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Testimonials 2008

"If you are looking for a company to not only help you incorporate, but also to help you long term with your business, then NCP is the company to choose."

Samuel Clark
Maine - 1/09


"The website is very useful and clear in completing the record book, which is important in maintaining the "veil" between the company and the individual for asset protection and income tax purposes."

Richard Tom
New York - 12/08


"Scott Letourneau made the decision to choose NCP to form my LLC an easy one. Do I choose an "S" corp, an LLC, or sole proprietorship? Scott explained the pros and cons of each, relative to my exact type of business. The follow up phone calls and reminder emails from NCP have made the process go very smooth. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend NCP to any business owner who wants it done right the first time."

Chris Farley
California - 12/08


"NCP has made the process of establishing an LLC extremely painless and very simple with step-by-step directions."

Joe Bolton
Ohio - 12/08


"FAST, CLEAN, AND SIMPLE! No pain all gain. The experience is worth every dollar if you want to get it done without stressing. Trust Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc to set you up."

Robert Williams
California - 12/08


"I never realized how much was involved to incorporate. The NCP reps helped me every step of the way to make sure papers were filed correctly and in time."

Nancy L. Sipe


"They have been very accommodating and extremely knowledgable. They are not afraid to share their knowledge with you - They don't withhold the best for consulting fees. I would enthusiastically recommend them to others."

Jack Prock
Maryland - 11/08

"NCP was very professional and provided the guidance I needed in forming the proper corporate entity for my new business. All the information provided was presented in a clear and lucid manner, which ultimately led to an effortless process. NCP's customer service and professionalism has been one of my best experiences, especially with their level of support."

Jensen Sostre
Florida - 11/08

"The experience and the positives of NCP show how they handle all the processes, which was excellent. Also, they really know what they're doing all along the process. I've been incorporated in the past and nobody ever took the time to explain how to go along the process. I will recommend NCP to all my friends and business partners in the future. Thank you."

Linda Brown
North Carolina - 11/08


"NCP made everything easy and quick. I have no hesitation in recommending their service to anyone who is thinking of Incorporating in Nevada!"

Paul Handforth
England - 11/08

"I had been considering an entity to protect my trading accounts for some time. The online webinar conducted by Scott along with the Q&A session, prompted me to make the decision to form the LLC. NCP made the process easy for me, all in a step-by-step fashion. Denise Mickelson guided me through the process. Vicki Cluck was extremely helpful in walking me through the corporate book. Everyone was cordial, knowledgeable and helpful."

Stephen O'Conner
New Jersey - 10/08


"I had never considered forming an LLC and did not know where to begin. I contacted NCP and talked to an agent. He took the time to explain everything and help me decide what type of entity would be best for my business. Without his help and knowledge, I probably would have picked the wrong one."

Gary Jacobs
Arkansas - 10/08


"I have used different services & law firms to assist in setting up new LLC's and corporations in the past. Nobody has been as detailed and thorough as NCP. Your knowledge and professionalism is truly appreciated!"

Bradley Rice
California - 9/08


"It is stressful trying to figure out how to start a business and cover all your assets at the same time. NCP took all that stress away because they have the knowledge and experience to show the best way to set up businesses in all kinds of unique situations. The step-by-step simple 'instructions' were greatly appreciated! "

Jennifer Vinson
Texas - 8/08


"I thought the process of forming my business into a corporation was going to be complicated and confusing. However, NCP made forming my business into an LLC - S Corp very easy. They were kind, professional and always available to help me every time I called to ask a question. They took care of everything and when I had to complete and sign papers, they gave me help with completing it!"

Jollean Carre
Oregon - 7/08


"Exceptional information, professionalism, thoroughness of the process and outstanding customer service. Highly recommended and I will do business with them for years to come. A++++!"

Hany Demitri
California - 7/08


"NCP has been very efficient and have been perfectly on schedule. Great people - Great Service!"

David Crain, PHD
Indiana - 6/08


"Step-by-step walk-through of process with unlimited questions to ask."

Shelley Sutton
California - 6/08


"I'm just getting started, but everyone has been very prompt and professional."

Chris Broussard
Wisconsin - 6/08


"Everything about working with Nevada Corporate Planners was easy. Every contact I had with the organization was professional and they kept their commitments when they said they would do something. I would recommend NCP to anyone needing a professional organization to assist them with their estate taxation."

Jeff McVey
Illinois - 6/08


"I was treated with respect by a caring and helpful staff."

Harry Gilby
Minnesota - 5/08


"The assistance of NCP staff was completely professional and up front with all information. The service, follow-up and presentation was reassuring during my first incorporation. All your assistance is greatly appreciated!"

Darwin Knutson
North Dakota - 5/08


"NCP is the most knowledgeable and high quality company I could find and it is a BIG relief knowing you have a team of experts keeping you on track and doing all the heavy lifting for you. You can rest assured that your business will have the best possible chance for success with the help of NCP."

Adam Pogioli
Oregon - 5/08


"The process was VERY easy and the staff were very helpful. Having set up an LLC is giving me a certain peace of mind."

Jennie DeMatte
Ohio - 5/08


"I have found NCP to be very service oriented. Their knowledge, professionalism & efficiency let me set up an LLC quickly and without concerns or pressure! Outsourcing to NCP has given me a real business boost."

Anne Sharpe
Michigan - 5/08


"NCP has made it easy for me to follow the step by step approach to establishing my business entity. The staff has been great by furnishing me with friendly phone reminders indicating what is due next."

Susan Lex
Wisconsin - 04/08


"I have often thought about problems that could arise from doing business as a sole proprietor but I had NO clue how to go about incorporating. NCP made it very easy by doing everything for me."

Cheryl Gundelach
Illinois - 04/08


"NCP is responsive, professional & has great customer service! Thank you!"

Dana Goetz
California - 4/08


"NCP has taken care of detail registration which I would not have done well. NCP staff are friendly and knowledgeable!"

Nancy Bosibori
California - 4/08


"I liked the way things were explained. NCP has been extremely helpful with a subject I don't like to think about! They've made it a simple step-by-step program. I would recommend them to anyone."

Robyn Staebler
Michigan - 3/08


"NCP has helped me tremendously because it is one stop shopping. They are courteous & completely knowledgeable on all business topics. They took all of my anxiety away from all the other companies that said they had all of the answers. NCP has perfected the system that all others should be required to follow."

Michael Klion
Nevada - 3/08


"This is my first REAL business and I'm confident that I have TOP NOTCH professionals supporting me. Thanks!"

Brandon Eidson
Louisiana - 3/08


"Very impressed on how prompt and professional everyone who is involved with NCP is. Also helpful and eager to answer any questions that I had"

Patti Barby
Nevada - 2/08


"I have been very happy with the quick responses the friendly people I have talked with, and the promptness of getting started in business. I'd probably still be scratching my head and saying to myself "What do I need to do next?" without NCP."

Mary Hovenkamp
Michigan - 2/08


"You have done a great job so far! Looking forward to continuing to work with your company in the future."

Rose Danho
Nevada - 2/08


"I would like to Thank you all to the individuals for extending such a kind level of service. This is the single most important deciding factor for me with consideration to business transactions."

Rosannah Eaglehead
New York - 1/08


"You have helped me protect my assets through the formation of a Nevada based LLC. You have helped me to begin organizing my tax records with Quickbooks© software."

Verna D'Alto
New York - 1/08


"I didn't know how much help and info you actually did until I received all this in the mail and learned more about how crucial it is to be incorporated."

Dana Turgeon
Minnesota - 1/08


"With little effort, I was incorporated within a week or so."

Paul Rowe
California - 1/08


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