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Bonus Strategy: Protect Your Assets in Your Home Country with a U.S. LLC

If you get sued for something you or your business did in your home country, now you can sleep well at night knowing a portion of your investments and assets are safe in a U.S. LLC far away from the legal jurisdiction of your home country. This is a huge bonus strategy and another great reason to have a U.S. LLC.

Don’t be tempted to file your own LLC online. According to attorney Lee Phillips, who has served as a counselor to the U.S. Supreme Court, 90% of the U.S. entities filed online would not stand up to a U.S. lawsuit because there are several steps to have a real LLC other than just filing the LLC online! That means if you have one of those “cheap LLCs” online and the LLC was sued, you may be subject personally in the U.S. for a huge liability! The key is to do it right and establish the proper foundation for your U.S. LLC and complete all the steps AFTER the LLC is formed along with the completion of the LLC record book and proper capitalization.

The good news is that when you work with NCP, we will help to make sure your new LLC is in compliance form the start!

Hoping You Will Be Protected is NOT an Effective U.S. Real Estate Strategy!

What is NOT Recommended is What is Called the “Band Aid” Approach

The “Band Aid” approach is where you either do parts or pieces of establishing a U.S. LLC or you attempt to “fix” a past U.S. LLC you may have had for other purposes. Either approach can be a financial disaster short- and long-term. If you set up a U.S. LLC in one state, have an address in another state, and a bank account in another, that creates problems. That is inconsistent. You need to make sure all the proper filings are done with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) on an annual basis for the payment of U.S. taxes. Most companies that “attempt” to do what we do will NOT help you with the COMPLETE PROCESS for you to operate in the U.S. One of our goals is to help you Incorporate with Confidence when you form your LLC and also keep that confidence on an annual basis!

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