Our packages include a comprehensive training, and quick-start summary templates, on which state and which entity may be best for you.



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Select a U.S. formation package (no need to know which entity or state is best, our video training is included).  Complete our U.S. entity web form with our team’s support and the pay state fees.


We File Your Articles

Our experts and CEO will review your submitted U.S. entity webform for accuracy. We will check the name available at the state and federal level and file your articles.


Receive Your Documents

We will provide you with completed filings, EIN, record book documents (fillable online), all in a secure online folder. You will also receive our support for your next steps to complete your transition to a complete legal formation.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC or Corporation are separate legal entities designed to separate your business and personal assets.  NCP will start you with a complete formation, which includes the correct operating agreement (or by-laws for a corporation), formalities, training on capitalization, issuing membership or stock certificates, and how to avoid the three areas that will cause your entity veil to be pierced

An LLC is a standard business structure choice.  An LLC is taxed in four different ways (S or C corp, partnership, or disregarded entity). The key is for the operating agreement to match up with the number of members and taxation type.

Corporations are also popular for raising capital.  An S corporation is used to save self-employment taxes if your net profits are $30,000 or higher. The S corporation limits the type of shareholder and is not always the best option when raising capital. Many times, an LLC taxed as a corporation is a better option.

The best part is that when you start with NCP, you don’t need to which state or entity is best because our packages will guide you through that process with our training and support. Our online U.S. entity webform will guide you through key areas of management, ownership, the start date on the EIN, and other key elements

Our team will review your new entity order and provide input if your new entity details do not look correct.  You also may schedule a strategy session with our CEO.

Support and Bonuses Included with our U.S. Entity Formations


World-Class Support

Our team is highly training on complex issues from U.S. sales tax compliance to taxation and entity strategies. We use Zendesk for your e-mails (tickets) and our team will respond to your questions, queries, and needs very quickly.

Each order is carefully evaluated by our CEO before filing. This is not a mill that pumps out LLC filings without review.

Powerful one-on-one strategy sessions with our CEO are available also. Learn more here.


Launch With Confidence Checklist

Our simple checklist will help keep you on track with your new U.S. company expansion (especially the steps after formation).

You will be guided with important steps, including capitalization, banking, sales tax compliance, business credit, partners, bookkeeping, and much more.


NCP Members Training

This includes steps to help you complete your entity record book, including completing your operating agreement, issuing membership interests or stock certificates, minutes of meetings and resolutions, capitalization, protecting IP, immigration, U.S. tax laws, and so on, all to help you with your successful U.S. expansion.

You will have access to our popular training for e-commerce sellers, “how to overcome the pattern of overwhelm.” Once you learn how to minimize your time in overwhelm, your productivity and profits will skyrocket!


Important Notifications And Updates

You will receive timely updates throughout the year for your U.S. tax responsibilities, sales tax changes, or other important deadlines to keep you in compliance.

We are the only company that provides updates in order to expand your e-commerce business to other platforms to grow your business.


Access To Our Vetted Professional Resources

NCP is partnered with the best of the best in the areas of taxation, sales tax, bookkeeping, tax treaties, trademarks, legal, and much more. Need a resource? Let us know, and, as our client, we will provide an introduction.


Launch Your U.S. Company With Confidence Video Training

Learn the steps to determine which state and which entity (and U.S. tax impact) is best when forming your U.S. company.

Our support team, along with our 60-minute U.S. formation video and best state and entity summary, will simplify the process.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Forming a U.S. Company


U.S. Seller

Launch Your LLC or Corporation


Non-U.S. Seller

Launch your U.S. LLC or Corporation


Which Entity or State

Our packages include detailed training to help you determine which is best.


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