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Why Incorporate in Nevada? Nevada LLC & Corporations Information

Nevada corporations and other businesses thrive in this area with the help of the professionals at Nevada Corporate Planners! Many CPAs, attorneys and business owners think Nevada provides the best domicile to form a new corporation or LLC. And, your business location and operations DO NOT have to be in Nevada to form your company here (see more on foreign registration, unless a non-resident outside the U.S.).

Listen to the "Circle of Liablity™" and Discover the Real Benefit of Incorporating in Nevada! .

Ready to Launch Your LLC or Corporation with Confidence?
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Avoid Costly Incorporating Mistakes!

Is Incorporating in Your Home State Your Best Strategy? Is Nevada Best?

Either Way NCP Keeps it Simple For You With A Step-By-Step Process!

Incorporate in Nevada today! Seen as an extremely "corporate-friendly" and pro-business region, Nevada is perfect for your business. It offers some tremendous advantages that many other states do not offer. And even if another state does offer these advantages, they are usually not as strong, or as favorable to the business owners and officers at Nevada corporations.

Simple is NOT a Replacement for Less Protection or Less Value!

Simple Means Automation so You Can Focus on What You Do Best!

Keep in mind, if you decide to incorporate or form an LLC in your home state, NCP is able to help you with that process as well.

Is Your Risk Tolerance High And Budget Tight? Great News! NCP Helps Business Owners Incorporate In All 50 States!

Incorporate in Nevada and See the Difference!
  • It's extremely difficult for anyone to pierce your "Corporate Veil."
    Your personal assets would experience less exposure in a corporate lawsuit.

  • Your officers and directors can be indemnified.
    Personal liability of officers and directors can be eliminated.

  • You don't have to worry about Joint and Several Liability.
    If you've done nothing wrong, you won't be held responsible.

  • You can take advantage of Jurisdictional Strategies.
    Nevada 's law maximizes the protection of the rights of small corporations.

  • What about the recent July 1, 2016 fee increase and state gross receipts tax? A Nevada LLC annual fee is $25 more and a corporation is $300 more annually than the past fees. If you are a non-resident looking to form a U.S. company and you need to save $325 in fees from forming a Nevada LLC ($425) vs a Wyoming LLC ($100) and forgo less protection, Wyoming may be your best choice. This assumes your U.S. company is under the new $4 million gross sales level (because that is where a new franchise tax fee will kick in). If you are above $4 million in gross sales, Wyoming may be a better option for your business. Here is a link to a great article that goes into all the details.

If protecting your personal and business assets are important to you...

Incorporate in Nevada!

Even if your business operates in another state.

Here's how it works:

First, incorporate in Nevada (or form an LLC.) This makes Nevada your domicile. Then register your new corporation (this is called "foreign registration") in your home state of business.

If your company is sued, it will most likely be in your home state. If the plaintiff (the person suing you) wants to go beyond the corporation (or LLC) and after you personally, the case will most likely go back to the state of domicile, which in this case is Nevada - where you get the most protection.

However, if you incorporate in a weaker state (without Nevada 's exceptional protections) and your veil is pierced... That's right. You're right back where you did not want to be. You can be held personally liable. You might lose the lawsuit - and you may lose your personal assets.

Here's why Nevada offers the best protection for business owners.

1. It's Extremely Difficult for Anyone to Pierce Your Corporate Veil

First, what exactly does "piercing the corporate veil" mean? When you form a corporation you must follow certain corporate formalities. If your corporation does not comply with all relevant corporate rules and regulations, keep accurate records of meetings by minutes, or if the corporation commingles funds, your board of directors, officers and shareholders could be held personally liable in the event of a lawsuit. "Piercing the corporate veil" refers to having personal assets exposed in a corporate lawsuit.

How does Nevada feel about this? Nevada has a tough attitude about piercing the corporate veil, which is why major corporations domicile in Nevada. Essentially, Nevada says that unless they can prove fraud, your corporate veil will not be pierced! That provides an awesome degree of protection for your personal assets.

Nevada appears as an IRON FORTRESS to creditors.

2. Your Officers and Directors Can Be Indemnified

In 1987, the Nevada Legislature passed a revolutionary law that permits corporations to place provisions in their articles of incorporation that eliminate the personal liability of officers and directors to the stockholders of Nevada Corporations.

Nevada Corporation Code allows for the indemnification of all officers, directors, employees, stockholders, or agents of a corporation for all actions that they take on behalf of the corporation that they had reasonable cause to believe was legal. This indemnification can include any and all civil, criminal and administrative action. These two laws can provide you with complete protection for the officers and directors of your Nevada Corporation, as long as they act prudently in their roles.

Delaware and a few other states soon adopted lesser versions of this law, but Nevada's law remains among the most thorough and comprehensive in the country.

3. You Don't Have to Worry About Joint and Several Liability

Nevada law has also abolished joint and several liability. Joint and several liability means that should a judgment be entered against several defendants, they will each assume equal liability for the full amount of the judgment, regardless of their relative fault in causing the damages.

Nevada requires the court to assign a percentage of fault to each defendant, from zero to one hundred percent, with the total equal to 100 percent. Every defendant found liable is required to pay a share of the total judgment no greater than his/her fault. So, if you've done nothing wrong, chances are good you won't be held responsible!

4. You Can Take Advantage of Jurisdictional Strategies

What about Nevada vs. Delaware?

Delaware law greatly benefits shareholders of public corporations. This attracts large, public companies that trade on the various stock exchanges, to provide the best protection to their shareholders. Delaware's corporate takeover protection is the strongest anywhere in the U.S.

Recently however, Nevada's corporate law has surpassed Delaware's in its efforts to ensure the protection of the rights of small corporations. For example, the following are acts for which officers and directors would be protected under Nevada law, but exposed under Delaware statutes:

.  Acts or omissions not in good faith.

.  Acts by officers are not exempt from monetary damages under Delaware law.

.  Breach of a director's duty of loyalty.

.  Transactions involving undisclosed personal benefit to the officer or director.

.  Acts or omissions that occurred prior to the date that the statute which provides for indemnification of directors, was passed and approved.

Ready to Launch Your LLC or Corporation with Confidence?
Call NCP at 1-800-351-5111
(outside the U.S. 1-702-367-7373)

Avoid Costly Incorporating Mistakes!

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