How to Handle an Amazon Suspension for Insurance Non-Compliance

Keeping your Amazon Seller Central account active is vital to your seller ranking and overall Amazon business. Ignoring repeated Amazon notices to comply with insurance is not a good idea. Amazon will force compliance and take action for those not compliant, but the unknown is when.

If you have received more emails from Amazon about getting into compliance with their updated insurance policy changes from September of 2021, the clock is ticking for compliance.

Amazon sent out notices every 40-45 days in September, October, November, and December, with a new 30-day reminder in September, October, November, and December in September, October, November, and December.

Now, you may be receiving reminders weekly. What does that tell you?

Protect Your Amazon Seller Central Account NowWe know the supply chain issues are bad enough, don’t put your seller central account on suspension or access to your funds by not complying.

What happens if your Amazon Seller Central account is suspended?

You will need to take the proper steps to get out of suspension, which first involves complying with the insurance policies and uploading your certificate of insurance to Amazon to get it approved.

Ideally, this will solve your suspension issue, but how fast it is unknown.

If you continue to have issues, we have a recommended resource with Chris McCabe, an expert in helping Amazon sellers with suspended accounts or ACINs. See our video at this link from the previous Prosper Show, where Chris shares valuable tips on responding to Amazon properly when handling an Amazon suspension issue

Why risk paying high fees to a company to help you get out of suspension and risk-taking your selling ranking in the meantime?

First, check with to see if they can offer you insurance in your home country.

If they cannot help, schedule a call with our team at this link, and we will explain your options with U.S. insurance and a U.S. company to protect your account, business, and income for you and your family.

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