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Establish a Premium Virtual Address & Mail Service-

Introducing the E-Commerce Virtual Address & Mail Services

Since 1997, NCP has helped thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs launch their business with confidence.

There are certain patterns of success and patterns of failure when starting a business.
Let me ask you this: Which state is best to form an entity?

The top four choices that come to mind are Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming and your home state. There is more flexibility if you are not a U.S. resident living in another country and looking to establish a business in a U.S. state. If you are in this situation, you have a much better argument to pick the best state for your situation and establish a complete business presence in that state (unless you are looking to avoid a permanent establishment and only need a mail service agreement. Nevada is the most popular choice in that situation because there are no state corporate (under $4 million in sales) OR personal income taxes. Nevada also offer the best protection against the corporate or LLC veil being pierced.

If you choose, Wyoming, another good choice, we are able to support you also. Keep in mind, protecting the entity veil is one important subject and having your mailing address in another state is not a concern. Piercing is different from nexus, and we have done the most research on court cases over the past 21 years. Forming two entities with one address, now that gets into a different area of concern. That covers the subject of having two separate legal entities vs having one entity with multiple DBAs (doing business as).

If you are a U.S. resident and you reside in a state other than Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming, the question becomes: are you able to establish your business in a state like Nevada or Wyoming that is tax free? The first answer is yes, you can establish an entity in any state you choose. The big question becomes: will your business be able to establish a complete business presence in that state (Nevada or Wyoming, in this example) and not be subject to state corporate income taxes? The answer is: it depends upon certain criteria. If you live in Arizona and your business is online and you choose to form a Nevada C corporation with a Nevada office and a Nevada bank account, that does not automatically mean you will not be paying Arizona taxes. It depends upon the rules of nexus. Nexus means a business presence. In this example, it is the State of Arizona that likes to make the argument that, since you work out of your home in Arizona, you are doing the work FROM Arizona and therefore the Nevada Corporation will need to register to do business in the state of Arizona.

If you are based in the U.S. and want to establish an address in Nevada, this only makes sense if you have nexus in Nevada. In most cases, you are likely to use your address in your home state or where you have nexus. Is it possible to have two addresses? One is your physical address in your home state and another address to handle your mail, especially as an Amazon FBA seller to scan and link your permits and other important state notices, absolutely!

This is IMPORTANT: A P.O. Box in the U.S. sends one of several messages: Either you are attempting to hide something because you only have a P.O. Box, your business is not legitimate, or your business is very small and does not have the money for a real office location…all the WRONG marketing messages to be sending to grow your business.

Most people work backwards and are looking to open a business checking account and the banker told you that you need an address. You may have asked if a P.O. Box would suffice. Many times the banker will say that will be just fine or they need a physical address like a UPS Store®. Even most banks will not accept a PO box, especially as a foreign seller. Now the banks want a U.S. personal address with a ultility bill to match.

When you utilize NCP’s U.S. Business Mailing Address & Office Services you will have a lease agreement (or mail service agreement) for a one year term and you may pay monthly or save money and pay for the year up front.

NCP Corporate's Office and Your U.S. Mailing Address with Our Service

Whether you are looking to form a Nevada entity along with an office lease agreement (or mail service agreement) or you are renewing your service with NCP, enclosed is a list of our current prices and options for your business.

Here is our detailed U.S. Virtual Address & Mail Services PDF resource with full details on prices and services.

All These Benefits for one Low Fee!

NCP’s E-Commerce Virtual Address & Mail Services:
Our Las Vegas Office Services includes a real lease agreement (or mail service agreement) and street address (not just a PO Box).. All of this is very important for credibility and doing business in the U.S. The best part is that our highly trained team will scan and link your sales tax permits and important state tax forms (with our permit service) . This is all important in saving you thousands in late fees as an Amazon FBA seller.

Features of our E-Commerce Virtual Address & Mail Services:

  • A real lease agreement (or mail service agreement to avoid a permanent establishment, as needed) for your U.S. office and support team.
  • A real street address in Las Vegas, Nevada PLUS a PO Box address to receive postal mail, packages, and for all your U.S. business correspondence.
  • A professional trained team to scan and link your sales tax permits and important state tax forms.*.
  • Your U.S. business address is open from Monday- Friday 8 am to 5 pm PT to welcome any of your clients or visitors.
  • You have an option for your mail will be forwarded on a weekly basis to an address of your choice. Any junk mail (per your instructions will not be forwarded). Any time sensitive mail we will call you to see if you want that forwarded via certified mail, FedEx® or UPS®.*
  • When your mail is forwarded you are only charged the cost for postage, no additional handling fees are assessed for first class mail.
  • Larger packages will be accepted and forwarded to you as our special rates.
  • Advanced Security: Security cameras, alarm system with armed response, document shredding, and controlled access to our building.
  • Our office is your office and you will benefit from our years of experience (since 1997)..

*Any additional fees to ship via FedEx® or UPS® will come out of your mail forwarding deposit for your convenience. Your mail deposit is $50 which is a separate fee. Scanning of your sales tax permits is included with our sales tax permit service for our Sales Tax System members. Learn more.

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