Foreign Qualification /Registration:

Most businesses will only have nexus in their home state and only need to comply with the laws of your state. If you have nexus (a presence) in another state other than the one you have registered your legal entity, that requires your entity to foreign qualify/register in another state. Common situations are when you have an office or employee in another states.

Another example is if you are an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) seller, this creates sales tax nexus for sales tax purposes in over 30 states and in some states creates income tax nexus which requires a state tax return and foreign qualification. If your entity is investing in real estate or tax deeds, in other states that is another example where foreign qualification will come into play.

Our service will help you get into compliance with the states required and help on an annual basis with both your annual registered agent fee and your state report that is required to be filed.  – LEARN MORE


per state plus state fees:

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