Complete U.S. LLC Formation Services

Attention: Non-resident entrepreneurs, including those looking to sell on Walmart, obtain a certificate of insurance for Amazon, set up Shopify payments or a Stripe account, or protect your crypto on a U.S. exchange. Including over $6K in growth and compliance bonuses. Finally...

Support from U.S. Launch to Annual Tax Returns
[Free Report] 2022 Top 5 U.S. LLC Tax Mistakes to Avoid

Sell on U.S. Marketplaces, Protect Your Assets in the U.S., and Avoid U.S. Tax Surprises.

  • Our goal is to help you set up everything correctly and avoid costly delays with marketplace verifications.
  • Our strategy sessions with our CEO, Scott Letourneau, apply 100% credit towards your U.S. formation.
  • Our training and process will help you select the best state to protect your directors or foreign ownership.
  • Getting the correct sequence of events from entity formation, EIN, to the correct address, a resale number for your U.S. e-commerce expansion sets NCP apart (since 1997).
  • We have the most experience with non-resident Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify sellers.
  • We can establish U.S. entities with U.S. crypto exchanges and handle the U.S. tax requirements.
  • Our vetted CPAs and Tax attorneys partners will help you with your annual U.S. tax filings.
  • Our complete custom packages include over $6,000 + in business growth and compliance bonuses.

Client Results


Amazing service! I am so glad to get in touch with such an honest and professional company. They worked on our different issues always very well planned, step by step, they solved all the problems quickly. Thanks to NCP, we could open our LLC company within 48 hours and receive our business insurance for Amazon in just one day. And all of these were done at reasonable prices.


Tufan Acil, UK


Scott and his team are rock-solid in their support. Setting up a business and doing most things business-related very rarely go smoothly without unexpected hiccups. I am so relieved to have them help me through each unexpected hiccup. They patiently explain everything and have a wealth of knowledge and resources at your disposal. The few dollars more I spent using NCP are worth their weight in gold because it means I am not left with my own frustrations and confusion when I run into the inevitable obstacles along the way.


Peter McMahon, Australia


Amazing service, super fast and efficient. This company helped me open an LLC and get full insurance coverage for my business in less than a week. The service was excellent, and the response time was minimal. Thank you!


Idan G-A, Israel


A serious company with a very well prepared team, they do their job very well. I recommend them with confidence.


Ovidiu Boldizsar, Denmark


I definitely suggest working with Scott and his team. They are switched on, and they know what they are doing. They’ve got a huge amount of resources even to help launch your online business as well.


Dean Mahoney, Australia


Forget about setting up an account with anyone else. Just use Scott and NCP because they are fantastic!


Alex Jeffreys, UK


I recommend all my clients to Scott and his team at NCP.


David Sinigaglia, Israel


Very friendly and efficient service.


James Brown, UK


NCP’s Services are well organized and highly efficient.


Robin A. Clarke, Australia


Being an Australian with no knowledge of US business and tax laws, NCP has made my starting a business in the US stress-free. Thank you.


Grant Vidler, Australia


Scott and his teams are an absolute pleasure to work with and a model of consistency. They help entrepreneurs set up their U.S. companies, which is a crucial step in establishing merchant accounts with us at Payengines.


Kevin Parlin, CEO, PayEngines


NCP has been a valuable partner to Payoneer for several years, and as a leading expert in U.S. expansion, including entity formations and U.S. taxes, his knowledge is valuable to Payoneer’s global eCommerce merchants.


Ben Stein, Partnerships at Payoneer

Why Choose NCP?

  • Strategy session applies as 100% credit
  • U.S. company formation & tax experts since 1997
  • U.S. Amazon, Walmart, & Shopify experts
  • Partnered with top legal and tax experts

Our Premier U.S. Entity Custom Packages Include:

  • Our In-depth Training to Help Determine Which State & Entity is Best and for Which Marketplace

    Training via Step-by-Step Video to Help Determine Which State & Entity is Best + Common Structure Options (NEW)

    You will have access to our brand new (April 2022) 111-minute video by our CEO, Scott Letourneau, reviewing your best options for both state and entity so that you can move forward with confidence.

    Our video training includes the U.S. tax responsibilities with each option and tax returns required. We cover which entity is best for Amazon insurance, how to update the Amazon tax interview, Walmart, Shopify Payments, sales tax compliance, and details about U.S. taxation, protective returns, and costly mistakes to avoid. We also provide a quick start summary of the most common U.S. structure with either a foreign individual or entity owner. The video is bookmarked with 29 tabs to jump ahead to the most important area where you need support.

    If you require additional support, we offer paid strategy sessions beyond the training provided.

  • Check Name for Availability in State of Formation & Federal Level

    Verify Business Name Availability

    We will make sure your preferred business name is available and do a courtesy Federal Trademark Search. If your designed name is not available or there is a conflict, we will contact you for alternative suggestions and keep working with you until we find a solution.

  • Premium Registered Agent (12 months)

    Premium Registered Agent Service for 12 Months

    If your entity is sued, a Registered Agent is the contact point to accept the service of process and forward that lawsuit on to you. Our team is well trained to handle service of process and properly handle other inquires. We also have an automated follow-up system to help you renew with reminders of your state filing requirements.

  • Complete Record Book Training Videos and Support (Compliance)

    Complete Record Book Training Videos and Support

    You have access to our newly updated video online training on every part of your record book with simple step-by-step instructions. Includes training on an initial list (when required), initial minutes and meetings, bylaws, operating agreement (matching how many members and taxation type of the LLC), stock ledger and certificates, and 8832 when required... to help you with a COMPLETE FORMATION. Questions on any part of your record book? See our simple, step-by-step videos. Need more support;

  • U.S. Basic Virtual Address Service 12-Months

    U.S. Basic Virtual Address Service

    U.S. virtual premium address, scan sales tax permits, merchant statements & other virtual business mail for timely execution. Our experienced team, with every notification you are likely to receive from the IRS or state tax agency, makes us different. Either we can direct you, or we have a referral partner that will know your steps to stay in compliance with your U.S. business. Our service in our packages includes one entity name and one personal name. We have an upgraded version if you have multiple entity names, including UNLIMITED business and personal names. Includes a real physical address that will work for both U.S. bank account options. Our Las Vegas U.S. bank option provides a lease agreement if your merchant provider requires It is critical as an e-commerce seller on, Walmart, eBay, or other marketplaces that you receive your mail scanned to you on a timely basis. Sales tax compliance is essential after the U.S. Supreme Court Wayfair vs. South Dakota decision in June 2018. Even with marketplace nexus, t few remaining states require sales tax registrations. If you sell on a non-marketplace such as Shopify, you may need to register for sales tax in multiple states based upon only 200 transactions. Sales tax registrations and the mail that comes, as a result, must be handled to minimize late fees on sales tax and actual filings that are due. Even if you don't expect much mail, our service options will support you to have both a premium U.S. address plus have the occasional piece of email scanned to you for notification. You will want the IRS letter to come to our address after applying for your EIN. Our online banking service requires this letter to open your U.S. bank account. Our team will scan or scan and forward your mail based upon your requests. Fees to scan or forward are separate.*

  • Prepare and File Articles

    Preparation and Filing ofIncorporation Documents

    After you approve your company information we will file your completed articles with the Secretary of State.

  • LLC/Corp. Documents Shared in a Secure Drive

    Our corporate or LLC record book is part of your documents for your company. Our LLC operating agreement will match the number of members and taxation type. Walmart sellers will need to create a U.S. taxpayer, which creates a more complex operating agreement. Minutes and resolutions are created to protect your LLC veil and the owner's assets.

  • Federal Tax ID Number Obtained (Includes 8832 Filing)

    Federal Tax ID (EIN) Obtainment Service

    Businesses must have a Federal Tax ID Number, also called an employer identification number (EIN). With NCP's Tax ID Obtainment Service, we will obtain your company's EIN from the IRS once the state approves your business formation and you have returned via email the signed SS-4 application.

    Since you are outside the U.S., the IRS has changed the process, and we will need to fax the SS-4 application to the IRS, and it will take about 5-8 business days to secure the EIN. Update: The IRS is back on track with its time frame.

    [Key point]: The SS4 must be completed properly. Especially online 9a, which must align with the correct U.S. tax return.

    Mistakes on the SS4 are complicated to fix with the IRS. If the owner of your US LLC is a foreign entity, we will need a separate EIN. The fee for a second EIN is separate. 8832 must be filed for the LLC in most situations, and the ownership structure will determine how the form is completed. The 8832 is included in our packages.

    Our team has a complex spreadsheet internally that has been reviewed by tax firms to ensure you are going to file the correct U.S. tax returns related to your business situation.

  • Tax and Support Packages

    Tax Support and Packages

    NCP is partnered with CPA and tax attorneys and offers tax packages and services to help you get and stay in compliance with U.S. taxation. Support with sales tax requirements for Shopify sellers is also available.

  • Corporate Coaching and Strategy Support

    Corporate Coaching and Strategy Support

    We know you will have other strategy questions during and after your U.S. LLC formation, including as you launch on the marketplaces and beyond. You will have key questions throughout the year and during tax time. Our corporate coaching and strategy support options will keep get and keep you in compliance in the U.S.

  • Valuable Formation and E-Commerce Bonuses

    $6,000 + in Valuable Business Growth and Compliance Bonuses

    From our launch with confidence checklist, video training, Amazon insurance process, Walmart and Shopify payments training, NCP members advanced training to our tax and asset protection notifications, our bonuses will help you with all the steps AFTER formation and through the first year and beyond to protect your U.S. brand and profits.

  • U.S. Taxation Overview

    U.S. Taxation Overview

    Our services include a video overview of your U.S. tax responsibilities. One of the major misconceptions about U.S. taxes for non-residents is that if you don't have a permanent establishment (PE), you don't get taxes on U.S. sales*. This is NOT true. If you are a non-resident and selling products to U.S. customers and title passes in the U.S., the product's sale is TAXABLE in the U.S., EVEN if it did NOT rise to the level of a U.S. trade or business. This is under IRC Section 861. You can't sell physical products from a U.S. warehouse to U.S. customers and avoid U.S. tax unless there is a treaty article. The treaty article in this situation will exempt the non-resident seller from paying any U.S. tax unless the entity is a U.S. taxpayer. *This is a widespread example of wrong information on the internet, even by tax practitioners.

Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. was established in 1997 in Nevada.

Complete LLC and Corporate Packages Designed to Protect Your U.S. Business and Brand

Our comprehensive training will provide an overview and recommendations for your best state and entity. You may also book a call with our team to help determine what services and support are best to protect you and your business.

  • U.S. LLC/Corp Complete Formation Package

    • Video training -which state & entity
    • Entity formation and sales tax experts
    • Ongoing support after formation
    • Vetted tax partners available
    Video to Help Determine Which State & Entity is Best
    Check Name for Availability in State of Formation
    Prepare and File Articles
    Registered Agent (12 months)
    LLC/Corp. Documents Shared Secure Folder
    Record Book Training Videos and Support (Compliance)
    Federal Tax ID Number Obtained (Includes 8832 Filing)
    U.S. Basic Virtual Address Service 12-Months
    *Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. established in 1997 with an A+ BBB rating
  • LLC/Corporate documents are all stored in the cloud.

    $797.00 + additional state fees

    Video to Help Determine Which State & Entity is Best
    Check Name for Availability in State of Formation
    Prepare and File Articles
    Registered Agent (12 months)
    LLC/Corp. Documents Shared Secure Folder
    Record Book Training Videos and Support (Compliance)
    Federal Tax ID Number Obtained (Includes 8832 Filing)
    U.S. Basic Virtual Address Service 12-Months
    Get Started Order Now
State Filing Fees

State filing fees vary based upon the state and type of entity. A Wyoming LLC is $100, and a Nevada LLC is $425.

Mail Scanning and Forwarding

Our U.S. virtual address service provides your U.S. legal address and, as needed, scanning and mail forwarding options. You will likely have only a few key pieces of mail throughout your first year, yet, they are all important, which may include verification notices from Amazon or Walmart, EIN confirmation letters from the IRS, Insurance, banking, or trademark notifications. Our scanning and mail forwarding are the best in the industry because of our knowledgeable team and support.

U.S. Bank Account (if required)

You may be working with Payoneer, a free account, and if you need a separate full functioning U.S. bank account to set up Stripe or Shopify Payments, we can help. 

Physical Record Book

Including operating agreement/bylaws, minutes, resolutions, instructions, and shipping outside the U.S. The packages above all include an online digital version of the record book.  A physical record book is not required but an option if you prefer a physical book.

Resale/Exemption Certificate

A resale certificate is a document proving that you are a legitimate retailer or purchaser and are buying products to resell or use as parts of products you plan to resell.  To use a resale certificate, you generally need to be registered to collect sales tax in at least one U.S. state. Our team will get your new company registered in a state and obtain your resales/exemption certificate.

Dun & Bradstreet Number

The D-U-N-S Number is used to establish your company’s D&B® file. It is requested but not required to sell on Walmart.

A Second EIN (if required)

If you form an LLC and the member (owner) will be your foreign entity, we will need to apply for an EIN for the foreign entity.

This is required to file the U.S. return in connection with the tax treaty with your country. Most common is the 1120F, along with form 8833.

If this is your situation, the SS4 application for the U.S. entity will require your signature as the responsible party. The IRS no longer allows you to use your foreign entity EIN to apply for the U.S. EIN. That changed in 2020.

We can move forward and apply via fax for the EIN on your U.S. LLC. The EIN for your foreign entity we call over the phone (when we get through to the IRS).

Trade Name/DBA

If you are using or planning to use a trade name separately from your new entity name, we will file a DBA (doing business as) in the state of formation.

Amazon Brand Registry Example:
When you set up your Amazon account, you will have your brand name and sold-by name. Your seller name is easy to change on your Amazon account.

The brand name leads to the brand store page and is linked to registered and trademarked brands. The brand name does not match your entity name.

Nationwide Trademark Search & Filing

A trademark is a protected word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies your business and distinguishes it from other businesses. This is important for Amazon’s brand registry and overall brand protection. It is not required but recommended.

Local Utility Service & Bill

If you don’t update your Amazon Seller Central account properly with your new details, it may trigger a notice to provide more verification. The important item is an accepted utility bill that matches the company and address on your Amazon account.

We can provide this service for Nevada entities only with our address service for our clients. When the correct steps are followed with our Amazon checklist, this service is NOT required.

See our utility bill example below. It will be in your company name.



An ITIN will come into play if a 1040NR U.S. tax return is required by filing form W-7, along with 8833. In this situation, the fee is part of filing your U.S. personal tax returns.

If you need an ITIN after your U.S. entity formation, the most common is to provide you with more options with your U.S. formation when you open a Stripe account or Paypal account.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

If you received your 30-day notice from Amazon, our process is to form your LLC correctly and refer you to our recommended U.S. insurance provider. Our services include the steps to change and not to change on Amazon to get your COI approved by Amazon.

Discovery Call

Two to five business days on average to schedule with our team. Once we are clear on your short, mid, and long-term goals, you move forward with the best strategy and structure service options.

U.S. Entity Formation Process

There are different stages of the process, and here are the factors involved.


You will be sent a customized payment link the same day and you may pay by credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, or crypto. 

The Completion of our U.S. Entity Form

You will receive this immediately after payment, and it can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Video instructions are included. If you have questions, send us a support ticket, and our team is very responsive. Our team, and CEO, will review all formations before being filed to make sure everything lines up to match your U.S. e-commerce goals. 

U.S. Entity Web Form Review and Approval

This process will be completed within 24 hours during business days, with either question for clarification for your reply too and a final approval email for verification requiring your reply.*

Articles Filed to the State

Time varies upon the state chosen, and Nevada and Wyoming (which are most popular) are filed within 24 online.

EIN Service

There are two factors, we email the SS4 to complete and email back to our team, you will receive it the same day of the filing, and once you return it, we will fax it the same day to the IRS.

The IRS time frame has varied during COVID and is about 8-15 business days. The  EIN confirmation letter is called CP 575, is mailed to our address within about three weeks after the EIN is obtained. Some online bank accounts will require this letter to finalize a U.S. bank account if required in your situation.

Record Book Documents

You will have all your documents, including your operating agreement, membership certificates, minutes and resolutions, stock ledger statement, and instructions in the cloud within 48 hours of your articles being filed.

U.S. Banking

You may already have a relationship with an online payment platform service, and you MAY update a new account with them directly. If you need a U.S. bank account to establish a U.S. stripe account or for an ACH to pay sales tax (Shopify sellers), we can help you through that process.

The banks require the EIN confirmation letter (CP 575), which typically comes in 3 weeks after the EIN is obtained. Our banking process with the forms and documentation required maybe a 4-6 week process for approval in total.

Post U.S. Company Formation Support

This is ongoing as needed to make the transitions on your marketplaces and updates.

Additional Services
  • Trademark Filing: Varies based upon if the name of the entity will be trademarked or a separate brand name. 
  • Amazon Certificate of Insurance: This process will take you 3-4 business days after you complete your insurance application online. This includes receiving a quote and making a payment. 
  • Stripe Account: A Stripe account first requires an ITIN, a separate service, and may take 6-8 weeks to obtain from the IRS. 
  • Resale Certificate: After entity formation, this may take 3-5 business days after you submit our sales tax application.
  • Sales Tax Registrations: Applies to Shopify, and if you are selling on your own website, over time, you will cross economic nexus thresholds in each state, and our complete sales tax registration process is based upon the completion of our sales tax application, payment of any state fees, which states we need to mail with no SSN, whether or not they mail the PINs, codes, or permits, so we may complete your tax accounts. 
  • Accounting Set-Up: Depends upon the time frame when you are ready to implement.
  • U.S. Tax Returns: Due dates for the following year and support options will be provided.
Time Frame Summary

After your discovery call, your entity formation may be on average 3-5 business days, and your EIN, 10-20 business days. For a certificate of insurance, the EIN is not typically required upfront which helps protect your Amazon account faster.

Required Annual Support Services
  • Registered Agent Service. A registered agent is required to accept service of process if your company is ever sued. 
  • Annual State Reporting Filing. Each state has an annual report (some have an initial report). State fees vary.
  • U.S. Legal Address. We have different annual levels based on the amount of support required.
Additional Annual Support Services
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Sales Tax State Filings 
  • U.S. Federal Tax Returns

U.S. Company Formation & Expansion
Our 10 Complete Steps
US Company Formation Expansion 10 Steps

Ordering FAQs

What are some of the key questions I should ask before and during a U.S. entity formation?

Our process to help you form a U.S. company is the most complete. We understand you may not know all the questions to ask. We will bring them up with our training and double-check your choices.

For example, should an LLC be managed by managers or members? It seems simple, yet it is an important question that most online companies get wrong, and it will impact your business on many levels.

Here is a list of considerations we recommend you evaluate during our entity formation process.

How do you help me determine which state and entity are best and my U.S. tax responsibilities for my situation?

Our U.S. entity packages do not require you to know which state or entity before starting. We have two options for support.

One (our most popular) is to schedule a 45-minute strategy call with an email summary with our CEO to obtain a special recommendation for your situation.

When you are ready to move forward with your formation. Learn more here about this one-on-one strategy call.

Our second option is to schedule a free call with our team, review our packages and current pricing, and select a package to get started. Go to the bottom of this page link to schedule your free call.

Our packages include a brand new comprehensive video training by our CEO for the most popular options, U.S. entity structure, best state and why, and your U.S. tax return responsibilities with each option.

Our video includes 29 bookmarked sections for which entity is best for Amazon insurance, Walmart, Shopify, U.S. tax rules, protective returns, sales tax, and more.

Our team will also review your submission after getting started to ensure it lines up with our SS4 application and your U.S. tax return responsibilities.

How do you help me avoid filing mistakes that may create unwanted issues down the road?

Our team will review your submitted information on our web form manually. We are training to look for inconsistencies.

For example, did you want an LLC taxed as a partnership which will trigger three U.S. tax returns (or did you check on the wrong box for how your LLC would be taxed)?

Do you want the start date for an LLC to be before the end of the year or at the start of the new year?

The information for the SSS4 is crucial to determine future U.S. tax return responsibilities. Our team will review what was submitted based on our internal IRS tax chart.

Finally, our CEO reviews every U.S. entity filed by our team. Our team will email you if questions arise to clarify any concerns before filing.

When do I pay the state filing fee for my U.S. entity formation?

After step 2 below, when you submit your web form with your type of entity and state, your state and entity type will determine your state fees, and our team will send you a separate email for payment.

The good news is that you don’t need to know which state and type of entity before you start with NCP. Our video training will help guide you through your best options.

How much stock will be issued (for corporations)?

We will authorize the minimum amount of stock for each state. Some states have a higher filing fee based upon the number of shares and par value. Nevada, for example, at 75,000 shares at no par value, equates to a $75 state filing fee, their lowest level.

If you have a special request for more stock to be authorized and a different par value, we will send you a separate price quote before we file your corporation.

What is the time frame to form my U.S. LLC or Corporation and obtain the EIN number?

The time to file your LLC or Corporation will depend upon two factors: which state and how fast you provide us the information on steps 2 & 3 of our process.

Some states like Nevada and Wyoming can be filed within 24-48 hours of steps 2 & 3 being completed; others like California may take 2-3 weeks. States do offer expedited options in most cases, if necessary.

Update: An EIN for a U.S. entity where the responsible party does not have an SSN or ITIN takes 5-8 business days (updated September 2021). Keep in mind that some banks require the IRS letter with your EIN, which is mailed by the IRS and takes about three weeks to receive.

What happens after I submit my order?

After you submit your payment, you will go to our thank you page to our next steps link to complete our web form. This link includes our special video training and tips on which state and entity are best. We cover the major marketplaces and the required U.S. tax strategies and returns, including which state is best.

If you miss the link on the thank you page, we also send you a welcome email with the same link to get started.

Please check your junk folder for an email from if you don’t see the welcome email within 10-15 minutes of payment. Our leading brand, Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. (NCP), will show up on your merchant account receipt.

Do you help with foreign qualification services?

Yes. If your entity has physical nexus in another state and it is required to foreign qualify or register we have separate services to help you with that process also. Learn more at this link.

Do you help with the filing of any U.S. tax returns that may be required?

Yes. We work with a group of top CPA firms (and tax attorneys) that specialize in filing U.S. tax returns that may be required. That may include the 1120 or 1120F protective return, along with the 8833 treaty disclosure, or form 5472 and the pro-forma 1120, 1040NR, along with the W-7. Tax returns fees are separate from our U.S. entity formation packages.

How is working with NCP different than other online LLC and corporate formation companies?

Our goal is to help you expand your e-commerce business successfully to multiple U.S. marketplaces (as needed).

You can form an LLC online anywhere, but the ability to connect the dots to your overall marketplaces you plan to launch, how your LLC should be structured, the connection to the address, which platform, banking… is critical to help avoid your account from not being activated, or worse, suspended.

We are your U.S. e-commerce experts, and daily are working with sellers from around the world.

If you are looking for a company with a long track record (24 years) that works and hire experts behind the scenes to solve U.S. tax issues that you don’t even know about, you are at the right place.

It is important to note that we have had to clean up many “basic filings,” and our tax partners had to deal with years of IRS issues for these clients, which ended up costing them 10X what they paid for the “basic U.S. LLC” formation.

Beyond file the U.S. LLC, are you able to help with my U.S. insurance requirements for

Yes, we can guide you through the entire process. We have training reps directly at Amazon in Europe on this process and past sales tax requirements, which have now changed.

We understand the requirements of Amazon and our top U.S. product liability insurance provider to make sure you follow all the steps, so your company does not get suspended or has account activation issues.

We understand what must line up in terms of addresses on your account and banking with our connections at Amazon. We will provide you with a recommendation to our insurance provider, plus one of our bonuses includes a complete Amazon transition checklist.

If you need to form a U.S. LLC to obtain a U.S. certificate of insurance that will provide coverage for your business, click here to schedule that call.

Do you help with sales tax compliance?

Yes. Our sister brand., has filed thousands of sales tax registrations since 2015. We work with many online sellers who have crossed economic thresholds and need to obtain a sales tax permit before turning on your sales tax shopping cart collections, whether that is in Shopify, Woocommerce, or others.

We are partnered with all the sales tax remitting companies, and to use the software companies, a U.S. bank account is required to do an ACH pull to remit sales tax automatically.

Watch What our Successful Clients are Saying

World Class Support and Bonuses Included - $6,000 + Value


World-Class Support

Our team is highly training on complex issues from U.S. sales tax compliance to taxation and entity strategies. We use Zendesk for your e-mails (tickets) and our team will respond to your questions, queries, and needs very quickly.

Each order is carefully evaluated by our CEO before filing. This is not a mill that pumps out LLC filings without review.

Powerful one-on-one strategy sessions with our CEO are available also. Learn more here. Value Pricless


Vetted Professional Resources

NCP is partnered with the best of the best in the areas of taxation, sales tax, bookkeeping, tax treaties, trademarks, legal, and much more. Need a resource? Let us know, and, as our client, we will provide an introduction. $197 Value 


NCP Members Training

Video training to help you complete your entity record book, including completing your operating agreement, issuing membership interests or stock certificates, minutes of meetings and resolutions, capitalization, protecting IP, immigration, U.S. tax laws, and so on, all to help you with your successful U.S. expansion. Our training includes our launch with confidence video training for establishing a U.S. entity with steps for capitalization and accounting.

You will have access to our popular training for e-commerce sellers, “how to overcome the pattern of overwhelm.” Once you learn how to minimize your time in overwhelm, your productivity and profits will skyrocket. $297 Value


Important Updates

You will receive timely updates throughout the year for your U.S. tax responsibilities, sales tax changes, or other important deadlines to keep you in compliance.

We are the only company that provides updates to expand your e-commerce business to other marketplaces to grow your business. See our complete list of bonuses at this link. $397 Value


Walmart Launch Checklist

Walmart is a coveted marketplace to grow your U.S. e-commerce business. Our checklist will walk you through the steps before formation, which type of entity will be approached, which tax forms to complete, how to complete your Walmart set up to give yourself the best chance of being approved by Walmart. Screenshots are included for every step of the process. $697 Value


Amazon Transition Checklist

We will share the steps to update your Amazon Seller Central account with your new entity information, address, and EIN so as not to trigger a suspension of our account.

We will include steps to retake your tax interview. We include the steps to update Amazon with your new certificate of insurance to meet their compliance requirements. $497 Value

Launch with Confidence & Avoid Costly U.S. Tax Mistakes

From Company Formation to Marketplace Verification to U.S. Tax Support

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The Massive Advantages Include*:
  • Expand your brand for an exit
  • Build trust as you sell to the largest e-commerce market in the world
  • Sell on multiple marketplaces, including Walmart
  • Establish a Stripe or other merchant account
  • Position your business to sell and maximize company value
  • Easier to obtain product liability insurance with better rates
  • Leverage joint ventures and strategic partners with U.S. companies
  • Expand your U.S. merchant account options
  • Position your business to open a U.S. bank account with a U.S. entity
  • Get into compliance with sales tax where you have physical or economic nexus
  • Protect your crypto in a U.S. exchange and entity
  • Invest in U.S. real estate, tax liens, and deeds

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*Disclaimer: These advantages may vary based upon your U.S. business, sales success, product type, and structure.