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Scott Letourneau SpeakingWhy Book a Strategy Session with Scott:

Scott Letourneau is known as the entity structure and sales tax expert. Over the last 25 years, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch their U.S. business with confidence. Scott has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars with top attorneys, SALT (sales and local tax), CPA, and other experts over the years. He can summarize the big picture for your strategy with the steps that make sense and lead you to the action steps moving forward. If you don’t have the right professionals on your team, he can direct you to the best based on your needs. Scott’s background is in business financing and producing results! He has been on many speaking stages around the world and sharing his strategies and insights on webinars with multiple e-commerce and entrepreneurial groups. Learn more about Scott’s expertise at his LinkedIn Profile.


Strategy Areas Covered:

Scott will cover critical strategies including which type of U.S. structure is best, which state is best, how many structures, funding option for your business, U.S. banking options, which type of assets will be protected, new nexus state laws and which states you need permits (or to close them out), behind on sales tax strategies, and U.S. taxes. Scott will help you formulate the questions that you should be asking your CPA or attorney (if you don’t have the best resource, he will refer you to the best).

Do you know the best answers to these questions to structure your business and protect your assets properly?
  • Which structure is the best and most cost-effective based upon your situation? Do you have partners, different entities involved? Do you require investors?
  • What asset groups are you looking to protect? Do you need multiple structures, or is that overkill?
  • How do you protect real estate, separate from your business, how does this tie into your estate planning goals?
  • Should you consider a partner, investor, affiliate, or other relationship?
  • Should you form a U.S. entity from your foreign entity? What are the costs involved and benefits? When does this not make sense?
  • What are your U.S. tax responsibilities as a U.S. e-commerce seller? When if filing a U.S. tax return recommended even if there is a tax treaty with your country?
  • What are your current U.S. sales tax responsibilities since the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court Case Wayfair vs. South Dakota? What is your risk of audit for non-compliance? When does it make sense not to register to collect and remit sales tax?
  • How to properly handle U.S. Tax Returns if you are not current with your filings and what you need to do to avoid an audit. (typically a three-year lag time).
  • How do you protect your real estate? What are the consequences of transferring your properties into an LLC?
  • How do you set up a U.S. bank account with and without travel? When is an office lease required, utility bill? Do all partners need to be at the bank? What happens when a foreign entity owns a U.S. entity?
  • Is this the time to sell on Shopify? What are my sales tax responsibilities now, or should I stick with only
  • How should I structure my ownership of my company? Is it necessary to have another entity as the other of my operating entity? When does that make sense, and when is that not a good idea?
  • What structure set up mistakes do I need to avoid with partners to lessen the likely hood we end up in expensive lawsuits if things don’t work out with the business?
  • How do I protect my I.P.? Do I need to trademark my name? What mistakes do most make that I don’t know about?
  • What tools do I need to maximize my tax deductions, and keep on track to avoid massive IRS audits?
  • How do I simplify all the requirements to get my business up and running, protected, and spend most of my time on sales and profitability, not compliance?
  • How do you avoid being overwhelmed, which is the crippling profit robber of any business? Do you know how to recognize this pattern quickly? Do you know how to get out of overwhelming immediately to focus back on profitable activities in your business?

Imagine having clarity after 30-45 minutes on these issues, so you have a plan for your business moving forward. Scott has done all the research needed to simplify this entire process.

Who has Worked with Scott? Clients, Partners, and Joint Ventures:

Scott has worked with such top brands such as Shopify, Sears, Avask Accountants, and business consultants, Catching Clouds, Taxify, SOVOS, and numerous CPA and law firms. Scott has also worked with top entrepreneurs, including Jay Abraham, the late Chet Holmes, Spike Humer, Nik Halik, Sandy Botkin CPA/Tax attorney, Todd Falcone, and many more successful global e-commerce sellers.

Scott has invested several hundred thousand dollars plus over the years attending seminars (and consultations) with top tax and legal professionals, growth, and financial experts, looking for the best strategies to help his clients.

Clarity is Confidence:

Scott’s goal is to be able to digest your complex situation and give you action steps to move forward with confidence. You with the best strategy to support you moving forward, which will save you a fortune in time and money (and help you avoid costly mistakes).

Imagine emerging with confidence within only 30-45 minutes with a blueprint for your business and knowing how you and your family are properly protected.

Imagine also having clarity to focus on profitable actionable items to grow your profits, knowing your foundation is solid and in place.

Take the next step below and invest in your clarity and confidence to protect and grow your legacy.

Your Investment Options. Use our Promo Code “CoronaFinancial” on the checkout page and save 25%. Expires April 30, 2020.

[Coronavirus Financial Impact]

The coronavirus has had an enormous financial impact globally, with the uncertainty, in the stock market, and the cancelation or suspension of conferences, large events, sports leagues, and will continue to have a negative impact for months to come. I can help you get on track with a plan for your business, including the right financial steps to take.

The goal is to prepare your business and family to be ahead of the curve, to not only survive short-term, and prosper as the market rebounds (eventually).

The impact on the market and businesses are very similar to the market crash of 2008 (although the cause is very different). This reminds me of a famous quote that says…

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana-1905).

In a 1948 speech to the House of Commons, Winston Churchill changed the quote slightly, when he said (paraphrased), “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

There are two important sides to this financial situation:


  1. How to prepare your business and family financially. How can you develop extra cash lines of credit and business credit? What assets need an extra layer of protection? More than likely, lawsuits will be on the backend of all of this, in about 6-12 months from now, in the form of blame.
  2. What [hidden] opportunities are in the market for your business? As you know, businesses and people make money when the markets go up and down. The key is the skill of anticipation and asking better questions to help you find the best opportunities.
How I can help…


Here are several key reasons why I can help you navigate through these challenging times:

  • (Cash) Funding and Business Credit Strategies. You are likely working with your CPA’s to take advantage of the government’s $2 trillion relief package which you should do.  We recommend you get all the financial support to conserve your cash flow, which is the oxygen for your business. We work together if you need a referral; we will make a recommendation.You will also need to consider how to build business credit and your financial strength, even if at some point in the future is another round of federal funding, We helped with business credit and funding, for many years (2003 to 2014), with our company called Fast Business Credit. To help entrepreneurs obtain business credit and understand cash and vendor credit, business credit bureaus…that service is being updated, so we can help more entrepreneurs during this crisis. If you are a foreign seller with no SSN, the rules are different, and you need to know them. Over the years, I have interviewed dozens of leading financial experts, bankers, and credit gurus about how the system works (very counter-intuitive) and how to get the best results. In the end, I can help you ask the right questions and give you the best resources to make sure you know what your best financial options may be.
  • Financial Strategy Blueprint Training. After 2008, I conducted several interviews with financial credit guruTodd Rooker, about how banks work, the credit bureaus, lenders, and what you must do differently to put yourself in the best position to secure cash for your business and family. See my cash strategy bonuses with my call options as to what you will receive. These strategic insights back in 2008 still apply today.We recently conducted an interview (March 26) with Todd at the end of March, and you will receive access to that special COVID-19 financial survival strategy session also.
  • Automation and Working Remote Shortcuts. In our own business, we had larger offices, multiple employees, and have gone through the phases of automation, our team working remotely (which will become more common now) and streamlining operations for more efficiencies. If you need that type of support, I can help you avoid a lot of costly mistakes (we made several).
  • Bullet-Proof Asset Protection. If you need support with protecting other assets, investments, cash, other businesses, or how to scale back, shut some down, cut overhead with fees, I can help you navigate through those situations.
  • Minimize Sales Tax Costs. You may need support with your sales tax compliance and need support with knowing when to register or not during this crisis. Our team has applied for thousands of sales tax permits since 2015.
  • Financial Business Strategies. Although I will not give you financial advice, I have had a series 7 license in the past and stay on top of the global markets, especially as it applies to our clients doing business.
  • Learn the Patterns for Confidence, Overwhelm, Innovation...I am a master practitioner in NLP, neuro-linguistic programming (think of Tony Robbins), and that is most important when it comes to determining the best patterns for success. It may be how to overcome overwhelm, the Disney pattern for creating new ideas or changing beliefs that support you to focus on the opportunity… I see opportunities all over the place, mainly because I ask quality better questions regarding beliefs that help drive me.

Here are the key financial and asset protection questions that you should be asking during our strategy session:

  • What are your best bank financing options for your business (find out if you qualify BEFORE you apply)?
  • Which government COVID-19 financial relief plans should you consider?
  • How to properly make the calls to defer business and personal credit card payments, other payments to preserve cash flow.
  • What are your best options if your credit score is below 650 (should you consider these options)?
  • When should you not consider a merchant account or cash advance (the easiest money to get)?
  • How does business credit help your business now (how long does it take)?
  • What assets will you wish you had protected 6-12 months from now (before it too late)?
  • Which entity type is best to protect safe assets or risk assets (not all LLCs work)?
  • Do you need a Nevada Asset Protection Trust (or is this overkill)?
  • When should you consolidate entities or businesses (save on state fees and returns)?
  • What automation tools do I recommend that will save you time and money with my business (we tested a bunch, and it is how you use them that is most important)?
  • How do you help my parents or elderly with estate planning now (they are most susceptible to the coronavirus and must be protected financially)?
  • How do you get from overwhelm to productivity quickly to help your business prosper?
  • What questions do you need to be asking differently to see more opportunities (likely out of your awareness)?
  • What are your short- and long-term options as an e-commerce seller (will bundling save your business)?
  • What should you do with sales tax compliance at this time (what states are most aggressive)?
  • When should you consider closing down my business (what mistakes do you need to avoid in this process)?
  • If you are outside the U.S., is this a good or bad time to consider forming a U.S. entity? If so, what is the minimum you need to be up and running?
  • Which state is best for protection (if needed in your situation)?
  • What is the best way to protect real estate (this gets complex)?
  • When does a trust come into play with the entities (living, land, asset protection)?
  • What are the options for transferring assets (not a step to skip)?
  • What are my options if I am behind in sales tax as an e-commerce seller (do you take more of a risk in the current economic environment)?
  • What are the best tax professionals at the best price for my situation?
  • What are the best ways to lower my taxes?
  • What are my best options if I move to another state or country?
  • Plus, other strategy questions where you may need support to move forward.

Imagine having clarity after 45 minutes on these issues, so you have a plan for your business moving forward? We have done all the research with many tax attorneys to simplify this entire process.






Complete Asset Protection & Sales Tax Blueprint Road Map & Video with Action Steps.

$2500.00 (Limited Availability)

  • Two 45-minute strategy calls and email summary (one before and after your Blueprint Road Map is created)
  • Asset Protection & Sales Tax Blueprint Road Map in a power-point with video
  • You will have a diagram of your plan and actions steps to implement


  • Make an investment with the payment link above and schedule your appointment on Scott’s calendar.
  • Scott will approve your calendar invite and scheduled time.
  • Email a summary of your questions to subject “Strategy Session Questions for Scott” 1-2 days before your scheduled call.
  • Experience your strategy session and get clarity on how to move forward!

*After submitting your payment on the thank you page, you will be able to schedule your appointment. All times are 30 minutes, and with the 45-minute package, another 15 minutes will be added.


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