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Testimonials 2009

"Clear instructions, reliable turnaround, helpful support or, in short, totally professional."

Peter Rae
England - 12/09

"The representative that assisted us was very professional and attentive to our needs. This was a 100% more positive experience than the one we had with NCA. That experience was a nightmare."

Keith Gilmore
Maryland - 12/09

"Of all of the areas of starting a new business, the legal aspects of incorporating and reporting are the most foreign and frightening. You and your staff make it so easy, straight-forward, and painless. All of the trainings and additional resources have been a surprise and a great benefit. Thank you!"

Linda Compton
New Mexico - 12/09

"As a person living outside of the U.S., NCP has been great at letting me know the various details of setting up a corporation in the U.S.A. The system that NCP has in place is very professional and I highly value the people at NCP that I have been interacting with."

Neville Lang
Australia - 10/09

"Leanna guided me through the process and I felt secure about my decisions and more knowledgeable along each step of the way. I needed NCP's educational information in order to start a successful business."

Christopher Jenks
California - 10/09

"NCP Employees are very helpful & knowledgeable. Thanks for the easy process in a world that sometimes gets too complicated."

Patricia Franklin
Mississippi - 6/09

"Leanna was both very knowledgable and very fast at setting up my LLC. Bravo!!"

Ted & Gloria Block
California - 6/09

"By going the extra mile and following through to help my business stay in the Top 5%, I will gladly recommend you to my colleagues and friends."

Philip Blackett
New Jersey - 6/09

"Using NCP's knowledge and expertise gives me peace of mind. Knowing that my business is set up properly is important to me."

Denise Rowe
Texas - 5/09

"NCP has been absolutely professional and dedicated to my success. Earl helped me with decisions and paperwork that I had been struggling with for months! Earl and his team made it quick and easy. Thank you! Tony helped me with my paperwork & gave me good advice. Thanks!"

Joe Berlejung
California - 5/09

"Very good company to work with. I would recommend them highly for anyone looking to incorporate their business. AAA+++ Rating! Great Job!"

John Verkitus
Pennsylvania - 5/09

"I wasn't aware of the risk I was putting my business and personal affairs in until I learned of it though NCP. As I conversed with their representative and had my questions and concerns answered, I knew I needed to take action. The advice and excellent service NCP has provided is greatly appreciated and provides me with greater peace of mind."

Victoria Ninneman
Wisconsin - 5/09

"Great service. I looked into cheaper companies that I could use to form a LLC on-line. But, I am very happy that I chose NCP. I am confident in the fact that my paperwork is in order and I will be protected. The provided materials are superb. Thank you."

Jessica Frey
California - 5/09

"I have had an amazing experience with NCP. The process was made easy, everything was explained & when it all arrived what I needed to do was well documented. The customer service is second to none - they are very helpful. I look forward to working with them again."

Jason Hofstetter
Colorado - 5/09

"NCP has made incorporation ever easy. Everyone has been helpful with any questions. I have found this company to be very open and honest."

Mark Zimmerman
California - 5/09

"NCP has provided a wealth of educational information when setting up my corporation. Their commitment to keep businesses alive and well is comforting. To know their support will be there in the years to come confirms I've made a sound investment."

Abner Figuereo
California - 5/09

"I would best describe the service provided by NCP as "Turn Key". Just follow the guidance & respond to reminders and you can't go wrong."

Janet Jones
Washington - 5/09

"NCP was very professional and thanks to the kind of responsive staff, I was able to incorporate my business quickly and hassle free."

Joey Fratantoni
Pennsylvania - 5/09

"Very helpful and easy to deal with. This is something I wanted to do for the last 13 years. Thanks for all your help!"

Joseph Bolton
Ohio - 4/09

"Having never done this before, I was frightened. My husband always handled business but passed away in December. I felt overwhelmed. Tony explained each page and the teleconference went well, leaving me confident."

Roberta Bonfiglio
Florida - 4/09

"I had a few questions about filling out my paperwork prior to my phone conference, so I watched and listened to the info on the website that answered all of them. The phone conference went very well & was very informative & Tony was very knowledgeable & friendly as well as professional. Leann has also been great with info & follow ups! Thanks!"

Nick Sanchez
Colorado - 4/09

"I knew nothing of how to set up my business, let alone run it. NCP took out the guesswork and showed me step by step exactly what I needed to do. They have also given me lots of invaluable information on the best strategies for my business toward greater wealth."

David Jackson
California - 4/09

"NCP service has been very convenient. I feel confident that my business entity is set up correctly."

Julie Horton
Maine - 4/09

"NCP is highly experienced and professional. Their knowledge of the intricacies of setting up a proper corporate entity is second to none. And the NCP staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable. A great experience! "

Bradford Roseborough
California - 4/09


"NCP has done a wonderful job of explaining the benefits of incorporating. Their knowledge and professional staff have been great to work with. I now have the peace of mind knowing that my assets are safe. "

Candice Beck
Virginia - 4/09


"NCP streamlines and made the process easy and painless."

John Eck
Kentucky - 4/09


"NCP has taken the mystery out of how to get set up correctly with the right entity & then goes far beyond what the average business does to help you succeed."

Alex Hildebrandt
New York - 4/09


"I could have not asked for a better service. Excellent. Very knowledgeable, fast and to the point. Professional!! Thank you so much!"

Ronald Meijerink
Florida - 4/09


"NCP made setting up my LLC very convenient and simple."

Stephanie Vierstra
Ohio - 4/09

"NCP made it so that we had all of our documents together in one place and did all the organizational work for us, which is key because this is not our area of specialization and we wanted it done right!"

Veronica Boggs
Maryland - 3/09

"Quickly established 7 businesses for me and offered good advice regarding the cost/benefit balance between liability management strategies, corporate administration requirements, tax management strategies, and corporate credit building strategies."

Jeanette M. Mannond
Illinois - 3/09


"This is the second entity we have established, thus providing a basis of comparison between NCP & other choices. NCP clearly exceeded expectations in numerous ways beginning with responsiveness, followed by documentation & concluding with follow ups."

Theresa Langley
Texas - 3/09



Julie Nitti
California - 3/09


"This process was smooth, organized & easy to understand. I felt 100% comfortable the entire step of the way"

Heather Apple
Texas - 3/09


"NCP has helped me in protecting my assets and I feel good because when I go out there, I'll be covered, and I will refer you to everybody that would be interested.

Pedro Pagan
New Jersey - 2/09


"Appreciated the one stop shopping and end-to-end process which made it easy to step through all the necessary steps in an orderly fashion - very important for first-time incorporations!"

Norman Milford
Maryland - 2/09


"NCP has helped me understand the importance of asset protection & being the CEO of a Corp is much more powerful than an individual entity. Thanks Guys!"

Randy Witherspoon
Texas - 2/09

"I was so impressed with the thoroughness of the company in assisting me in getting my corporation going. They covered all the bases, walking me through every step. They are a pleasure with whom to work.

Linda Jones
Arizona - 1/09


"NCP staff was warm and friendly and presented the information in a very clean manner. After the process was over, I felt satisfied and felt confident about the business being protected. NCP truly makes the process turn key!"

Robbie Bishop
California - 1/09


"Enjoyed working with Earl Sanders and Vickie of your organization"

Sam Roy
Minnesota - 1/09


"Service was quick and painless! The record book looks very professional."

Seth Char
Hawaii - 1/09


"Working with NCP to set up our LLC has been an extremely rewarding and educational experience. Scott Letourneau and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and made the entire process much easier."

Lynne Erickson
Massachusetts - 1/09


"Thanks to NCP, setting up my business entity was very simple. Everyone was very patient, kind and helpful throughout the entire process. Any time I had a question or needed further assistance, someone was always able to promptly assist. Also, I received a lot of free information from articles to ebooks, etc that has been very beneficial. thank you for all your assistance throughout the process. I will be recommending to all and anyone who is looking to start their own business or help with tax information."

Misty Ward
Virginia - 1/09


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