What does it mean when we say that our services are fast, complete, and deliver the best value? We want you to know what you can expect when you do business with NCP.

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Fast: With thousands of successful incorporations behind us, backed by best practices from the world’s top legal, tax, and business strategists, we know how to get you from where you are to where you need to be – quickly and efficiently. This requires a balance of automated systems and follow up, along with a detailed manual review by our team and CEO, on your choice of entity and state for your filing.

Complete: When you work with NCP,  you will have access to our training to help you determine the best entity, state, and mistakes to avoid. We will provide you with the best options to move forward. Most importantly, we will help connect the dots between entity formation, merchant accounts, banking, sales tax, and federal taxes to keep you on the right track.

Best Value: By tailoring your startup package to the real-world requirements of your business situation, NCP saves you hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands in opportunity costs and overpaid taxes. We save you money many times over by covering key steps that the online services miss.


How To Choose The Right Company To Help You Start Your Business:

1. Do they offer more than one service? If not, do they provide resources for any kind? An online company that only provides incorporating services may not provide the individualized support your startup needs—sales tax compliance since the 2018 U.S. Supreme Cout Case Wayfair vs. South Dakota, for example, is an essential element that could bankrupt your company without the correct information.

2. Do nationally-known professionals endorse them? Anybody can find a local friend to do this, but it means a lot more when a national figure is willing to put their reputation on the line.

3. What does their “Why choose us” page says about the principals? The people behind the company should be willing to let you know who they are and their values.

4. Do they have testimonials from clients? Written testimonials are good, but it says a lot about client satisfaction if they’re willing to go the extra mile with an audio or video endorsement.

5. What local or national organizations recommend them? You can tell a lot about a company’s integrity and stability by the quality and longevity of their network of business relationships.

6. Have they been in business for more than 10-20 years? 80-95% of new businesses don’t make it past five years. Of those that do, only 4% make it past ten years, and the percentage is much lower over 20 years. Get support to launch from those with experience and a strong brand to help you succeed.

7. When you call or email for support, does the team sound knowledgeable? Do they treat you professionally? Is there any detail in the helpful emails, or are they simply a “canned” response? Do they follow up when you leave a message? When companies make it a priority to treat their clients well, it often shows in the way they operate and train their professional team. Do they have videos on each step of the process to save you time? All of these elements are important.

Remember, when you choose a company to help form your corporation or LLC to start your business, you’re not just choosing a one-off service. It’s a relationship that will either help you lay a solid, reliable foundation for success or leave your business exposed to high hidden risks later on.

You want to give yourself every advantage to ensure that your hard work will not only pay off but reward you with exponential growth over the years.

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