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Protect Your U.S. Real Estate Investments
With A U.S. Entity!

The Steps and Process to Establish a U.S. LLC (Limited Liability Company)
to Take Advantage of the Enormous U.S. Real Estate Market
to Grow Your Net Worth!

  1. The Key to Protecting Your Capital & Passive Residual Income that You will Gain from Real Estate.
  2. Bonus Strategy: Protect Your Assets in Your Home Country with a U.S. LLC
  3. Which Entity is Best to Protect Your U.S. Real Estate?
  4. What is the Best U.S. Entity to Protect Your U.S. Real Estate?
  5. Do You Need More Than One U.S. LLC?
  6. Which State in the U.S. is Best to Form Your LLC(s)?
  7. What are the U.S. Tax Responsibilities When Forming a U.S. LLC?
  8. Immigration and Business VISA Strategies
  9. The Process and Steps Involved to Form a U.S. LLC to Hold Real Estate

A Message from the CEO

Since 1997 Nevada Corporate Planners (NCP) has helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and internationally Incorporate With Confidence . That means you will sleep well at night knowing that your U.S. LLC(s) is in compliance with state and federal laws. As a client you will be provided with solutions and resources for banking, taxes, financing, building business credit, immigration and others.

As you may know, 95% of businesses fail within the first five years. The odds are against you. Our goal is for your business to be part of the Top 5% that succeed in five years and beyond!

If you are based outside the United States, whether in Canada, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America…it is a must to establish a U.S. business to invest in U.S. real estate investments.

When you form an LLC vs. operating as a sole proprietorship (the simple option in the U.S.) you will separate your business and personal assets. The ideal step is to separate your “safe assets” from your “risk assets” and your capital to help you increase your passive residual income.

A “safe asset,” like an investment in stocks, does not cause any direct liability to the entity that holds those assets. Successful investors always protect their “safe assets” like stock investments.

If you put your “safe assets” into a “risk asset” entity that holds real estate, you will unnecessarily subject your “safe assets” to risk. This would happen if your “risk asset” entity was sued by a tenant, builder or anyone involved in the real estate transaction. That is whysuccessful investors NEVER want to jeopardize “safe assets” by putting them in the same entity as a “risk asset” like real estate.

This means ideally you would have one U.S. LLC for your “safe investments” in the U.S. and one U.S. LLC for your “risk assets” like real estate.

At some point in the future, you will want to even reduce your risk with the real estate you own in the U.S. by having separate LLCs to help protect your equity.

In addition, having a U.S. LLC puts you in a position to do more business in the U.S . , which may come into play if you have a business in your home country that you are looking to expand into the U.S. market. Many times this may become so successful that you may want a separate LLC for your U.S. branch to your business in your home country.

Here are some important additional benefits of having a U.S. business:

Develop trust in the eyes of the U.S. online consumer to take advantage of the enormous $183.9 billion* to be spent by U.S. consumers online.

• Establish instant credibility with your business and a worldwide presence with a U.S. office location (office in your home country and now an office in the United States) which helps facilitate more U.S. business opportunities.

• Gain more United States business and clients because of the comfort level of consumers doing business directly with companies in the U.S.

Potential for more internet revenue from U.S. customers because of the U.S. presence. Check your internet traffic in the U.S. compared to your home country and compare sales percentages to see if you have an opportunity to gain more market shares in the U.S.

• U.S. consumers will typically not buy as many products and services online from a foreign country without a U.S. presence because they are concerned about customer service, refunds, and liability, and many times would rather click the back arrow and go back to their search for another with similar products and services, with a U.S. company, and purchase from them. That is your opportunity!

Protect your assets in the U.S. from a devastating lawsuit in your home country! If you are sued in your home country, imagine knowing how it will feel knowing you have a good portion of your investments and assets in a U.S. LLC that is safe and protected!

Establish the gateway for Business VISAs, like the L-1 VISA, and other opportunities.

Make it easy on yourself - team up with the most efficient entity formation/business support partners in the world. Give us a call today at 1-702-367-7373 or email us with your complete contact information at: support@LaunchWithConfidence.com. You’ll be very glad you did.

Dedicated to your Success,
Scott Letourneau, CEO

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