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Why Strategize with Scott:
Scott Letourneau is known as the entity structure and sales tax expert. Over the last 25 years, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch their U.S. business with confidence. He has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars with top attorney, SALT (sales and local tax), CPA and other experts over the years. He is able to summarize the big picture for your strategy with the steps that make sense and lead you to the action steps moving forward. If you don’t have the right professionals on your team, he is able to direct you to the best based on your needs. Scott’s background is in business financing and producing results! He has been on many speaking stages around the world and sharing his strategies and insights on webinars with multiple e-commerce and entrepreneurial groups.

Strategy Areas Covered:
Scott will cover everything including which type of U.S. structure is best, which state is best, how many structures, U.S. banking options, which type of assets will be protected, which Amazon FBA states do you need permits, the sales tax permit process, behind on sales tax strategies, U.S. taxes, what you should be asking your CPA or attorney (if you don’t have the best resource, he will refer you to the best).

Here is an example of bullets that will be covered with an Amazon FBA Seller:

  • U.S. Tax Responsibilities Based On Selling on FBA or other E-commerce platforms.
  • How to properly handle U.S. Tax Returns if you are not current with your filings and what you need to do to avoid an audit. (typically a three-year lag time).
  • Find out what is required if your country has a tax treaty with the U.S.- Note*: You are still subject to tax laws, even if your home country has an existing tax treaty with the U.S. (one client received an IRS tax penalty of $292K due to filing an incorrect U.S. tax return).
  • Learn what your sales tax responsibilities are as a foreign seller and the misconceptions that have cost Amazon sellers a fortune (has nothing to do with pending federal sales tax legislation). Are you behind on sales tax? Find out what issues to avoid to prevent penalties that can exceed 100% of your tax liability.
  • Have you been advised to skip U.S. sales tax altogether? Discover why the states are onto you and why a sales tax audit is the most crippling of any U.S. audit.
  • Learn the steps needed to get back on track while selling in the U.S. Find out if your best option is through a foreign entity or perhaps a U.S. entity.
  • How do you remit U.S. sales tax without a U.S. bank account and what will that cost you? Discover the cost of compliance for a real U.S. brand as an Amazon seller and what you need to consider with our cash flow.

Imagine having clarity after 30-45 minutes on these issues so you have a plan for your business moving forward. Scott has done all the research needed to simplify this entire process.

Who has Worked with Scott? Clients, Partners and Joint Ventures:
Scott has worked with such top entrepreneurs such as Jay Abraham, the late Chet Holmes, Spike Humer, Nik Halik, Sandy Botkin, Todd Falcone, many top Amazon FBA sellers, many groups including Rapid Crush,,, World Internet Summit, the Tax Lien Association, as well as many other direct sales and Online groups.

Clarity is Confidence:
Scott’s goal is to be able to digest your complex situation and give you action steps to move forward with confidence and connect you with the best team to support you moving forward, which will save you a fortune in time and money (and help you avoid costly mistakes).

Your Investment Options:






Complete Asset Protection & Sales Tax Blueprint Road Map & Video with Action Steps.

$2500.00 (Limited Availability)

  • Two 45-minute strategy calls and email summary (one before and after your Blueprint Road Map is created
  • Asset Protection & Sales Tax Blueprint Road Map in a power-point with video
  • You will have a diagram of your plan and actions steps to implement


  • Make investment with payment link above and schedule your appointment on Scott’s calendar.
  • Scott will approve your calendar invite and scheduled time.
  • Email a summary of your questions to subject “Strategy Session Questions for Scott” 1-2 days before your scheduled call.
  • Experience your strategy session and get clarity on how to move forward!

*After submitting your payment on the thank you page, you will be able to schedule your appointment. All times are 30 minutes and with the 45-minute package another 15 minutes will be added.


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