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LLC or Corporation Which is Best?

Now You can Avoid the Guess Work, Losing Your Assets and Over Paying on Taxes with our Powerful Training!


Is an LLC Best for Your Business? How Should it be Taxed? Are You Familiar with the Four Options? Did You Know that Online Companies Many Times DO NOT Provide the Correct Operating Agreement? That's a Big Problem!

From: Scott Letourneau, NCP Founder and CEO

Forming a separate legal entity to protect your assets, reduce the amount of taxes you will pay, keep the IRS off your back and separate your personal and business credit is a fundamental key to the proper foundation in your business. You may be ready to "pull the trigger" and form your entity, but are you? Just because your friend, partner or accountant told you an LLC is best, or maybe your home state is best over a Delaware LLC, Nevada LLC or Wyoming LLC, is that really the case? Maybe your advice came from your CPA, a good choice for a tax opinion, but the wrong choice from a liability, financing and marketing opinion and point of view. Do you see the problem already? There are six points of view to keep in mind when choosing the best entity for your business;

  1. Tax
  2. Audit
  3. Asset Protection
  4. Business Credit/Financing
  5. Raising money(if applicable)
  6. Marketing

Let me ask you this important question. If you are looking to build a financial future and wealth for you and your family what approach would you take? How about this point of view.you can't build a house from the roof down. What do you have to have first? The FOUNDATION. You can't build your business and wealth from the roof down either! You have to have a solid FOUNDATION first. That solid foundation for your business starts with the correct entity for YOUR SITUATION, not guessing or hoping or I'll fix it later and hopefully it is not too late!

Don't be part of the 95% that fail. Position your business correctly with the best entity for your situation so you can be part of the Top 5% that succeed and beat the odds.

Here are some of the key factors you will learn after you opt in and listen to the 60 minute training on which entity (and state) may be best for your business:

  1. Why most CPAs will recommend you keep things simple and just operate as a sole proprietorship or if you do form an entity why an S corporation is recommended most of the time (and is more than likely not the best choice for you).
  2. Discover the EXACT factors that must be considered with your choice of entity including revenue, profits, goal for the profits, service or product, partners, which states do you operate, looking for investors, your personal income.are just a few that you will learn how those tie into what entity is best for you!
  3. Which state is best for your business and safe assets (two different strategies). If you do use Delaware or Nevada are you taking all the proper steps? Most do not.
  4. Learn how to keep the IRS off your back when you form your entity and what you MUST do in your business to really be operating as a business, not a hobby (most small business owners if caught by the IRS would be classified as a hobby and lose thousands in deductions every year).
  5. Why forming an LLC may be a powerful choice and why almost all of the online companies or even professionals never get the operating agreement correct (just hope if this is your situation the IRS does not find out about this one)!
  6. Why self financing your business is the wrong way to go and a much better approach after you form the correct entity for your business.
  7. Myths about entity formation, which state and other grey-area strategies our competitors hope you never find out about (if so, their sales would drop big time)!

It is not just the best entity for your situation; it is what happens after you form the entity. Most people seem to think, I filed my LLC, what is next on my list? I will open my bank account and I am off and running! That would be like laying the forms for the foundation to build your house and forgetting to put in the concrete and footings for the house to be built on! It doesn't work that way! Your house will eventually crumble, the same with your business. The minute your LLC or corporation is challenged by the courts or the IRS, it will crumble if you do not complete all the necessary steps AFTER you incorporate. NCP will help you through that process after your articles are filed.

Discover Why the IRS Will Come After You Form an Entity if You Don't Do Everything Correctly!

Take the next step and give us your name and email (a simple fair trade for the 15 years of research condensed into 60 minutes free of charge to you). Yes, you will get a couple follow up emails with more key strategies you should know that most won't tell you unless you pay them a big fee!

Rather speak to someone live and go through the FAST TRACK? Just call NCP at 1-800-351-5111 to schedule an appointment and we will take you through our process for your UNIQUE SITUATION to help determine what entity is best for you (or entities if required).


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