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Testimonials 2010

"If you are shopping for the right company to help you incorporate, or help you with the decision of what entity is right for your business, you owe it to yourself to contact Nevada Corporate Planners. You will receive valuable information and professional, top notch service."

Marc Vasquez
California - 12/10

"I hadn't a clue about what to do. The staff at NCP are professional. They don't talk down to you but they do explain what you need to do, answering every question kindly and completely. AND THEY ARE PATIENT!"

Jo-Whipp Prickett
California - 12/10

"When I started up my own business I realized I needed to protect my personal assets, but I really didn't know where to begin. NCP provided me all the answers in a turnkey style solution. They have been personable and friendly to work with. They are providing me with additional solutions that I didn't even realize I needed."

Steven Truckenbrod
Illinois - 12/10

"NCP has made the whole process of incorporating and getting off to quick business start extremely easy. The information Scott gives away is very informative and relevant to ensure that new entrepreneurs succeed. You can tell Scott has a heart for helping others. Much appreciated."

Keith Barbieri
North Carolina - 12/10

"I need to keep my personal and business life separate. NCP has helped me to get organized, stay organized and keep the IRS off my back!"

Corey New
New Mexico - 12/10

"NCP is professional and its staff is very personable. Easy to work with. Leanna has a heart of gold. I recommend this company for any business looking to take itself to the next level."

Michael Yerzy
Washington - 11/10

"NCP was so helpful and answered any and all questions I had. They are reasonably priced and provide all I needed to set up my LLC."

Michael Mizell
Texas - 11/10

"The process to start my new business was very easy. NCP's staff was knowledgeable and answered all questions and concerns."

Liana Arevalo
Florida - 11/10

"I knew I needed to form an LLC and a Nevada Corporation to protect myself. From the first time I spoke with my personal representative that was assigned to me at NCP, I knew that I could trust them. There was no way that I was going to be able to find the right people and/or lawyers to do all of the preparation and paperwork by myself. NCP had it all in a nutshell and tremendously simplified the process. Every question I asked of the NCP representative had a clear concise answer. I knew I was forming a solid business relationship as opposed to just handing over money to someone on the internet in hopes of a positive outcome. I received friendly phone calls as reminders, packages on time and my personal representative held my hand to go through and fill out the important final documents - another task that would have been put off without their prompting. Every time I called NCP, I spoke with a human who made sure that I was directed to the right person to answer my question. NCP is one of the most organized and professional companies that I have ever worked with. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to setup any type of business entity. NCP provides a specific element of trust and communication that is difficult to find over the internet."

Barb Daignault
North Carolina - 11/10

"With a dizzying array of choices to assist me in incorporating my business, NCP stood out as the one who would be the most knowledgeable and supportive. Being on the other side, I have to testify that they didn't disappoint! I was a little nervous about working with one of their 'business associates' instead of Scott, but I can't speak highly enough about the guidance, advice and support I received. Thank you!"

Christopher Gebo
California - 10/10

"You guys are great. Your help was beyond my expectations. Thank you so much."

Yahya Alnaami
Saudi Arabia - 9/10

"Trusting Leanna Jenkins at NCP was a great decision. I knew I was dealing with experience. Starting my business was hard. She made it easier to have my business incorporated."

Vilayphone Phantirath
North Carolina - 9/10

"Most people don't do what they don't know. Most of us entrepreneurs don't know this stuff. Having NCP on your side is like having them as a member of the team. You know everything is being done properly from the beginning."

Dave Greenlee
Florida - 7/10

"Tony did a great and quick job setting up my LLC for Nevada, Florida and New York State. He talked us thru every aspect and explained things thoroughly."

Robert Allen
Florida - 7/10

"I have used NCP for several clients and for my own business. They are simply the best at what they do. Professional, reliable and friendly. I trust NCP with all my business and referrals."

Ronald Fichera
Pennsylvania - 4/10

"I am impressed with the presentation Scott gave at the M2 Wealth Conference. The book binder NCP sent me was very professionally prepared. I love the seal stamp. Just need to figure when to use it."

Michael Okot
Texas - 4/10

"Leanna was extremely helpful and made the process of incorporating my business easy and much less confusing than trying to do the work on my own."

Paula Robertson
Nevada - 4/10

"I'm brand new to the business and appreciate having somebody to show me step by step how to start; it's very overwhelming with all the information I'm getting. NCP set everything up for me and I have to take time to educate myself from all materials provided to me."

Malgorzata Nowaczyk
New York - 4/10

"Nevada Corporate Planners helped me choose the right entity and register it in the right state. They were very helpful and very knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend them to all entrepreneurs!"

Victoria Filev
Massachusetts - 4/10

"Thank you NCP for helping me create a legitimate business entity for my home business. I feel more secure in the face of any potential litigation as well as more educated about being self-employed."

Greg Urick
North Carolina - 4/10

"Leanna Jenkins is a super lady and made what would normally be difficult procedure a very trouble free experience. She really couldn't have been more courteous and helpful. Well done and thank you!"

Tony Macken
Ireland - 3/10

"Outstanding response in terms of completeness and timing."

Bob McGinley
Pennsylvania - 3/10

"Very helpful in all respects and prompt in fulfilling our requests."

Scott Cernosek
California - 3/10

"Provided a complete service and supplied everything. Made the process easy."

Saskia Clark
Australia - 3/10

"Even though I had the resources to set up the company with asset protection, I found I could focus my time elsewhere and not spend time worrying if I got everything in."

Jordan Miller
Kansas - 2/10

"This is just the beginning; I'd be happy to share my experience once I've completed my foreign registration and have been able to use NCP services more."

Michelle Nacy
New York - 2/10

"Having used their services previously for another business, I once again turned to NCP to help form my latest venture. Their knowledge and professionalism in the corporate formation process is top-notch and I highly recommend them to those wanting to form a legal business entity."

John Pangere
Indiana - 2/10

"Employees are knowledgeable in all areas of corporate and business planning. This saves time and money by minimizing or eliminating costly mistakes. Corporate and tax planning should be on all business owners' priority list."

Eric Vazquez
New Jersey - 1/10

"Leanna Jenkins, the specific reason we chose to use NCP, was very reassuring. Tony Mercadante made the filing process very simple for us. NCP has a great team. Thanks."

Bill Pnipps
Iowa - 1/10

"NCP made the process of incorporating my business quick and easy."

Jason Gilbert
California - 1/10

"The portfolio of audio CDs was great, lots of information on what I knew I needed plus information on things I hadn't considered."

Donna Denil
Wisconsin - 1/10

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