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Scott Letourneau
Scott Letourneau, CEO

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Scott Letourneau is the founder and CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc., and author of "What is the Correct Entity to Protect Your Business and Your Assets." He is considered an expert on Nevada corporations and taxation by prominent professionals including tax attorney/CPA Sandy Botkin, author of "Lower Your Taxes-Big Time" and Dr. Arnold Goldstein, J.D., LL.M., Ph. D., author of 100 books on finance and law.

2009 Press Releases

December 2009

Nevada Corporate Planners Upgrade Members Only Section of Website To Help Entrepreneurs Achieve Fast Start to Profits

With the current credit and economic crisis, companies continue to fail. Learn how to take and keep control of your business while making a profit. Nevada Corporate Planners' goal is for their clients to be part of the top five percent of business owners that are still in business after five years and profitable.

Strategies for Uncovering the Hidden Profit & Cash Flow

Are you leading your business or is your business leading you? Do you feel out of control, working more hours than ever before with profits hard to come by (and losses growing by the month)? Ever feel like quitting your business, or at least wish you could? Discover the seven failures that prevent business success and how to avoid them. Avoid dangerous money myths that cause most businesses to fail. Learn to simplify your business so you never get lost in the numbers. Discover the five pillars of succeeding with the profit finder system.

November 2009

Scott Letourneau, CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners Speaks at Las Vegas Wealth Master’s International M2!

Ninety-five percent of business owners fail within five years and only four percent of those left standing make it past 10 years of business. Scott Letourneau spoke at the Las Vegas Wealth Master’s International M2 on strategies of how to grow profits and keep them.

Scott Letourneau, CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners Speaks At UK World Internet Summit!

Scott Letourneau spoke alongside some the best Internet marketers at the World Internet Summit. His presentation focused on how marketers in the UK can position their Internet business to take advantage of the massive $142.4 billion that is spent on the Internet in the United States!

Scott Letourneau Interviews Brad Watts On How Taxes Work When Setting Up Business in United States!

Not sure how taxes work when setting up a company in the United States? Looking to form a company in the United States?

Scott Letourneau, CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners Interviews David Dowell on Best Tax Strategies for UK!

More and more businesses are looking for ways to salvage, stabilize and grow business in spite of the economy. UK business owners are interested in the best strategy and structure to reduce taxes. Scott Letourneau interviewed David Down on the best tax strategies for the UK.

Nevada Corporate Planners Conduct Webinar for T. Harv Eker's Wealthy Now Platinum Group!

In November, Scott Letourneau conducted a Webinar for T. Harv Eker’s Wealthy Now Platinum Group and shared insider secrets on the following topics: The odds are against you. The foundation, safe versus risk assets. Don’t put all your financial eggs in one basket. Costly mistakes with your living trust. Costly asset protection myths to avoid. Does your home state protect your investments? How much?

Discovering The Power of Joint Ventures to Grow Business!

During the challenges we face in our economy, it’s critical to master the top marketing skills to take your business to the next level. Discover the power of joint ventures to grow your business. Learn inside “JV tactics” to maximize your profits from any joint venture. Understand the three fatal mistakes people make and how to avoid them. Learn where to spend your time, energy, and resources for maximum impact. Discover why you need to know more about your market, clients, and customers than they know about themselves.

Nevada Corporate Planners Teams Up with Servana.com to Help Entrepreneurs Get Fast Start to Business

In today’s world, entrepreneurship makes more sense than ever. Unemployment is high. Job security is a thing of the past. Self-employment is an increasingly attractive option. It’s time to go after your dreams, to take a hold of your own financial future, to chart your own destiny. It’s time to make your own hours, build your own client base, connect and partner with like-minded individuals and do what you love.

October 2009

Eight Steps For Getting All You Want From Business and Your Life!

Does your life and business feel out of control? Are you working harder and longer and not getting the results that you deserve in either area? Ready for a real solution? Learn the eight steps for getting all you want out of your life and business. Discover techniques to doing less and making more. Learn important social networking skills.

September 2009

Three Simple Proven Ways to Grow Business!

Economic times are challenging. Banks are not lending money and consumer credit is very low. One key solution is to find ways to add more value and be regarded as the Trusted Advisor in your industry. Learn how to leverage the power of referrals for greater profit. Understand how to best use technology to increase profits. Learn the things you need in order to succeed in turbulent times. Discover where to spend marketing resources for maximum effect.

Insider Secrets on How to Incorporate Business, Build Business Credit, and Keep the IRS Off Your Back Webinar!

Today, the current economic crisis demands more than ever that you diligently protect your business. Still, most entrepreneurs do not fully understand how to build business credit (a crucial step, even if banks are unwilling to help you), how to run their business as a business, and keep the IRS off their back.

August 2009

Steps to Protect Your Name, Slogan, and Logo!

Many people believe a business name is a patent issue, which is wrong. Business names, slogans and logo designs are trademark issues, not patents. To protect a business name, you need to apply for a trademark. A patent would be filed to protect an original invention or a significant improvement to an existing product. A trademark is like having a silent attorney actively protecting your intellectual property 24 hours a day. Learn how to protect your business name, slogan and logo. Learn what a registered trademark is and why it is important. Learn the difference between state and federal trademark procedures. Know why the symbol ® attracts more sales and adds to your company.

July 2009

Scott Letourneau Speaks at World Internet Summit in New Zealand!

Scott Letourneau spoke alongside some the best Internet marketers at the World Internet Summit. His presentation focused on how marketers in New Zealand can position their Internet business to take advantage of the massive $142.4 billion that is spent on the Internet in the United States.

Scott Letourneau Speaks at Las Vegas Global Resorts Networks Conference!

Global Resorts Networks (GRN) members gathered in Las Vegas for a conference to learn new strategies to protect and grow their business.

How to Profit From the Recession!

The rate at which bank-owned assets are being charged off is at an all-time high. Literally hundreds of billions of dollars in loans are available to purchase for pennies on the dollar. The cash flow in this arena is lucrative and abundant. In fact, it only takes 60-90 days to produce cash flow.

June 2009

Finding the Best Source of Capital!

Part of being profitable and successful in today’s economy is the ability to have access to cash and capital to grow your business, and to be in the position to take advantage of extraordinary opportunities to buy items, sometimes as low as 10 cents, 20 cents, and 30 cents on the dollar.

May 2009

Business and Behavioral Strategies

Many business owners go to the great seminars, purchase the courses, and participate in different continuity programs, but they’re still not getting the optimal results from their business. They know the programs work, they’ve seen the testimonials, but it’s just not working for them at the right level.

April 2009

Money Answers Show Interviews Scott Letourneau!

Don’t be misconceived by the idea that you will save money by taking shortcuts. In the end you will be the one holding the fools gold. Only 5% of new businesses will become successful whereas 50% will most likely run out of cash flow.

Salvaging, Stabilizing, and Growing Business in Spite of Economy!

More and more businesses are looking for ways to salvage, stabilize and grow their business in spite of the economy. Learn how to increase profits when revenues are stagnant or declining. Turn economic turmoil into financial triumph by becoming the obvious choice in the market. Discover techniques to build business while other businesses are collapsing.

Become Successful in Business and Not Another Statistic!

Don't be misconceived by the idea that you will save money by taking shortcuts. In the end you will be the one holding the fools gold. Only 5% of new businesses will become successful whereas 50% will most likely run out of cash flow.

Avoid the Crumble and Expand Your Business!

Cookies crumble and spilt milk is what could be if you don’t discover the techniques to build your business. Discover the method that will most likely expand your business and increase your company profits.

March 2009

Nevada Corporate Planners Launches Ultimate U.S. Cash Machine for International Clients!

Coke and Kentucky Friend Chicken have secret ingredients. A United States Cash Machine has a secret ingredient to business – trust. Scott Letourneau launched the Ultimate U.S. Cash Machine for international clients, allowing them to be in the best position to claim full share of the enormous $142.4 billion to be spent by U.S. consumers on the Internet in 2009.

Nevada Corporate Planners Credit Develops Ultimate Business Credit Builder Program!

Nevada Corporate Planners developed a system to insure business owners stay on track when building business credit. It’s important for business owners to separate personal credit from business credit. There are many steps that have to be properly taken when building business credit. Attempting to set up a Dunn and Bradstreet file can prematurely backfire.

Scott Letourneau Speaks at Lake Tahoe Wealth Master’s International M2!

If you are looking to shine and are thinking about starting a home business, the time is now. With company lay offs, your future forecast may not look as bright as it once did. Scott Letourneau spoke at the Lake Tahoe Wealth Master’s International M2 on strategies of how to grow profits and keep them.

Growing a Real Estate Empire Without Using Your Own Money!

Right now, as small business owners and as real estate investors, it’s more difficult to refinance and take money out. Unless you have a perfect credit score, documented income and everything that most small business owners don’t have right now, it’s extremely difficult to get financing on the traditional side.

Scott Letourneau, CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners Speaks at Australia World Internet Summit

Whether you are just starting from scratch or have already established a business. Now is the time to learn the system, make connections and watch as the doorway opens to learn the steps that could change your path and enter into the business of Internet Marketing.

February 2009

Nevada Corporate Planners Launch Fast Start Business Credit Webinar!

Nevada Corporate Planners launched its Fast Start Business Credit Webinar in February 2009. During our current uncertain economic times, banks including credit and financial support have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. It’s a must for any business owner to separate their personal credit from business credit. It is more important than ever to learn how to develop both trade lines of credit (vendor credit) and cash lines of credit.

Effective Strategies for Driving Traffic to Websites

Whether it’s an online or offline business, the world has changed economically. It’s time to step up the game to find the most powerful system to get more traffic to your website. Learn how take one piece of content and spread it all over the Internet like a virus. Understand how to have a website become a lead-gushing machine, no matter what type of business. Discover how to do proper keyword research to maximize your success while minimizing your advertising cost.

January 2009

Scott Letourneau, Speaks At Atlanta's Millionaire Summit!

Scott spoke at the Atlanta Millionaire Summit to help attendees understand the steps and process to secure $150,000 of business credit in today’s tight economy.

How to Develop Access to Capital!

With the current credit and economic crisis, companies continue to fail. Learn how to obtain $250K in cash/credit for your business. Understand what banks will not tell you when it comes to obtaining cash. Discover when to use vendor credit versus cash. Learn the truth about Dunn & Bradstreet (D & B), and mistakes to avoid. Understand how to build up corporate Experian business credit.

Past Press Releases


Company Fast Facts

Company Address:
7477 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Ste. 170
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Founded: 1997

Founder: Scott Letourneau

Over 5,500 clients in the US and worldwide

Company mission statement:
Bringing you the best information and facts to help you achieve maximum protection and business success!

Company focus:
NCP will help you protect your assets and/or start a new business by forming your corporation or LLC! Then we provide support services to help keep you on track and prosper!


Services Provided to Help Your Business Get Off to a Fast Start!

Incorporating and LLC packages in all 50 states.

The Top 5% Club Gold Membership Coaching Program is designed to help your business make profits in the shortest period of time possible and protect your personal and business assets!

Foreign Registration. (Any state or multiple states)

Bank Accounts. (You will have our complete assistance and support in setting up your bank account)

Holding Company.

Las Vegas Office Package. (NV address, NV phone number, use of conference room plus other bonuses-only if you have employees in Nevada)

Resident Agent Service.

Corporate Record Book. (Complete with detailed instructions, minutes and meetings, stock certificates and more)

Annual Tax and Bookkeeping Success System.

Business Credit Builder System. Separate your personal and business credit! A must for today's economy!


Media Credits/Interviews

CEO Scott Letourneau in Las Vegas Review-Journal: LV Still Stellar for Startups

TV interview with Pat Summerall, Summerall Success Stories on CNN Headlines News.

Radio Interview with Bev Day, MBA, CFE, Financial Pathways with Bev Day.

Newspaper interview by Stephen Roth, The Business Journal, Serving Metropolitan Kansas City.

Scott' s interview with America' s Money Man, Ivan Gelfand, financial strategist and businessman who has built businesses worth over $5.2 billion (on his popular financial radio show, "Financial Week in Review" on WRMR/Cleveland). Scott discusses incorporation issues and asset protection.

TV Interview with Michael Gieser, Channel 8.

Radio Interview with John Abbott, All About Success.

KLAS-TV, Channel 8, interview with Yetta Gibson.

Print: Upcoming Interviews to be published:

Las Vegas Business Press

Money Management Tips in Nevada Business Journal

Listen to Scott Letourneau, a regular monthly guest on BizSoup, hosted by John DeBevoise and Chris Jaynes on Business Talk Radio (http://www.businesstalkradio.net)


Recent Testimonials

Scott Letourneau is clearly one of the most knowledgeable experts in the area of startup business structuring and financing. Scott knows and understands better than most anyone the common mistakes made by entrepreneurs in the early stage---where most businesses fail. And he knows how to keep new business owners from making those same mistakes. His one-of-a-kind systematic approach to building a strong corporate and financial foundation are critical to any entrepreneur's success.

David Wolf

Smallbiz America Network


Scott, I want to thank you for being a guest on my internet radio show on October 18, 2004. Your topic, "Why Incorporating Makes Sense" was interesting, fun and full of nuggets of information for my listeners. Your unique ability to communicate effectively and educate people is truly a gift. Your in depth knowledge of proper entity structuring, effective asset protection and tax planning came through loud and clear. I got more emails of praise after your show than any of my other shows.

Bev Day is the host the successful radio show, "Financial Pathways with Bev Day."

Scott Letourneau was a great guest on my show, "All About Success" on Tuesday, November 4, 2003. He was very knowledgeable and provided good insight into asset protection. He also debunked some common myths about Nevada corporations. I would recommend him as an expert on asset protection.

John Abbott, Author, Entrepreneur, and host of Americas Number ONE Internet Success Interview show, "All About Success." www.UtheBoss.com

Cal Zethmayr, Talk Show Host of THE REAL NEWSTALK 1120 WBZR, Destin-Ft. Walton Beach, BAYOU 1340 WFSH, Valparaiso-Niceville said the following about his interview with Scott Letourneau:

"Scott Letourneau is knowledgeable, very educated and knows what he is talking about! Very informative."


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