help you determine the best entity and support tools to protect your U.S. real estate investments.

After you select the best package for your business our senior business analysts will take you through the process to get you started (which can all be done over the phone). There is NO need for you to travel to the United States to sign paperwork.

This can all be done via email and online. Our banks will send you an email with the forms to open the account. You will reply via email with our forms to open the account (original signature not required). Your bank deposit is separate. You will be given instructions to wire money into your new account.

As part of your package, we will help you answer your questions about forming the U.S. company, including items on taxes, banking, merchant accounts and your U.S. office.

Questions? Take the next step.
Call NCP at 1-702-367-7373

What Others Say About Doing Business with NCP:

“…As I note in my best-selling book, “Lower Your Taxes: BIG TIME,” if you are going to incorporate, you should seriously consider doing so in Nevada. When I get asked which incorporating companies I would recommend doing this, without hesitation I recommend Nevada Corporate Planners as being among the best.”

- Sandy Botkin, Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant

Author of “Lower Your Taxes – BIG TIME”

“NCP made everything easy and quick. I have no hesitation in recommending their service to anyone who is thinking of Incorporating in Nevada!”

- Paul Handforth, England

“Provided a complete service and supplied everything. Made the process easy.”

- Saskia Clark, Australia

“Clear instructions, reliable turnaround, helpful support or, in short, totally professional.”

- Peter Rae, England

Call NCP at 1-800-351-5111

8:00am - 5:00pm PT

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