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Launch Your Business with Confidence sm Incorporating Package

Complete Formation LLC/Corporation Package (all 50 States) Includes:

145-Minute Video Review Which Entity & State is Best for YOUR Situation (Avoid guessing).

2Verify Business Name Availability & Check for Conflicts at Federal Trademark Office

3Preparation and Filing of incorporation Documents

4Unlimited Phone/E-mail Support for Your Most Important Formation Questions

524/7 Access to NCPmember.com Startup Training

6Registered Agent Service for 12- Months

7Expedited Processing Service (state expediting fees may apply)

8Complete LLC/Corporate Record Book with Video Training for Each Part of the Record Book Plus Customer Service Support to Complete the Record Book.

9Correct Operating Agreement/Bylaws and LLC/Corporate Formalities, Stock ledger and Instructions (both Video Online and Written Instructions in the Record Book)

10Federal Tax ID (EIN) Obtainment Service.

112553/8832 Filing Certified to the IRS (if Required)

12BRAND NEW: Sales Tax Training. Selling on Amazon? Other platform? Do you where you have sales tax nexus and need to collect and remit sales tax? Learn the basics for compliance.

13Priority Shipping

14Access to our Vetted Referral Partners in the area of sales tax, legal, accounting, bookkeeping...

15Access to our Launch your Business with Confidence Online Training

16Launch with Confidence Checklist to Make Your Transition to an Entity Complete and Easy

17Checklist to Transition from a Sole Proprietorship to a Corporation/LLC

See Special Pricing: NCP Value Packages

Our Complete Five- Step Process is as Easy as it Gets!

1. Register below for our Complete Formation Package (see the link above for package Details)
2. You will have immediate access to our 45-minute video training on which state and entity is best and how to evaluate key factors to move forward to complete our web import form with your company information.
3. We create and file your entity documents with the Secretary of State
4. We prepare your complete package and mail it to you
5. We help you complete your entity record book so you can launch your business with confidence.

OUR COMPLETE FORMATION PACKAGE DETAILS (starts on page 4 of our NCP Value Packages).

45-Minute Video Overview (including 2018 Tax Law Changes)

You will receive access to our 45-minute video training by our founder, Scott Letourneau, help you determine which entity and state are best for your situation. Why leave the two most important decisions about your entity formation for your business startup to chance? Those are: which state and which entity are best? Why risk "guessing" online by clicking on a drop down menu.

Verify Business Name Availability

We’ll make sure your preferred business name is available in your state of incorporation and do a courtesy Federal Trademark Search. If your desired name is not available or is there is a conflict,  we will contact you for alternate suggestions and keep working with you until we find a solution.

Preparation and Filing of Incorporation Documents

After you review your information and sign off on it we’ll make sure the articles are complete and accurate before we file the incorporating documents with the Secretary of State on your behalf. You do not have to sign any initial documents, just approve that everything is record and reply to an email.

Unlimited Phone/Email Support

Our highly trained (every Monday we conduct updates and training for our staff) senior business analysts and customer service support team are standing by to serve you from our  Las Vegas, NV  headquarters. All phone calls and emails are returned within 24 hours or less.

24/7 Access to Our Online NCPMembers.com

You will have access to our record book videos, audios and FAQs after you form the corporation or LLC. You will have access to additional training on payroll, estate planning, intellectual property, immigration, tax strategies and so much more with our NCPmembers.com. You will also have access to resolutions to download for the record book, a compliance interview with a top attorney to make sure you follow the steps to keep your entity in compliance.

Registered Agent Service for 12 Months

A Registered Agent is the contact point if the entity is sued to accept service of process and forward that on to you. Our staff is well trained to handle the service of process properly plus handle any unwanted inquires. NCP has a 15 step annual renewal process to make sure your company is current with the Secretary of State plus with your annual registered agent service, you will have access to our ncpmembers.com including training on IP, payroll, tax strategies, securing funding, formalities, estate planning and much, much more!

Expedited Processing Service (state expediting fees may apply)

Expedite processing service means your turn- around time for filing your articles is done fast. NCP make it a priority for your order about any non-expedited orders. There may be additional state fees that apply to expedite your filing and we will let you know your options up front.

LLC/Corporation Kit and Seal

Nevada Corporate Planners Corporate or LLC Kit and Seal are the tools needed to keep your company compliant with state statutes.

NCP’s Corporate or LLC Kit includes:

  •   A leather-type professional binder enclosed with a matching slip-case and customized with the entity name on the spine.
  •   An LLC or corporate seal that is professional and simple to use to help stamp documents that may require authenticity. Complete with a pouch and instructions.
  •  A detailed operating agreement corresponding to the right amount of members and taxation type with schedule A or detailed bylaws for a corporation.
  •  Minutes and resolutions to complete the required formalities.
  •  10 full-page, numbered, custom-made stock or membership certificates printed with the name of the LLC. Sample completed certificates are included with instructions.
  •  An original membership or stock ledger for keeping accurate records of your corporate shares or LLC units. Included are instructions and a sample on how to fill out the stock ledger both when issuing stock or membership interests and when transferring them.

Operating Agreement and Other Customizable LLC/Corporation Forms

In the LLC or corporate record book you will receive the correct operating agreement. If you choose an LLC that can be taxed with four different options, a disregarded entity, S or C corporation and partnership. Depending upon the taxation selection and number of members will determine the type of operating agreement. The corporation will have the correct operating agreement. You will also have access to all the minutes and resolutions in the record book online.  

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Obtainment Service

Businesses are required to have a Federal Tax ID Number, also called an employer identification number (EIN). With NCP’s Tax ID Obtainment Service, we will obtain your company’s EIN from the IRS once your business formation is approved by the state and you have returned via email the signed SS-4 application. The typical turn-around time for this service is 1-2 business days after we receive the required signature.

2553/8832 Filing (if required)

An LLC or corporation that is going to be taxed as an S corporation must file form 2553 to the IRS within 75 days the company first had shareholders, started business or have capitalization. NCP will send you the form to sign and send back for original signature and send it to the IRS certified mail. If the LLC is going to be taxed as a regular corporation form 8832 is required to be filed and NCP will process that in the same manor as the 2553.

Priority Shipping

NCP will ship your LLC/Corporate record book to you with the filed articles once we receive those back from the secretary of state for two day delivery via the USPO.  It is recommended that you go online to our NCPmembers.com to watch the videos on how to fill out the record book along with our simple quick start instructions. Your packages also includes access to our online record book training videos plus you may call us at any time to ask quesitons that will help you with the next steps with your business. Plus your LLC/Corporate record book has instructions on every section and is page number for easy following. It is a must to complete your record book as part of your complete formation and we will make that very easy for you!

Call NCP at 1-800-351-5111 to Launch Your Business with Confidence.

complete formation package

Why We Don't Offer $99 Incorporating Packages

Most online providers specialize in the few basics you’d need to be able to open a business checking account, like a tax number, articles of incorporation and an operating agreement. While this may be plenty to get you started at the bank, case histories prove that it’s not enough to fully establish and protect a healthy business.

Imagine purchasing a car this way… you don’t want wait until you’re zooming towards a crowded intersection to find out that brakes were optional! Our basic “launch your business” package includes a complete “no surprises” list of everything you need to incorporate with confidence. By the time you add the “extras” to that tempting $99 offer, you’ll find that it gets you more peace of mind and costs you less to do it right the first time with NCP.

Questions about Getting Started? Call NCP at 1-888-627-7007 or

Avoid Costly Incorporating Mistakes!

You'll also receive the following training tools plus a
Special Estate Planning Bonus ($1,653.00 Total Value):

Fast Start Training

You'll have Access to Launch Your Business with Confidence Online Training.

This powerful online training via a webinar is available every week at a time that is convenient to you. As a client you will receive a link to register.

This is a big help as you will learn the steps to get your business up and running with information on DBA names, business licenses…all designed to keep you confidently on the right track!

  • Tips on capitalizing your new corporation/LLC. (Especially important when you have a partner and to protect the entity veil.)
  • How to issue the stock of the corporation/LLC. (Do you issue to your living trust, yourself or another entity? Discover and understand the options.)
  • How and when to pay yourself (if required) and discover the difference between payroll and distributions.
  • Marketing strategies to add more value and profits for your business (especially how to leverage the power of joint ventures to grow exponentially)
  • How to run your business separately from your personal life. (Commingling funds is a bad idea.)


NCP Members Only Annual Membership

"Here are all the important areas covered in the NCPMembers.com free annual membership with NCP*:

  • Videos that walk you through each part of the LLC or Corporate record book, including the operating agreement/bylaws, minutes and meetings, important resolutions and issuing stock or membership interests
  • FAQ's in audio format to help answer your most important “next step” questions
  • Launch your Business with Confidence Webinar which covers important areas to protect your business and assets, keep the IRS off your back and our best resources to help you protect and grow your business.
  • Payroll Webinar by ADP, including all the compliance issues with payroll at a state and federal level
  • Fast Start Checklists, including our comprehensive checklist for starting a new business
  • Compliance Training for Your Business, including how to protect your intellectual property, U.S. tax responsibilities for foreign owners and how to establish a retirement plan for your company
  • Success Center Designed to also Help Your Business Launch with Confidence !
  • Business Resources and Forms, including Starting Your Business; Accounting Worksheets; Evaluating/ Negotiating the Deal; Marketing; Sample Employee Policies; Employee Management; Compensation & Benefits; Recruiting & Hiring; and Firing & Termination

Launch Your Business with Confidence Checklist

Launch Your Business with Confidence Checklist

There are several other steps involved to complete the process and this checklist was developed to help you save time and money and to be protected properly. The checklist is broken into seven important sections.

  • LLC/Corp in Nevada and the Foreign Registration (Qualification) Process
  • LLC/Corp in Your Home State Process
  • LLC for Safe Assets (Stock Ownership, Gold, Silver…Cause No Direct Liability)
  • LLC for Real Estate (to Hold and Invest, or to Flip)
  • International Clients LLC/Corporation in Nevada
  • Additional Important Steps
  • Contact Information

The Checklist for a Transition

The Transition from a Sole Proprietorship to a Corporation or Limited Liability Company Checklist.

You may have formed a DBA (doing business as) or similarly to a fictitious form name when you started your business. Now that you are forming a separate entity for your business it is important to make a complete transition to a separate legal entity. This simple checklist will make sure you do just that!

  • Connect DBA name to the new entity
  • New bank accounts
  • Updating vendors
  • Updating business licenses
  • Updating chart of accounts
  • New EIN number
  • Updating business cards
  • Plus much, much more

Bonus #1:

Estate Planning Blueprint- By Attorney/CPA Joseph Dadich.

If you own a home, have retirement assets, loved ones you want to leave your values and assets with when you pass on, then you can discover the most powerful Estate Planning Strategies to protect your assets from thieves and unyielding in-laws. You will receive the following powerful bonuses:

  • 15-point review to ensure your assets are protected from creditors and your kids will never have the State (or unwanted family members) raise them if you are gone
  • 1/2-hour consultation with attorney/CPA Joseph Dadich ($499 Value)
  • Autographed copy of new book 'Celebrity Estate Plans Gone Bad - Secrets Every Woman Needs'
  • FREE Life-Saving Medical Release document ($477 Value) - (authorize someone to get access to medical records)
  • FREE VIP WILL ($677 Value) - (will help to distribute property, nominate a representative…at least put your intentions in writing (don’t let the State dictate how your assets will be distributed…still need a living trust to avoid probate
$1,653 value


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