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Previous Testimonials

"NCP provided clear and concise information on the advantages of a Nevada LLC registration. Their staff is clearly "The Best of the Best"

Harold Dachstiner, Pennsylvania - 12/06


"NCP has done an outstanding job helping me form my LLC. Everyone I have worked with at NCP have been very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable in this area. I am very pleased and couldn't have asked for more"

Divine Wealth - 12/06


Knowledgable, friendly, and well informed. The first step of success is having NCP prepare you for a rock solid foundation.

Miguel Lamorena, Florida - 12/06


"Nevada Corporate Planners assisted not only in the development of your organization but the implementation of various services and contacts. Their efforts are continuous and they are still assisting my organization today."

Robert Allen - 10/06

"NCP has provided complete support from day one to ensure that we were informed and comfortable with our decisions."

Mallory Parker - Horizon Telecom Group. LLC - 10/06

"Everyone has been very kind and informative."

Peggy Hall - 10/06

"… It's always comforting to have a relationship with other professionals that allow you to refer clients knowing they will be well served. Over the years we have acquired that type of relationship with Nevada Corporate Planners. They have always provided our clients with excellent service and advice by constantly staying abreast of the latest issues on entity formation. I can always feel confident when I recommend NCP because I know the entity will be formed properly and quickly. Additionally, their web site is an excellent information resource."

Brad Watts, 10/06

"I looked at the paperwork it took to setup a corp. and said "no way". I am calling NCP and letting them do this. It was much easier on me. Great service."

T Perdue - 10/06

"We had a couple corporations formed over a ten year period by attorneys and never knowing a thing about what they are doing in the process. NCP had finally educated us about structuring a corporation the best way for our situation to assure asset protection and other aspects through their educational support programs."

Michael Darley - 09/06

"I spoke with 3 other incorporation companies and none offered a combination of LCC, S Corp, and C Corp, other than NCP."

Mark Maxwell, California - 09/06

"I would recommend NCP to any one contemplating a new business venture or managing an existing business of any type. NCP will help you avoid costly mistakes and they have helped me with my total business vision."

Marion Beery, California - 09/06

" The staff was great, however I need to ask more questions. Denise and Roberta were very helpful about the service."

Jack Spivey, Nevada - 08/06

"Protecting my assets at this time of my life is very important to me. I had met with a local attorney 3 different times. He was very knowledgeable about being on the other side working for banks on collections. He finally gave his approval."

Donald Wells, Indiana - 08/06

"The professional staff at NCP made it very easy for us to understand the incorporation process. Allows us to focus on our business through the incorporation process."

Charles William Cole, California - 08/06

"NCP helped us structure our corporations to best protect ourselves & our business operations in a way best suited for our particular needs. Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful."

Jen & Ben Carter - 7/06

"The staff was great. Denise and Roberta were very helpful about the service.

Jack Spivey - 7/06

"NCP Helped me set-up my company with an LLC, which is the best for what I want to do. I haven't had the time to go get forms, fill them out and take them to the right places. NCP did all that for me!."

Lamon Holloway, Nevada - 07/06

"Smooth transaction, great support, easy to follow package."

Natalie Bared, Texas - 07/06

"The process was easy and NCP provided all the instructions and paperwork."

Thomas Williams, Maryland - 06/06

"I would recommend NCP to anyone contemplating a new business venture or managing an existing business of any type. NCP will help you avoid costly mistakes. NCP has helped me with my total business vision."

Mike Rochelle, California - 06/06

"All in involved were very courteous & professional. Very informative and everything was processed in a very timely manner. Thanks."

Jeff Walker, Mississipi - 05/06

"The initial consultation was very beneficial and would recommend to anyone."

Kari Kauppi, California - 05/06

"NCP did most of the paperwork to obtain this LLC so I could spend my time running the business. Sara was very helpful."

Mark Poe, Alabama - 04/06

"Very helpful in setting up my LLC to protect my personal assets, easy to reach when I had questions, as well as, easily understood."

Keath Desrochers, Illinois - 04/06

"I feel like I have someone to talk to and ask questions instead of floundering in the dark."

Kathleen Reynolds, Nevada - 03/06

"I requested to deal with senior staff at NCP because of complex planning and strategy issues. I was accommodated by senior staff when I requested their attention. Great job!"

Jerry Duhovic, California - 03/06

"As a seasoned corporate executive. I could not be happier with all aspects of my relationship with NCP. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for the necessary direction required to engage in a successful business enterprise."

Bill Hart, Florida - 02/06

"NCP made the entire process as smooth as possible. They answer on every question and made sure I was comfortable before I made any commitment. Thank you in all you do. Keep up the great work."

Jamal Hammett, Italy - 01/06

"Your staff have been very courteous and professional through out the process. They are knowledgeable and can easily be reached. I will consider using your services again in the near future."

Sasan Aval, California - 12/05

"As a newcomer to owning a business, I was more than impressed with not only NCP's step by step help through the process, but also their attention to my needs. With their one on one attention, I feel as though I am set up to be as profitable as possible."

Eric Anderson, Virginia - 11/05

"Starting a corporation can be a daunting task. NCP is very processional & makes the job of incorporating very easy."

Thomas Pope, Nevada - 10/05

"Your entire business team was well-informed, polite, and most importantly followed through on commitments. Your team approach has made this process easier for our business team."

Jack Wilmot, Virginia - 10/05

"NCP has been quick and responsive, very informed and was able to answer all my questions."

Kou Yang, California- 09/05

"Thanks for the wealth of information and excellent personalized services. While your bigger competitors suggested me plain cookie-cutter approaches, your well-researched corporate strategies provided me the best option for my long-term needs."

Ankit Patel, California- 09/05

"There were no surprise or hidden fees. NCP tells the whole story and doesn't leave you hanging like the $99 specialists do. The best surprise is no surprise."

Roy Jones, Oklahoma- 08/05

"You have made a really complicated planning process a lot easier. This is just the first step on a very complex process which thanks to you is simplified."

Nicole Johnson, New York- 08/05

"My consultant was very helpful and informative giving us the information we needed to choose the proper type of entity for our business."

Joseph Novosel, California- 08/05

"Your staff is very knowledgeable & helpful. I learned more from them in 1 hour than from 2 days of searching."

Joseph Leung, California - 07/05

"Our Sr. consultant was very professional and understanding. His expertise in directing us was 100% beneficial to our needs."

Gabriel Esposito, -California - 06/05

"I thought that I could do this on my own --and even formed a Nevada LLC on my own-- but found out how much work and research it takes to do it right. NCP has done all the hard work for me, and I feel so much better knowing that everything it in order."

Margaret Burns, Utah - 06/05

"NCP's knowledgeable staff made setting up a Nevada LLC easy and painless."

Larry Lang, Arizona - 05/05

"Very helpful. Prompt response and very organized. I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing help incorporate in Nevada."

Timothy Robinson, Virginia- 05/05

"I like to keep it simple. Most of the people feel afraid and not sure about what they want and how they need to do it. The only comprehensive company that are patiently enough to answer all kind of questions. The keywords are correctly and honestly. "

Raed Faza, Ontario - 04/05

"You helped me prevent what could have been a financial disaster. You provided relevant information and solutions to keep everything corrected and in compliance with state laws. Thank you!"

Vicki Kordell, Maryland - 04/05

"NCP provided me a great sounding board and strategy resource for my multi-business entity formations. Their trustworthiness, competence and responsiveness (high availability) were crucial to me as a client. Their clients-only web site has extensive proprietary content to help me cut to the chase on compliance adminstrivia and get the right stuff done at the right time without getting bogged down excessively in wasteful formalitites."

Frank Birdsong, Utah- 03/05

"NCP made us feel confident! I knew as I searched their web site and saw all the balanced information that I was going to enjoy the process because the process was clearly given in their 45 page report! Thanks for helping us incorporate."

Paul Dunlap, Texas- 03/05

"We are very impressed of the knowledge of the business analyst that we spoke with initially and the turnkey services that Nevada Corporate Planners provided us."

Joel Akowei, Texas - 02/05

"NCP provides simple, well organized, steps and training for the first time business owner."

Mark Brandt, Nevada- 02/05

"NCP has made the process of establishing a Nevada LLC, painless. They were extremely knowledgeable and were able to answer ever question I had without calling me back."

Harry Grossman, Connecticut - 01/05

"I found working with NCP to be very informative and helpful. They worked with me to set up the right entity for my circumstance and gave me more help than I ever expected."

Phil Thomas, California- 01/05

"I found NCP to be efficient, helpful, and professional."

Douglas Fitts, California - 12/04

"We have appreciated the expedience with which our request has been handled. Also, the ongoing support has been very beneficial as we start our new enterprise."

Christopher Seaman, Missouri - 12/04

"My rep was incredible, informative and helpful. I feel well cared for well thought about and listened to. My needs were met thoroughly and I know that all my questions can and will be answered. I'm thrilled with the services rendered thus far."

Payson Cooper, New York - 11/04

"NCP's knowledgeable staff helped me understand the key differences between an LLC and a corporation entity as it relates to my business. Once I made the decision to incorporate the process was painless."

Anna Maria Canales, Washington - 11/04

"I chose Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. because of their dedication to getting me incorporated in a professional and timely manner."

Robert Blackstone, Ohio - 10/04

"NCP, Inc. has made this entire process clear, structured and practically effortless. We intend to grow our relationship with NCP as our business needs grow, and it's reassuring to have such a professional and experienced team behind us."

Wayne Scott, Virginia - 10/04

"Your service was excellent and your associates most

Christine Hogan, Michigan - 09/04

"Wonderful, knowledgeable staff, no high pressure sales. They simply layout your options and let you take time to decide. Very attentive and timely in all correspondence."

Stephen J. Scott, Washington - 09/04

"I had no clue on how to go about the process of incorporating in NV & why. I've gained alot of insight on the steps & procedures of forming an LLC "

Jon D. Schmidt, California - 08/04

"NCP makes it easy to shift through all the information required to start a corporation. With the help of the web site and the expert guidance from people like Gus, We felt we made educated choices concerning our new corporation. "

Norman Barton, California - 08/04

"Nevada Corporate Planners provided a turn key solution, instilled confidence in their knowledge and allowed my company (me and my partner) to concentrate on business rather than getting tied down in forms and lawyers. "

Carl Russ, Georgia - 08/04

"We would highly recommend anyone who is looking to inc. to only use NCP. They are definitely the one stop shop for all your needs. "

Ryan Coblin, Florida - 08/04

"Incorporating seemed like an overwhelming task, NCP walked us through it and made it easy and stress free."

Juli Pennington, Texas - 08/04

"You were the only ones who told the truth about the state taxes - made all others suspect because they told that lie (we didn't have to pay taxes om our own states. "

Don Alger, California - 08/04

"We were very pleased by the commitment, expedient service and excellent presentation. "

Rosie Williams, California - 08/04

"As a new corporation, lots of time, hand-holding, & quick response to questions "

Dana Bartels, Hawaii - 08/04

"The initial phone consultation was invaluable in not only the fundamentals of forming the corporation but the corporate coach answered some of those nagging questions that In had that weren't in any literature. Thank you for making the entire process painless and relieving some of the anxiety associated withforming a corporation for the first time. I'd highly recommend your service, and your people, to anyone considering formalizing the structure of their business or company. "

Vicki Seaton, Hawaii - 08/04

"We received a great presentation over the phone! All our questions were answered."

Jason Dailey, Washington D.C.- 07/04

"You've been very helpful - I learned more in a half hour with you than with my attorney and CPA combined. "

Elizabeth White, California - 07/04

"I have found service to be thorough, prompt, helpful, knowledgeable, and exactly as advertised."

Leigh Turner, New Mexico - 07/04

"Easy process with minimal paperwork. "

Arnold Goldstein, Florida - 07/04

"Very thorough! Worth the money for sure!"

Antonio Trivelloni, Michigan - 07/04

"NCP made it easy to incorporate courteous and well-informed staff. "

Craig Gottlieb, New York - 07/04

"Without the comprehensive interview I would not have been able to select the correct form of business structure. "

Patrick Dickson, California- 07/04

"NCP's staff and customer service is excellent. They have guided me in making confident and important business decision. I know with NCP's vast knowledge of business that my company will benefit greatly from their advice. "

Lynne Ruffini, New York- 07/04

"Walked us through step by step in setting up the best strategy for our individual and business needs. "

John Vogel, California - 07/04

"NCP made it easy and fast. They answered all my questions and even ones I didn't think of. "

Michael Behrman, Florida - 07/04

"I love the packaging of the final company document sent to me "

Christopher Nwoye, Florida - 07/04

"The thoroughness our planner spent with us, help streamline the process as well as assured our team this was the vehicle to use "

John Vogel, California - 07/04

"Everything was great! "

Justin Slaughter, Texas - 07/04

"… NCP was extremely helpful guiding us through the incorporation process. Quick to respond to any questions and informative about the process as a whole.."

Megan Murphy, Massachusetts - 05/04

"… The entire process was painless, completely professional from start to finish! For a small company you have great value."

Charlie Dornsife, Texas - 05/04

"…Friendly service! When I make a call someone was there to answer my question. "

Bryan Kuvshinikov, California - 04/04

"…You are very fast & efficient. Thank You."

Tamara Brewton, Nevada - 04/04

"… I have enjoyed the benefits of NCP to solve my problems quickly and professionally. Thanks for the great service. Ms. Lori Fortino has been tremendous in her assistance."

Byron Fain, Florida - 04/04

"…Information is vital for success. NCP Inc. provided me with the facts in order to make a sound decision. "

Gary Frederick, California - 03/04  

"… A truly thorough and professional service. This is my first business and NCP couldn't have made it any easier. ."

Rita Chew, Washington - 03/04

"…NCP walks you through step by step and makes it very easy to form a company. "

Jayne George, Wisconsin - 03/04

"… After finding you on the Internet, I made a personal visit to your office. I was greeted with and continue to experience total professionalism mixed with friendliness and a wealth of knowledge and concern for my needs and well-being. Thank you for all your continued help in my venture."

Milton-Wilson, Inc. - 03/04

"… I didn't come to NCP so that they would fill out paperwork. I came to them for expert advice regarding what type of entity would afford the best asset protection. I got that advice to such a degree that NCP will have my business from now on. They delivered exactly what they promised, and more."

Joe Brezny, Nevada - 02/04

"… Information was organized and with a quick turn around time I was able to get up and running in no time."

Shawn Lund, Utah - 02/04

"… You are extremely well organized and you are helping me be organized also."

Bob Taylor, Washington - 01/04

"… You made me understand how to incorporate my business and I thank you for that."

Angela Valesky, Nevada - 01/04

"… NCP has been very professional in our dealings. I am impressed by the information they provide and it is a pleasure in dealing with them. I have confidence that they are providing me with good and accurate information."

Hayley Abbe, Ohio - 12/03

"… NCP will get your business started fast and right the first time."

Keith Wilson, Nevada - 12/03

"… You have been very helpful getting my Nevada corporation registered in a timely manner."

Jane Leddy, Colorado - 11/03

"… NCP had both the framework established as well as the experience to quickly and effectively establish a corporate existence."

Paul Vaughan, Georgia - 11/03

"… I appreciate that the staff at NCP is helpful and attentive to my needs. Thanks for setting up my business entity so I can focus on other aspects of starting a business."

Tom Dwyer, Nevada - 10/03

"… The process was very simple."

Cynthia Richardson, Santa Rita, Guam - 10/03

"… NCP provided detailed information on corporate structures that enabled me to choose the correct structure for my business."

Julia Cox, California - 09/03

"… NCP was able to answer most of my questions to my satisfaction, also NCP provided me with more information & material than any other similar company. Their service is well worth the price they charge."

Reynir Jonsson, California - 09/03

"… NCP's attention to detail and their one-on-one support in helping to choose the correct entity has given me a high level of confidence in moving my dreams forward. They assist you every step of the way in properly forming the correct entity for you!"

Gilbert Hanna, Pennsylvania - 08/03

"… My representative was helpful and I believe truthful in setting up my Nevada corporation. I felt she was well informed and had a strong business background to reference."

Ralph DePalma, California - 08/03

"… NCP has been a very professional company during the course of our incorporation process. They explained everything to us in terms that we could understand without any problems."

Marina Hernandez, Colorado - 07/03

"… I like the fact that I can call and actually speak with someone when walking through the incorporating process. I always felt comfortable asking questions & getting them answered."

Valerie Pinkston, California - 07/03

"… Fast response time, courteous service. Thank you for getting me set up so quickly. Bonnie was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable."

Jim Steigerwald, Colorado - 06/03

"… Prompt professional and courteous service with follow up by email and telephone. I appreciated the fact that I could talk to the same person on my call back and was not handed off to someone else."

James Chandler, Mississipi - 06/03

"… The on going discussions on deciding which entity to use was very good. I had many questions over about a one month previous and NCP helped me work through it."

Michael DiMenna, Pennsylvania - 06/03

"… NCP set up my business in a very fast and professional manner. The customer service reps are knowledgeable and fun to work with. They even wanted to help me open up a bank account. This is service my business deserves."

Robby Saggu, California - 06/03

"… The aid and advice of NCP's staff was an very strategic and helpful force in the formation of my LLC."

Marqui Capers, New York - 05/03

"… Nevada Corporate Planners is without a doubt the most knowledgeable corporate consultant in the country. They know their stuff, and they know how to help. Thanks!"

Mike Clark, Illinois - 05/03

"… NCP responded to our questions and concerns quickly, efficiently and as thoroughly as they could. We were very comfortable with the knowledge and details provided to us regarding our needs."

David Gorrebeeck, California - 04/03

"… I was very pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of this organization."

Larry Pitt, Pennsylvania - 04/03

"… The personalized service I received over the phone was instrumental in getting started properly by matching my particular needs to the proper business entity."

Javier Castaneda, South Carolina - 03/03

"… Basically by being honest and upfront about everything. Listing all the pros & cons. Being patient. Answered all my questions."

Eric Watson, California - 03/03

"… Nevada Corporate Planners took the time it takes to build a relationship with us and answered all our questions very professionally. NCP made us feel comfortable with doing business with them."

Beth Lahaie, Texas - 02/03

"… Your Website and personal attention to our needs and requirements have turned a complex group of decisions and actions into a simple process. Thanks for all your help!."

Gregory Houston, Colorado - 02/03

"… You have helped us tremendously by giving us knowledge we never had about developing the LLC!."

Chris Horowitz, California - 02/03

"… The follow up (via e-mail, phone) was exceptional. I never felt I was hung out to dry after I paid. Plus, the materials I received were A-1 professional."

Gerald King, California - 01/03

"...We are confident that our business is as safe as humanly possible in the hands of NCP."

Rebecca Jo Swan, California - 01/03

"… I was able to focus more on my business plan than planning my business. This has saved me a lot of time."

Rick Street, Arizona- 12/02

"… NCP has been very helpful so far and offer a level of expertise that is hard to come by."

Mark Wilhelm, Arizona- 12/02

"… NCP is not just another Inc. in NV dot com. Call them and ask the tough questions (even if you think you know the answer) then try the same strategy somewhere else. You 'll appreciate the difference at NCP."

Jim Herrington, California- 12/02

"… NCP was great in fulfilling it's promise as a one-stop facility to starting a corporation."

John Greenly, California- 12/02

"… Your knowledgeable and friendly staff made the process of incorporation fast and painless. We have been equally impressed with your post-incorporation support"

Randy Simpson, Canada - 12/02

"… This was my first experience with incorporation so I did not know much about it. The staff at NCP made me feel comfortable and confident in making the decision to incorporate with them. They answered all my questions no matter how small and stupid I thought. They made their knowledge of incorporation seemed second to none."

Christopher Lavis, Canada - 11/02

"… NCP seemed knowledgeable and very willing to help with question and when schedules were needed to be changed."

Raymond Porter, Utah - 11/02

"… Thank you for helping us through this complicated process and making it easy for us to make important decisions."

Paula Jones, Louisiana - 10/02

"… You make sure all the loose strings are tied. Your binder & seal pouch are classy. When I phone with a question, you are always there."

Robert Sheahan, California- 10/02

"… I found Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. to be knowledgeable, friendly and confident in the service they provide. The paperwork was handled expeditiously and I felt that they really cared about their work."

Paul Hungerford, Missouri - 09/02

"… There are many companies that can set someone up as a corporation but few can compare to the follow-up support of NCP. I feel this is where companies separate themselves and I couldn't be happier!"

David Burlington, Missouri - 09/02

"… Excellent pre-establishment discussions, sound advice without a preset agenda, timely and responsive support."

Frank Boice, California - 08/02

"… After reviewing the Websites of tens of other companies, NCP stood head and shoulders above the rest due to the wealth of information provided on incorporating in general and specifically on the pitfalls to avoid. It was quite an education. Expect more business from me ... and my friends."

Roger Boye, Illinois - 08/02

"… NCP was first, friendly and full of information. Bonnie Simon was absolutely fantastic! She was friendly, fast, and professional."

Ida Hendriksen, California - 08/02

"… The NCP staff was extremely helpful. What I appreciated the most was no matter how dumb the question was, they patiently took the time to answer everyone."

Ben Lujan, Arizona- 07/02

"… NCP is the company that gives it to you straight and does not try to hook you in on lack of information. A very professional organization!"

Ross Denny, Arizona - 07/02

"… NCP invested an incredible amount of time in my corporation to help me create the appropriate entities. Thank you."

Gerard Keenan, California- 06/02

"… NCP will save you time and support you as you develop your business."

Christopher Smith, California- 06/02

"… The availability of information on the Internet site along with utility to send questions via e-mail or call NCP and receive prompt replies. Such a communication system shrinks the distance and brings 'personal service' into play. Thank you."

Heather Vesterfelt, California- 05/02

"… What a wealth of information, NCP has the (right staff!) I would recommend NCP to anyone needing incorporate their business."

Brian Martin, Illinois- 05/02

"… I was quite nervous trying to choose a company over the Internet. As I compared many Web sites I found out I was learning more on yours. I tried the free phone consultation and was impressed and felt safer in my choice for a registered agent. The corporate coaching program makes me feel more at ease as I go through the beginnings of my incorporation process and business building."

Jamie Jones, Japan- 05/02

"… Loved the way you made things easy for me to follow through. You may have earned our trust and confidence for not only this LLC formation but future projects of ours also. Thank you for the professional way in which you helped us."

David Kelson, North Carolina- 05/02

"… Scott took an incredible amount of time with me and he truly wanted me to understand all of the pros and cons. It was clear from the beginning that customer service was high on his priority list. I couldn't be happier with NCP! "

Brad Cannon, Florida- 04/02

"… We were very impressed with NCP's knowledge and experience in corporate planning. We felt very comfortable starting our new corporation with their guidance."

Thane Fleming, Colorado- 04/02

"…NCP's low key, no pressure, professional staff answered all of my questions in a friendly, knowledgeable and reassuring way. I will most definitely be referring my associates and colleagues to NCP for their business entity needs."

Ken Hurst, Pennsylvania- 04/02

"… I wanted service after the sale too. The staff is very knowledgeable far beyond any others I have talked to. They follow up with helpful tips to make sure things get done after the company is setup. I take comfort that future contacts and important matters will be communicated to me instead of ending up in the wash."

Steven Jeffers, Texas- 03/02

"…Nevada Corporate Planners helped me organize a desire for a business entity into a realistic set of mindful goals. Without their help I would not have been able to form my company with such overwhelming confidence."

Christian Jean, California- 03/02

"… Becoming a corporation for the first time was a daunting task. Your step-by-step counseling made it less so. I've already referred you."

Lanett Clark-Rudy, Nevada- 03/02

"…The quality and amount of information provided by NCP was priceless in helping me make an informed strategic decision regarding the type of corporation to set up and how to do it right. Your friendly and knowledgeable staff made the whole process extremely fast & easy. I was very impressed with the contents of the record book that includes everything you need to start your business off in the right footing. Great job!"

Peter Santeusanio, Nevada - 03/02

"… Getting started in business is a very tough decision as is choosing the right entity for each individuals needs. NCP has set us up with a great plan to keep us on track and easy to follow directions and one on one help when needed."

Perry Pearson, Nevada- 03/02

"…We appreciate how everything is organized for us with specific instructions on what to do to get started."

Peter Luther, Georgia - 03/02

"… Most importantly NCP has given me real facts and honest answers which has cleared up a lot of misconceptions I had about Nevada corporations. NCP has an excellent support system for their clients."

Elizabeth Riley, Canada- 02/02

"… Richard was very helpful in explaining why the s-corp was a better idea for us to pursue. This recommendation will pay huge dividends over time."

Nick MacFalls, California - 02/02

"… NCP was very thorough and answered all of our questions quickly. They were very easy to work with."

James Hale, California- 01/02

"… You not only guided me in a very confident manner as to what I would need to accomplish my needs, but also explained very clearly the purposes for your recommendations. I also felt that I was treated with respect and certainly given the time I needed, without feeling I was being rushed, to explain any questions I had whenever I called for help. It is a given, to me, that you have the business expertise, but just as important, is the manner in which you treat your clients."

Beverly Brasells, California - 01/02

"… This is our second experience with NCP. I especially appreciate the knowledge of various state filing requirements and the ease and efficiency of the entire process."

Larry Lang, Arizona- 01/02

"… NCP has the tools to ensure that my company starts on the right track. I recommend them to anyone looking to incorporate quickly and efficiently without errors."

Steve St. John, California - 01/02

"… I really appreciate all of the help and support. Sean and Allen have given us great company! You guys make this so easy. I will tell others about you."

Annina Puccio, California - 01/02

"… The NCP staff is very knowledgeable in all entity structuring. NCP staff explains the pros and cons and takes a genuine interest in what's best for you and your company's future."

Consuelo Cassara, Nevada - 01/02

"… Good experience, quick response, these people do not mess around!"

Stan Kojder, California - 12/01

"… I'm very impressed with the speed and knowledge of Nevada Corporate Planners. They really made creating a business entity simple, yet strong."

Deen Foxx, California - 12/01

"… The assistance was very personal, the atmosphere was relaxed yet professional. The people were real, not put on. They were themselves and allowed me the comfort of being me. They tailored their help to my needs."

Ronald Nisby, Alaska - 12/01

"… Their phone consultation is very thorough. They take a lot of time to talk to you about the process of starting your own business entity to make sure you start with the correct format."

Philip George, Oregon - 12/01

"… Scott bridged the confidence gap I had with the other companies. Dealing with someone who's not just a salesman, but a knowledgeable staff person."

Mark Wexelberg, Colorado - 12/01

"… The NCP team did an exceptional job of assisting us through the decision making process for the best corporate strategy for our association. They were very good at listening and assisting us while we talked through many different approaches to designing our business. Thank you Scott and your team for your dedication and commitment to your customers. "

Jane Deuber, California - 12/01

"… The way Scott took the time to explain everything was very helpful and reasonable. That made me confident that using NCP was the right choice."

Jason Tuttle, Jr., New York - 11/01

"… You make it fast & easy! Also, you are the real thing."

Melvin Watkins, Virginia - 11/01

"… I am very pleased with the prompt service and expert advice/ instructions received from the NCP representatives. The incorporation process, including recept of Federal Corporate Tax I.D. Number took just 5 working days."

Jack Gageby, California - 10/01

"… Customer service has been excellent! Everyone has been helpful and made the process of incorporating non-stressful. I appreciate all of the great support. Thank you."

Valerie Pinkston, California - 10/01

"… After surfing numerous sites, NCP was just what we were looking for - definitive answers, a wealth of knowledge and resources, exceptional value, and a friendly, professional staff."

Richard Eng, Wisconsin - 9/01

"… Your advice and hand holding is priceless!"

Steven Ryerson, Utah - 8/01

"… Your service will allow me to concentrate my efforts on developing my business during its first year knowing that the administrative details of my corporation will be handled efficiently and professionally by your office."

John Gaffney, Nevada - 8/01

"… NCP helped me start my business fast! Everyone at NCP was enthusiastic and knowledgeable in entity form strategies."

Steve St.John, California - 8/01

"… Whenever I have a question they are very helpful and they don't make me feel stupid, no matter what"

Toni Ingino, California - 7/01

"… We appreciated the completeness of information; both on the Web site and from the consultants. Phone calls were returned promptly & questions were thoroughly answered. Nothing was rushed. Well worth the money!"

Katie Owen, California - 7/01

"… NCP is very timely and helped to get the corporation started in just days."

Levi Eck, California - 7/01

"… You gave me the confidence to take a big step! Your constant support, either phone or e-mail gives me a secure feeling. When I feel overwhelmed, I know you're close enough to steer me in the right direction!"

Carol Chaney, California - 7/01

"… The most comprehensive resource available on incorporating in Nevada. Assistance and advise provided by NCP consulting has been time saving & invaluable."

Lee Cox, Illinois - 7/01

"… After checking all the options I had to go with NCP. They answered all my questions and helped me make the right decision for my company."

Shawn Hanks, California - 7/01

"… As a consultant for the last 10 years I had always shied away from filing as a business. It was far too overwhelming. With NCP's help, it was clear and simple. My colleagues are learning from me, asking more about NCP and LLC's ."

Valena Hernandez, California - 6/01

"… You made the process simple. NCP was on the ball from the beginning, called several times to let us know how things were going. NCP has treated us as a priority, NOT sign'em & forget'em."

Darrin Wade, Colorado - 5/01

"… NCP helped me form the entity that was the best for me and not for them. Truly professional."

Junaid Mian, Pennsylvania - 5/01

"… I feel I was given your information and also told to check out other companies before making my decision. Your customer services is great. Keep up the good work."

Oraree Haqq, California - 5/01

"… We needed a professional firm. NCP fit the criteria. The response time was excellent and we were in business in less than one week."

Mark Petschel, Missouri - 5/01

"…You've put into motion the momentum I needed to become successful. I will in a very short time turn my dreams into reality!"

Ed Lewis, California - 5/01

"… I arrived unannounced at NCP's offices and was pleasantly surprised by the size of the offices and the size of the staff. I was helped immediately by Allan who provided considerable advice and knowledge without regard to the lengthy time he spent with me. Thank you!"

Steven Ryerson, Utah - 5/01

"… So far I 'm compel by the prodigious education I've receive about undrestanding the many facets to corporate planning and I'm eager to learning more!."

Roderick Macklin, Michigan - 5/01

"… NCP's agent were upfront & honest and most of all educated on details. I never felt like I was talking to someone with only making a sale on his mind."

Thomas Hsieh, Maryland - 4/01

"… After having spent over 48 hours investigating various Nevada corporate agent services on the Web, we found only one that provided truly comprehensive coverage of the subject. Our investigational efforts pointed to only NCP. We are very pleased, Indeed."

Allen Cooper, California - 4/01

"… NCP has make incorporating easy, and has done exactly what they said they would do over the phone. The support has been tremendous, and they have a knowledgeable staff & a wealth of information on their Internet site."

Craig Weltman, Kansas - 3/01

"… Moving up from sole proprietor business to an LLC, you have made the process easy to understand and fulfill. Your provisions and service has allowed us to continue our business and focus more time needed in obtaining our FAA operating certificates. Than you."

Tim Lyons, Texas - 3/01

"… Although NCP is more costly than other incorporation services, I believe the value I received exceeded what I would have been able to receive from others."

Michael Panek, Ohio - 3/01

"… By being available via the Internet and the phone at any time. In addition, providing additional resources for my needs such as accountants, lawyers, etc."

Macgruder Taylor, California - 2/01

"… NCP made it easy."

Byron Nowels, California - 2/01

"… NCP has "idiot proofed" the incorporation process."

Mac Beavers, Arizona - 2/01

"… The uncertainty related to corporate structuring and formation put off my dream of starting my own company for years. With NCP, I have experienced the expertise, resources and support I need to realize my dreams."

Tyler Steele, Washington - 2/01

"… I find Nevada Corporate Planners totally professional and very helpful in a complicated area."

Arne Carlson, California - 1/01

"… NCP enlightened me on the real facts of corporate planning. Too much misinformation is being provided by other entities."

James Torrens, Utah - 1/01

"… We were interested in protecting the assets we have, as well as future ones, while minimizing our taxes and doing business with honest people. You met all our goals. Now we have bigger goals!."

Thomas Nolting, Arkansas - 1/01

"… The staff of NCP are very knowledgeable and efficient. They took the time to explain in depth all of our questions. Everything was done promptly. The materials and help we have received are invaluable.

P.S. Allen Dunn was very helpful in customer service and we really love him!"

Jennifer Hunt, California - 12/00

"... After set up of one corporation and an LLC for a nephew, two LLC’s for two clients, and a corporation and two LLC’s for a business venture, I unhesitatingly commend Nevada Corporate Planners to anyone desiring to properly protect their assets. Their "corporate coaching" program took us through the procedures quickly and saved us many dollars in legal and accounting fees. Their insights and advice have given us great confidence that our businesses are firmly and accurately established. They have gone overboard in researching questions that are peculiar to our situation and gave us answers that our team couldn’t supply. Now, we consider Nevada Corporate Planners as part of our permanent team."

Paul Nagy, Ohio - 8/99

"… By helping me set up the LLC and also for answering questions that I had when forming my LLC. I felt very comfortable after I set up my corporation."

Anthony Montgomery, New York - 12/00

"… After getting bad advice from a competitor, NCP provided clear advice and I went on to setup an LLC for my investment business."

Daniel Schaub, California - 12/00

"… The entire staff of NCP, that I have been in contact to date, have been friendly & have shown a great deal of knowledge."

Robert I. Slosberg, California - 12/00

"… NCP made it fast and easy. I hardly realized anything was happening until it all arrived - nearly finished. Also, Quick service and you saved me time and money. Thanks a lot."

Mark Kehrli, California - 11/00

"… NCP provided thorough, prompt service and made our LLC formation a simple process."

Roger Meyer, Minnesota - 11/00

"… Mainly helped get our stress level down in regard to Corp. decision making & wonderful direction from Allan."

William L. Fowler, Idaho - 11/00

"… Very professional and honest. I am extremely impressed by the level of service that I have received on a consistent basis. Your staff is also very friendly."

James Maddalone, New Hampshire - 10/00

"… NCP explained what was the right structure for my business and helped to dispel the myths surrounding multistate corporations."

Chris Romine, Massachusetts - 10/00

"… I can' t imagine starting a business could be any easier than this has been. All the step by step direction we' ve been given has made this process very easy. We' re confident that we' re not skipping any details."

Suzanne Burns, Illinois - 10/00

"… NCP gave me the confidence to form my corp. I was totally confused until my 1st phone conversation. Now I am confident that I will be successful."

Wendy Edwards, New York - 9/00

"... At this moment NCP has given me the many answers I always wanted from my old corporation' s questions. Also so far is not that expensive."

Juan Celis, Nevada - 8/00

"… You have been a very big help in getting me off the ground with setting up my business as a corp."

Roger Tomlinson, Arizona - 8/00

"… You should plan on completing your business plan legally and that begins with taking advantage of tax laws but adhering to them through Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc."

Gene Wagner, Pennsylvania - 8/00

"… After reviewing several similar companies NCP, Inc. was by far the most organized and professional and the materials are by far the best we have seen."

Rodney Jansen, California - 7/00

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