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WHY? Since 1997, we have seen hundreds of costly mistakes that have cost business owners literally millions of dollars in lost assets, business control, unnecessary lawsuits and destruction of the entrepreneur.

Is an LLC Best for Your Business? How Should it be Taxed? Not Sure? That's a Big Problem!

The internet is filled with misinformation and unfounded "facts" that mislead the new entrepreneur into a false sense of protection and hope.

What State is Best? Nevada, Wyoming, Delaware or
Your Home State?

One of the keys to getting off to a fast start in your business is the proper foundation. In this powerful, myth-busting FREE GUIDE, you will be exposed to the best of the best to do just that:

What Must You Look for When Comparing Companies to Incorporate and Help You Start Your Business?
No One has Revealed these Key Criteria Until Now!

Here is what you will learn after you listen to our powerful Mp3 audio:

  1. Discover How Your Company Can Survive the Odds and Rank in the Rare 5% that Are Still In Business After Five Years!
  2. Have You Mastered the Fastest Way to Grow Your Company?
  3. Why Your Business May be Losing Profits Because of a Weak Business Credit Profile and What to Do About It.
  4. Establishing the Proper Foundation for Your Business is Your Key to Success!
  5. Why Incorporate?
  6. Sole Proprietors are Rolling the Dice!
  7. Which State is Best to Incorporate Your Business? When is Your Home State NOT the Best Option?
  8. Key Questions You Must Ask to Determine if Your Business Should be an LLC Taxed as an S corporation, LLC Taxed as a Partnership or a Different Option.
  9. What is the Best Option if Your Business is Based Outside the United States and You Want to Establish a U.S. Merchant Account?
  10. What Support Will You Receive After You Decide to Work with NCP (it is awesome and will truly help you focus on what you do best, run your business to make a profit)!
  11. What You Must Look for When Selecting a Company to Help You Start Your Business!
  12. What's the Most Common Reason for Business Failure?
  13. How to Get Your Business Off to a Fast Start to ProfitsT!

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