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Read These 3 Shocking Case Studies…
So You Won't Become # 4!

  1. What happens when you have an attorney as a customer…and they don't pay?

    A Colorado contractor with a 25 year-old S-corporation built a house for an attorney who then refused to pay him for his work. The contractor sued the attorney, who in turn, countersued the contractor alleging a bunch of trumped up charges! This contractor has shelled out more than $22,000 so far trying to protect his house from the attorney's attempt to pierce his corporate veil. The facts: If you're not incorporated in a state that strongly protects your corporate veil…more than your corporate assets will be at stake should someone hit you with a lawsuit-even a frivolous one! You could lose your home, and any other personal assets! This contractor now wishes his corporation had domiciled in Nevada.

  2. You want problems? Try running a C-corporation with NO PAYROLL!

    One of our senior consultants used to work for a CPA firm. He tells us that 2 out of 3 of all new clients were in the wrong kind of entity or set up improperly. One of his old clients formed her own C-corporation, but when it came time to pay her salary, she just continued pulling money out like she did when she ran a sole-proprietorship. Three years later she was hit with an audit, and the IRS charged the company with back payroll taxes and 19% penalties! She had to close down her business because she couldn't afford to pay!

    The facts: If you form a new corporation, make sure you find out how it's supposed to be run, and that you select a company with the resources to help you get-and stay-on the right track! Otherwise, you could find yourself facing an audit and unbelievable-and unaffordable-back taxes, interest and penalties! If they're severe enough, you could even lose your business!

  3. When you're paying someone $300+ per hour, you would think you're getting the best advice on how to maximize your business expenses…right?

    WRONG! One fellow who owns a major U.S. golf supply company called NCP to find out which entity would be best for his new venture. While we were talking, he explained that after he bought Sandy Botkin's Tax Package, he took the course to his "Big Five" accounting firm to compare notes. Imagine his shock and surprise when he found out that the Big Five expert wasn't familiar with many of the legal business deductions Sandy mentions in his book!

    The facts: Just because someone charges you BIG fees doesn't necessarily mean they know everything there is that will benefit you. Inform and educate yourself on how to best maximize your business expenses. No one else will do it for you!

Important facts you need to know about the State of Nevada Corporations and LLCs!
  • 88% of entities formed in the State of Nevada do not require an office, mail forwarding, bank accounts or telephone lines!

  • 54% of all states do not cover punitive damages! Click here for more details.

  • If you miss just one of the five substantiation elements required for an entertainment deduction, the IRS has every right in the world to hit you with a 75% civil fraud penalty!

  • Your odds of being sued in the next 5 years? 1 in 3, if you've been in business for 10 years or more! Can your existing structure survive a lawsuit?
  • Are you a sole proprietor? Do you have personal assets? Can you feel the lightening rod hovering over you…poised to destroy your net worth?

  • 23% of insurance companies have folded since 1980. Will yours be next? Will you be left holding the bag?

  • Bringing a new partner in on your business is the easiest way to hurt your existing company. Find a better way…there are other options!

  • 22% of people who form corporations in the State of Nevada without proper coaching as to which entity is best for their situation wind up with the wrong entity-and bundles of trouble later on!

  • 65% of business errors are made when consultants communicate important information to only one partner and then that partner tries to share it with the other partner.

  • Most people miss tax savings for two reasons: lack of proper information and lack of discipline…don't let this happen to you!

  • 15% of business failures are due to a simple lack of education… when people think they know it all.

  • It's been proven time and time again that when you invest in the right support to start your new business, you save thousands during your first year alone…not to mention time and frustration! It's like how knowing what you need to do to hire a top sales person saves you an easy $30,000/per person!

Ask yourself...
  • Don't you want to know you're making the right decision BEFORE you form your entity?

  • Have you figured out what your time is worth? If you're serious about forming the right entity, it makes sense to start off on the right foot. Save yourself time by working with experts who provide you with the information you and your professionals need to make the best decision for you.

  • Do you know why…and when…the facts shared above might play a major role in your situation?

Research - Avoid the Mistakes that 70% of those incorporating in Nevada make again and again. Find out why most professionals avoid Nevada for all the wrong reasons, leaving their clients, like you, vulnerable…and the sad part is…you'll never even know it, until it's too late! View more >>

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