Let me Provide You with a Customized Solution for Your U.S. Expansion.

From Which State and Structure are Best, U.S. Sales Tax Responsibilities, to Protecting Your Profits and Brand.

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Entity Structuring

Scott will help you structure your U.S. entity to accomplish your goals for your U.S. expansion keeping in mind your best overall tax strategy and marketplaces, including Walmart and Amazon.


Sales Tax Consulting

Scott will guide you through your current and future sales tax obligations based upon nexus guidelines to meet your brand and exit strategy goals.


Asset Protection

Scott will help you structure and protect different asset types and share advanced asset protection strategies as needed.


E-Commerce Exit

Expand to exit for a maximum multiple for your e-commerce brand. Scott has 25 years of experience working with top attorneys, CPAs, and finance background will help you gain clarity on both your compliance and profit requirements.

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Why Choose NCP?

We provide COMPLETE FORMATION for your U.S. E-Commerce Expansion that includes total support BEFORE & AFTER you expand.


imgOur Services

Sales Tax Permit Registrations

Complete 8-Step Sales Tax Permit Registration Process.

Foreign Qualification /Registration:

Register where you have nexus with our services.

U.S. Bank Account Service

Establish a U.S. bank account for a U.S. entity.

Registered Agent Service:

Every new corporation or LLC requires a registered agent.

50 State Entity Formations

Establish a complete 50 state formation with our 6-step process.

U.S. Entity Formations

Establish a complete U.S. formation, including a U.S. bank account.


imgWhy Schedule a Strategy Call?

Our goal isn’t to have you purchase some generic program or just any generalized-information product.

We serve our clients by understanding their specific situations and guiding them with the latest information available. Only THEN gives them customized support and specific advice regarding their individual needs and goals. To do anything less than that for them or you would be a disservice.


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Do you know the best structure to expand your business to the U.S. and to protect your assets?

  1. Which structure is the best and most cost-effective based upon your situation? Do you have partners, different entities involved? Do you require investors?
  2. Should you consider a partner, investor, affiliate, or other relationship?
  3. Should you form a U.S. entity from your foreign entity? What are the costs involved and benefits? When does this not make sense?
  4. How should I structure my ownership of my company? Is it necessary to have another entity as the other of my operating entity? When does that make sense, and when is that not a good idea?
  5. What marketplaces are you planning to utilize? Are you planning to sell your U.S. e-commerce business? What compliance items do you need to have in place as not to destroy your acquisition?
  1. What are your U.S. tax responsibilities as a U.S. e-commerce seller? When is filing a U.S. tax return recommended even if there is a tax treaty with your country?
  2. Since the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court Case Wayfair vs. South Dakota, what are your current U.S. sales tax responsibilities? What is your risk of audit for non-compliance? When does it make sense not to register to collect and remit sales tax?
  3. Is this the time to sell on Shopify? What are my sales tax responsibilities now, or should I stick with only
  4. What tools do I need to maximize my tax deductions and keep track of to avoid massive IRS audits?
  1. What asset groups are you looking to protect? Do you need multiple structures, or is that overkill?
  2. How to properly handle U.S. Tax Returns if you are not current with your filings and what you need to do to avoid an audit. (typically a three-year lag time).
  3. How do you set up a U.S. bank account with and without travel? When is an office lease required, utility bill? Do all partners need to be at the bank? What happens when a foreign entity owns a U.S. entity?
  4. What structure set up mistakes do I need to avoid with partners to lessen the likelihood we end up in expensive lawsuits if things don’t work out with the business?
  1. How do you protect real estate, separate from your business? How does this tie into your estate planning goals?
  2. How do you protect your real estate? What are the consequences of transferring your properties into an LLC?
  3. How do I simplify all the requirements to get my business up and running, protected, and spend most of my time on sales and profitability, not compliance?
  4. How do you avoid being overwhelmed, which is the crippling profit robber of any business? Do you know how to recognize this pattern quickly? Do you know how to get out of overwhelming immediately to focus back on profitable activities in your business?

Two Important Questions Scott will Help You Answer:

  • How to best structure your business(es) to protect your business and personal assets?
  • How to get in compliance with sales tax as an e-commerce seller?
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Complete Asset Protection & Sales Tax Blueprint Road Map & Video with Action Steps (Limited Availability)

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Gain Solutions

Scott’s goal is to understand your complicated situation and take action steps to move forward with confidence. He will tell you the best strategies to support you moving forward, which will save you a fortune in time and money and help you emerge with confidence.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Scott’s Experience

Scott has worked with top brands, including Shopify, Sears, Catching Clouds, Payoneer, Rapid Crush, SOVOS, Peisner Johnson, and numbers CPA and law firms.

“Leverage Scott’s incredible desire for the best strategies and the latest updates to your advantage.”

Financial Certainty

COVID-19 has had an enormous global financial impact, stock market uncertainty, and the cancelation or suspension of conferences and large events. Scott can help you get on track with your business plan, including the right financial steps to take.

“Scott’s financial background will help you plan out your best business options to protect your cash flow and to secure business credit.”

imgHow I can help…

If you need support with protecting other assets, investments, cash, other businesses, or how to scale back, shut some down, cut overhead with fees, I can help you navigate through those situations

You may need support with your sales tax compliance and need support with knowing when to register or not during this crisis. Our team has applied for thousands of sales tax permits since 2015

I have paid for consultations with the top tax and law firms in the U.S. to break down the factors to determine in which situations should you start with an LLC, and how it should be taxed, or another starting point. The next level is which structures require another layer for the ownership, which most don’t cover. I will cover other complexities if you live overseas and need insights on tax treaties, U.S. returns, sales tax compliance, and much more. If you have multiple partners that can be complex, it is another area I excel in explaining the best options.

Although I will not give you financial advice for your investments, I have had a series 7 license in the past and stay on top of the global markets, especially as it applies to our clients doing business. I thoroughly understand both personal and business credit and how they interplay. It is a must that your company is not financially naked, which most are in the business credit bureaus. I operated a company for 10 years that focused on companies’ best ways to obtain business credit while maintaining 100% ownership.

You are likely working with your CPA’s to take advantage of the government’s $2 trillion relief package, which you should do. We recommend you get all the financial support to conserve your cash flow, which is your business’s oxygen. We work together if you need a referral; we will make a recommendation. You will also need to consider how to build business credit and your financial strength, even if at some point in the future is another round of federal funding. For many years (2003 to 2014), we helped with business credit and funding with our company called Fast Business Credit. To help entrepreneurs obtain business credit and understand cash and vendor credit, business credit bureaus…that service is being updated to help more entrepreneurs during this crisis. If you are a foreign seller with no SSN, the rules are different, and you need to know them. Over the years, I have interviewed dozens of leading financial experts, bankers, and credit gurus about how the system works (very counter-intuitive) and how to get the best results. In the end, I can help you ask the right questions and give you the best resources to make sure you know what your best financial options.

There are many moves to make when you expand to the U.S. e-commerce market strategically. Those moves involve which platforms you are selling on, the process to get registered, your goals with your brand, which structure is best, and your U.S. tax impact on your overall structure. There is a lot of parts and pieces of information online. The real challenge is to make all the right moves that lead to your best result. That is where I will help you the most.

I am a master practitioner in NLP, neuro-linguistic programming (think of Tony Robbins), and that is most important when it comes to determining the best patterns for success. It may be how to overcome the pattern of overwhelm or the Disney pattern for creating new ideas or changing beliefs that support you to focus on the opportunity… I see opportunities worldwide, mainly because I ask quality, better questions regarding beliefs that help drive me.

imgOur Strategy Session Packages







Complete Asset Protection & Sales Tax Blueprint Road Map & Video with Action Steps

$2500.00 (Limited Availability)


Key Strategy Questions to Ask Scott

  1. Which strategy is best based upon the U.S. platforms, I am selling and my goals for profits and potentially an exit?
  2. If I decide to sell from my foreign entity, which services do I need to have in place before or after I set up my or other U.S. accounts. 
  3. What are my U.S. tax responsibilities even if there is a U.S. tax treaty with my country?
  4. What U.S. sales tax concerns should I have if I exit when I am selling only on a marketplace facilitator state?
  5. Which states should I register for sales tax? What are my consequences based upon my situation if I register with a current start date vs. past start date to maximize my profits?
  6. What will be my estimated total costs for compliance in my first year of business? 
  1. What are your best options if your credit score is below 650 (should you consider these options)?
  2. How does business credit help your business now (how long does it take)?
  3. What should you do with sales tax compliance at this time (what states are most aggressive)?
  4. If you are outside the U.S., is this a good or bad time to consider forming a U.S. entity? If so, what is the minimum you need to be up and running?
  5.  What are the best tax professionals at the best price for my situation?
  1. How to properly make the calls to defer business and personal credit card payments, other payments to preserve cash flow.
  2. What assets will you wish you had protected 6-12 months from now (before it too late)?
  3. Which entity type is best to protect safe assets or risk assets (not all LLCs work)?
  4. Do you need a Nevada Asset Protection Trust (or is this overkill)?
  5. What are the options for transferring assets (not a step to skip)?
  1.    What is the best way to protect real estate (this gets complex)?
  2.     How do you help my parents or elderly with estate planning now (they are most susceptible to the coronavirus and must be protected financially)?
  3. What automation tools do I recommend that will save you time and money with my business (we tested a bunch, and it is how you use them that is most important)?
  4. When does a trust come into play with the entities (living, land, asset protection)?
  5. When should you consider closing down my business (what mistakes do you need to avoid in this process)?
  1. How do you get from overwhelm to productivity quickly to help your business prosper?
  2. What questions do you need to be asking differently to see more opportunities (likely out of your awareness)?
  3. If you are outside the U.S., is this a good or bad time to consider forming a U.S. entity? If so, what is the minimum you need to be up and running?
  4. What are your short- and long-term options as an e-commerce seller (will bundling save your business)?
  5.  Plus, other strategy questions where you may need support to move forward.

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Scott Letourneau

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