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The Key to Protecting Your Capital & Passive Residual Income that You will Gain from Real Estate.

A Strong Foundation in the U.S. through LLCs!

When you conduct business in the U.S. it provides so many opportunities. With those opportunities come threats to your wealth in the form of legal attacks.

Protect Your U.S. Real Estate from Legal Attacks!

These scary statistics speak for themselves and are a threat to your future capital and passive residual income.


That’s an Average of 152 LAWSUITS Filed Every MINUTE!

FRIVILOUS LAWSUITS Alone are Said to Cost the United States $200 BILLION a Year!

The next step is to establish the proper foundation to protect your real estate business in the U.S. In fact, it is recommended not just by NCP.

Protecting Your Real Estate Investments is a MUST!

What Does Money® Magazine Recommend for Landlords? According to Money® Magazine article entitled “ Landlord 101”, thinking about becoming a landlord? Review the number one item on the list of essentials before you go ahead and take the plunge:

1. Set up an LLC. Reason: That way if someone is injured on one of your properties, the company becomes the legal target and your personal assets will be shielded from any claims.

Let me ask you this important question. When is the best time to protect your U.S. real estate investments?

“CYA” Does NOT Mean “Call Your Attorney”!

The answer is before you get sued! Do you know what “CYA” stands for? It does NOT mean, “Call Your Attorney,” it means, “Cover Your ASSets!” It is very important to understand that when operating in the U.S., lawsuit and asset protection is preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, many people will attempt to wait too long and when there is a legal issue at one of their properties, they frantically call NCP to form an LLC and, unfortunately, it is too late in many cases. Why? If you have $200,000 of equity in a few properties and you are being sued for $200,000 in the U.S. and that is all your net worth in the U.S. and you move those properties from your name to an LLC to protect against a lawsuit, that is a prohibitive transaction called a “fraudulent conveyance.”

A “fraudulent conveyance” means the transfer is fraudulent. A transfer will be fraudulent if made with actual intent to hinder, delay or defraud any creditor. Thus, if a transfer is made with the specific intent to avoid satisfying a specific liability, then actual intent is present. However, when a debtor prefers to pay one creditor instead of another, that is not a fraudulent transfer.

Coming full circle, the key to success is to have the proper foundation from the start to protect your real estate investments in the U.S.

Don’t Put all Your “Real Estate Eggs” in One “LLC Basket”

The key is to own nothing and control everything through separate legal entities. This is the formula for success in the U.S. by the wealthy and successful entrepreneurs. There is no reason to leave your assets exposed. Once you form a separate U.S. LLC - that puts you in a position to protect your U.S. investments from your home country.

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